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  1. Yep it took me a while to even notice all the oddities and differences between the footage in NY compared to the footage at Shep but Im getting better at it. Jonesy's hair and Bonzo's face weight..Robert's teeth were fixed and the lighting on the stages were different ... even Jimmy's hair is slightly different as well..... One clip I study all the time is Dazed and there's very little Shepperton footage in that but quite a bit of Shep footage in WLL
  2. This was the first time I have actually read all these pages carefully. I got my answer for the most part . I ran across this bootleg clip of Dazed that states its from the night of the 29th. After Jimmy's bow section is over and the tempo once again speeds up , I noticed Jonesy with the strange patterned shirt with the blotches on the shoulder so I assumed in my mind that he took that crazy loud jacket off sometime during that 5-7 minute period when he wasnt needed to play .
  3. I have been trying to figure out a way to tell the 73 TSRTS shows in NY that were filmed apart from one another . The only way I can think of to seperate them is from Jonesy's stage clothing. Going by what I can tell from the youtube clips that are out there as well as a couple bootleg clips, he wore 3 different shirts/jackets etc. on all 3 nights and most likely changed out of the loud flashy jacket with the balls hanging off the arms and kept the kitchen tablecloth design shirt on during the later half the 3rd night (the 29th) during the Violin Bow part of Dazed. So I took some screen shots taking a guess which night was what. If anyone knows, chime in and either correct me or...whatever
  4. Is this clip from one of the remastered SRTS packages?
  5. Dazed and Confused from TSRTS 1973 at MSG..all the different layers it brings , the emotions are off the charts for me especially in the video when the lights and the camera turn from Robert to Jimmy as he's walking slowly beginning the Violin Bow part.
  6. Was it a Earls Court show when they did?I think I saw one pic of them in Japan with make up on
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