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  1. Another pic of the same shoes (I think) thoughts??? I don’t think they are Converse....other brands???
  2. Great comments and thanks everyone! However the particular photo I attached which is one shot from that session I can’t find anywhere.....give it a go and try to locate that picture online or anywhere....I challenge everyone to try and locate it.
  3. I have always like this particular photo from that photo shoot. There are MANY similar pictures from this photo op but the one I uploaded I thought was one of the better ones. again- I am just looking for other locations that this photo lives at.... I can’t even find this poster anymore.
  4. Everyone that has a problem with my questions can bloody well kiss my Donald Trump American asshole. oh and have nice day
  5. Hi I am a tennis shoe and blue jean fan along with being a zeppelin fan. However I can seem to figure out what brand and style of tennis shoes Robert is wearing in the picture I supplied for this question. This looks to be for the Feb 72 Australia concert. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks!
  6. One more question...do you know what the text of that Landlubber ad says? I can’t get it large enough to read it. Either way I am still thankful for the info.
  7. Thanks zeplz71! You Rock!!
  8. I am curious as to what brand of jeans he wore. In a 1988 mtv interview he said the jeans from that era were: LANDOMs or something like that but I am not sure. Does anyone know the specific brand...from 72-73 The Song Remains the Same Era? Also ever heard of LANDOMs or something that sounds like that? thanks
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