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  1. It depends entirely on how close they cut the grooves. Hence EMI’s “Golden Hour” series in the 70’s. The closer the grooves the longer the play time and the worse the quality. 20 minutes per side is optimum. Rebalancing a track listing for cassette or reel to reel was not uncommon in the 60’s/70’s, The White Album for example, saves on physical tape.
  2. Over 2/3 of it and with footage, it’s stunning. I’d rather see an official release of Europe ‘80 as that means all significant points of their career are covered by official releases.
  3. It’s available on “DVD” released back in ‘03
  4. Thanks for posting it, yep I’d love a copy but I don’t think I’ll trade my turquoise though
  5. I have the UK 1st press with turquoise lettering, now that’s pretty special. I’d love to see the rear of the Oz release though.
  6. Fantastic comment, you nailed it👍. I also love Plants vocal on the outro, it’s so evocative.
  7. Jesus! "Led Zeppelin" alone has a complete double live album with it! As a mixing engineer it's fascinating to hear the alt mixes especially the ones without vocals. Hearing different aspects of the mix breathing with renewed air is fascinating. Alt mixes like "Four Sticks" are just amazing and the stuff with "Presence" is exceptional. As for "Coda" that now becomes an absolute gold mine of lost material.
  8. Overall the original 1976 issue of The Song Remains The Same is my favourite but there's no doubt that Plant's voice is better on How The West Was Won, just a year earlier but still youthful with great vibrato.
  9. Best ever "Since I've Been Loving You" is Berkley 14/9/71 - "Going To California With Led Zeppelin" on TMQ
  10. I have "Blind Date" which is a 6 CD set of soundboards from both shows.
  11. I only saw them once so it has to be that one; 4/8/79 Knebworth
  12. No! My thread is purely about the 2018 remaster and the differences therein between the CD and Vinyl versions. Absolutely nothing to do with 2007, 1976 or which edit is best. Too much speed reading me thinks.
  13. “Butchered” is somewhat OTT, the former sounds erroneous though but the latter is a remix which makes no sense. FYI “No Quarter” is identical as are all other tracks apart from the fades but then that’s only to be expected.
  14. Indeed I’ve been long aware of the Garden Tapes but thanks anyway. They don’t cover the differences I’m referring to. The Garden Tapes is essentially audio v film audio and 1976 v 2007/18. Where as I’m referencing differences between 2018 LP and CD audio. The 2007 LP and CD edits were the same but not so in 2018.
  15. Thanks, yes I know the Garden Tapes and the whole Frankenstein edit history and would love a remaster of the original album. My point was that I was surprised at the different edits of these two tracks within the same 2018 release, ie the LP and CD edits differ within the same release. I’ll give the DVD audio a spin later.
  16. Having never played the CD’s for “The Song Remains The Same” 2018 remaster I was surprised to discover a couple of differences with the familiar vinyl when I gave them a spin tonight. The CD version of the title track has an intro by Plant and restores Page’s opening note before crashing into the track. The CD version of Stairway To Heaven reinstates Plant’s “I think this is a...” intro as used on the 2007 LP & CD. Anyone have any thoughts on why the LP’s and CD’s differ so? I have the deluxe box with the LP’s, CD’s and DVD’s.
  17. Thank you, I didn’t think discogs listed matrices so I’ll have a closer look. Thanks for the info.
  18. Does anyone know of a site that lists matrix numbers for Zeppelin albums? I’m primarily interested in UK releases but a site which includes overseas matrix info too would be even better. Thanks in advance.
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