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  1. Technically every song was unreleased until included on an album...!
  2. See, but it isn't really one of the "original" albums... It was an afterthought... But I'm turning to you guys for how "official" it was! It isn't really outtakes, but it really isn't not outtakes, either... But I wouldn't consider not including "Hey Hey What Can I Do" - which was "only" a B-side, so, yeah, it'll be in the list. Just don't fuck with me on "The Crunge" coming before "Custard Pie"!!!!
  3. Depends on what bills were due that month! OK, OK it's only eight songs to include... I never considered it canon (when it came out, it felt like it was just a cash grab)... I wonder what the age breakdown is of folks that include it vs. don't include it!
  4. "...to satisfy contractual requirements" is my point! Include or not?
  5. I'm putting together a "Zep A to Z" playlist. When I do these, I only include "official" releases (album cuts, singles, B-sides) but generally not unreleased, demos, alternate takes, cuts from "deluxe"/reissues, etc. Which puts something like Coda in a weird spot. I don't consider it a "real" Zep album, really... (I know others feel the same about ITTOD but that counts!) So what say, you, Internet? Should I include the songs on the original Coda on my list?
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