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  1. I would be 118. But: I got to not only see Led Zeppelin live many, many times, but because of my job I met them as I was backstage for concerts, and I spent time with them! Yes, I knew the guys, one a lot more than the others, and I had the time of my life, flew on the Starship, etc. So I don’t really care about any 100th anniversary, but I hope you who weren’t born then or were just children have a great time. BTW: I see some very strange comments about Plant and Maureen and Shirley. You people, who were not even old enough to go to the concerts, seem to want to make that into something it wasn’t. It was very straightforward, Robert Plant married Maureen, she was NOT pregnant, and they then had the kids. Later, after their divorce, he spent time with sister Shirley and they had a son. The two sisters and the kids all get along fine, Plant’s kids love him and spend time with him a lot. There was no “inbreeding” as some of you suggest, or weird family dynamics of cousins vs brother/sister. That is just ludicrous.
  2. There are quite a few problems with Audrey Hamilton’s story, as told in the opening post “interview” in this thread. One, Plant wasn’t in Dallas “for weeks before the tour”, as she says about how she met him. The 1977 US tour was marred by many mishaps before and all through the entire tour. It was almost a disaster, and it sure ended like one. The tour was supposed to start in Ft. Worth the end of February, but Plant got laryngitis and the opening was postponed until the first of April in Dallas. That might have been when Audrey hooked up with the roadies, perhaps in late February, but it is unlikely she met Page and Plant then. The idea that LZ would hang around Dallas for those weeks while Plant recovered from laryngitis is ludicrous, they would have gone to NYC or back to the UK most likely, or who knows to a beach somewhere for all we know. (When LZ was on tour in the US, they didn’t change hotels every night or two; after most shows in smaller cities, they’d hop right onto their plane the Starship and fly back each night to NYC or LA (mostly) and thus they could stay in one hotel for quite a while.) That simply is not how she met him, “weeks before” the tour. Second, LZ took breaks for themselves in their scheduled shows during tours. They would take 2 weeks, or even a month at a time and fly back to the UK or for vacations during their tours. Check the original 1977 tour dates and the revised actual tour dates (google it). There are gaps of several weeks a couple of times. Funny how Audrey Hamilton doesn’t recall these. Where was she then? If she was with Robert Plant all through the tour, why doesn’t she remember his absence? Third, she’s probably quite right that JPJ disliked her intensely as she was screwing several roadies before she ever met Plant, and Page (let’s not forget she was with him, too), this according to accounts of several who were there; it was only later she was with Page as well as Plant. JPJ was a family man who seemingly never got into the tour life like the others; he didn’t care much for groupies, to put it mildly, so he probably didn’t like her. Hate is a strong word, and JPJ was a gentle man, but I am sure he disliked her a lot. Plant wasn’t in love with Audrey as she claims, she was just another groupie to him, fun for a while but that’s all she ever was. He was married to Maureen then, and at that point he was still pretty happy with his wife, and he worshipped his kids. Perhaps Audrey fell for Plant and rather invented some great love story, which existed only in her own mind. Plant had lots of groupies, she just was one of many. Also, recall this tour ended abruptly with Karac Plant’s sudden death on July 26 when the band was in New Orleans getting ready for shows there. Plant likely forgot Audrey like she never existed. He was destroyed over the loss of his son. I doubt he gave her another thought. He was severely depressed for a very long time. In fact, in recent interviews, he says he still misses his son to this day and talks to him a lot. He doesn’t mention Audrey Hamilton, or truly acknowledge her much when questioned about her. So of course she was, as she puts it, “sent home”; in reality, she found herself alone in New Orleans and had to find her own way home; there was not anyone there to “send” her home. Were Audrey and Plant ever in touch after their short time together? Who knows, but I doubt it. It amounted to weeks that they were “together”, and accounts by some others on that tour say she was with Page during that time too. I don’t think she was much of a blip on Plant’s radar. Others there during the tour say Plant and Audrey fought and didn’t get along all that well because she was prone to a lot of drama and “childish outbursts”. She claims she has “some of his rings”. I have my doubts, he loved his jewelry; if she has any rings at all it would be something he bought for her. Finally, Plant says the song “Hot Dog” was a tribute to Texas and the state of mind of the people in Texas. He says it was definitely NOT about any one woman. I think Audrey Hamilton has romanticized her groupie days, which evidently included quite a few other bands according to research I did, and she came up with a great love story with Robert Plant which in reality exists only in her head. I’m sure she’s a nice enough person, but the fact is her “facts” from that “interview” at the beginning of this thread back in 2012 just do not line up with the actual facts of the 1977 LZ tour. This argues against her great love affair and her being with Led Zeppelin and Plant for the entire 1977 tour.
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