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  1. Indeed I’ve been long aware of the Garden Tapes but thanks anyway. They don’t cover the differences I’m referring to. The Garden Tapes is essentially audio v film audio and 1976 v 2007/18. Where as I’m referencing differences between 2018 LP and CD audio. The 2007 LP and CD edits were the same but not so in 2018.
  2. Thanks, yes I know the Garden Tapes and the whole Frankenstein edit history and would love a remaster of the original album. My point was that I was surprised at the different edits of these two tracks within the same 2018 release, ie the LP and CD edits differ within the same release. I’ll give the DVD audio a spin later.
  3. Having never played the CD’s for “The Song Remains The Same” 2018 remaster I was surprised to discover a couple of differences with the familiar vinyl when I gave them a spin tonight. The CD version of the title track has an intro by Plant and restores Page’s opening note before crashing into the track. The CD version of Stairway To Heaven reinstates Plant’s “I think this is a...” intro as used on the 2007 LP & CD. Anyone have any thoughts on why the LP’s and CD’s differ so? I have the deluxe box with the LP’s, CD’s and DVD’s.
  4. Thank you, I didn’t think discogs listed matrices so I’ll have a closer look. Thanks for the info.
  5. Does anyone know of a site that lists matrix numbers for Zeppelin albums? I’m primarily interested in UK releases but a site which includes overseas matrix info too would be even better. Thanks in advance.
  6. Peter Grant was “executive producer”, jimmy page was producer
  7. Indeed which probably explains why it’s the worst produced Zep album by a country mile.
  8. I bought all 4 available covers on 20/8/79 (day of release) and mine are all blue so that’s not true.
  9. Page himself confirmed the multi tracks back in ‘78
  10. Well Peter Whitehead owns the footage, it was believed unusable due to the fact that the lighting wasn't good with Zep playing at dusk. However: "Professor Chibnall said that Whitehead thought the footage was unusable due to insufficient lighting, but “it is usable because, I mean, it can be, it can be restored now. So you can raise those lighting levels, you can see more digitally,” the professor said. "
  11. Doubt away my friend but it was a full film crew as far as I know. The film company held the visual rights and Zep the audio rights and there's been several fallings out over the years while trying to come to a deal.
  12. It's been common knowledge since the 70's. If I get time I'll dig the interview out of my archive at some point and give you it verbatim or photograph the interview (I think it was in MM or NME) and the piece about "DVD"; that's if I still have that one. The '78 interview I have for sure as I was actively archiving press cuttings from 1970 through to the mid 80's, post 80's not everything went in!
  13. Mine is the hard case 4 record set from DRGM Enterprises/Led Zeppelin Fan Club. Produced by Richard Cole and special thanks to Bonzo for providing the tape haha. Bootleggers eh! No idea what it's worth but then none of my vinyl boots are up for sale.
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