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  1. listening to wzlx on the way back from work this friday night, 1/10/09, and after a solid set of led had played kenny young, radio announcer, speaks of jimmy's manager confirming the fact that no replacement singer has been found for robert and that no tours or concerts have been planned. jimmy's manager also mentioned that "If you did not see Led Zeppelin at the 2007 reunion concert, then you will never see them again." this was a very upsetting statement to hear in quotes and i really do hope that jimmy thinks differently then his manager. i love led zeppelin, and i love every member of the group, but if the 07 concert is all its ever going to be then its a serious let down. in my opinion someone needs to tell robert to wake up and do something for millions of fans that did not get to see the 07 concert. ROBERT! WAKE UP!

  2. Sorry if this has been posted already. Hadn't seen it yet. Seems a tiny bit more light being shed.


    herd on wzlx, bostons rock station, that jimmy's manager had confirmed at the time no work was being done to make a new album and no work was being done to make a tour and that john, jimmy, and bonzo's son had not found a replacement singer for robert, and at the time the manager has said if you didnt see them in london in 07, your never going to see them again, but hey what do managers know, just hoping they'll do sumthin

  3. you make a good point but its really hard for a lot of people who missed out on this concert, i mean im 18 i never got to see them live and ive been a fan since i was born becasue my parents are crazy about led, and i tried so hard to get tickets for this concert, the amount of contests i enterd and the number of times i tried to buy tickets on ebay and stuff was increadable and i was willing to spend anything i had to see them but i didnt go and im overwhlemd that they got back toghther and played but it hurts so much that i wasnt there, and im not saying i was cheated im jsut saying i really feel like one concert really leaves out a majority of fans that arent angry they didnt see them but rather disapointed and left out

  4. We all know Led Zeppelin had some amazing songs. but these 3 songs, which people over the years listed as their best, really captivate Led Zeppelin's overall capability to be the greatest rock and roll band ever. out of these songs, which do you think captivates Led Zeppelin the best?

    its so hard to vote what is there best song, they have so many influential and so many important songs that could be the best, i mean jimmy said it was one of the most difficult things to make mothership becasue it was basically a best of cd and it was so hard to narrow down what was best because so many songs were so good

  5. As much as I would love Zep to do more gigs I seriously am desperate for Foreigner to stop!

    Their sappy song and the singer's ridiculous dialogue were hilarious. :) (no offense intended ahmet)

    foreigner started off as a solid rock band that i really enjoyed then they jsut got into the whole 80's mood and it was jsut like every other band out there, its kinda disapointing but they have a good amount of good songs, but i say jason leaves foreigner and jumps on with led so we can have awsome tour that i can actually get tickets to

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