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  1. Oh, yeah. Jimmy Bundy (Robert Plant talks about his early memories of Sun Records)
  2. Tell us, B-Bender, exactly what 'excuses' you are referring to.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guVgk6k1vaE Never knew about this. Thanks, Thorzep.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Ledded. I laughed when Jimmy told the story about Peter Grant taking a picture of the crowd and then counting all the heads because he didn't believe what the promoter had told him.
  5. Thanks for sharing, LedZepDude. GTBT/Ramble On Stairway To Heaven Kashmir Whole Lotta Love
  6. Led Zeppelin: Kashmir Screen Graphics These animation sequences were created for the Led Zeppelin re-union concert at the 02 arena by NotToScale's Steve Scott. I hope they post more of these. Are those six 'Objects' raising up from the ground?
  7. Stanley Jordan plays "Stairway to Heaven" on two guitars.
  8. All of these are so great! Andrew Denton did a great interview with Page and Plant where he played for them some of these Stairway Tributes. OMG, it's so funny. I like the pirates. At the end of the show Page and Plant in reply, play their version of Rolf Harris' song Sun Arise. Voila'! Schmenge Brothers: Linsk Minyk at 5:25 SCTV Stairways To Heaven My favorite: America's favorite copy cat, Rich Little. Singing it as only he can, so close to the original, it's scary. - Then they use Robert's actual voice.
  9. Here's a good one. Led Zeppelin Rumors Now Being Started By People Who Are Obviously Tripping The Idolator NEW YORK, 4:43 PM, FRI DEC 21 First we had Ian Astbury dropping not-so-subtle hints that Led Zeppelin would be touring, and that their openers would be his band the Cult. And now, even though Robert Plant appears to be booking 2008 with anything but Led Zep dates as fast as he can, it seems crazed fans of Polyphonic Spree/Tripping Daisy main man Tim DeLaughter are claiming that both of their hero's bands would be opening the tour. Ian, can you come out and at least try to help
  10. Wrong. It's in no way country western. First of all, the contractmusic article in the original post was nicked and twisted from the following Billboard article. Bonham: 'Time Will Tell' If Zep Keeps Playing December 18, 2007, 11:45 AM ET Gary Graff, Detroit Still buzzing from Led Zeppelin's reunion show on Dec. 10 in London, drummer Jason Bonham says he's the wrong guy to ask about any future plans for the group. "I'm still the new guy, and I wouldn't know," Bonham -- whose late father, John Bonham, was Zep's original drummer -- tells Billboard.com. "There's been no talks
  11. These numbers reflect the demand of a one-off show; a once in a lifetime event. Not to downplay the numbers, but would the demand be as urgent if an 18 month tour were announced? In any event, 20M people tried to get 'two' tickets. The demand was twice as much but doesn't change the impossibility to supply it. The 02 show was a charity event planned well before Led Zeppelin were even asked to perform. They did so at the request of Mica Ertegun to pay tribute to their friend and mentor Ahmet Ertegun and in honor of the Bonham family. How is that RUDE? I would say that you are RUDE for
  12. YouTube Footage: Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 1 Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 2.1 Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 2.2 Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 3 Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 4.1 Tom Snyder interviews John Lennon 1975 part 4.2
  13. For what it's worth: Daily Star WEDNESDAY, DEC 19, 2007 LED ZEP PLAN MEGASHOW 2 LED Zeppelin will definitely be touring next year and are planning a massive show at the Millennium Stadium. But the rock legends are waiting for all the fuss surrounding their reunion to die down before announcing dates. Robert Plant, 59, Jimmy Page, 63, and John Paul Jones, 61, were thrilled with the reaction to their one-off show at London’s O2 Arena last week but won’t play again until the second half of 2008. My source close to the Zep said: “Robert was overwhelmed by the attention but he wants
  14. Crawdaddy! Led Zeppelin: What Is and What Should Never Be December 19, 2007 by Bruce Pilato On December 10th, 2007 the Mothership finally landed inside London’s O2 arena and 20,000 of us got on it for the reunion ride of a lifetime. The long-awaited “official” reunion of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones (the surviving members of Led Zeppelin) finally took place. Performing with them was Jason Bonham, son of the late John Bonham, the band’s original drummer. At 8:59 pm, the lights dimmed and the Mighty Zeppelin took to the stage for what was an unforgettable two-hour perfo
  15. Rock Legends Led Zeppelin team up with The Smurfs for Christmas Album The infamous rock band Led Zeppelin are to team up with the popular TV characters, The Smurfs, to record a one-off Christmas album. The album is to be recorded in a helium filled studio to maintain the classic Smurf high pitched voice effect. Father Abraham, smurfmeister, has teamed up with Robert Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page will be performing a harmony guitar part with Farmer Smurf, Papa smurf will be replacing the deceased John Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones will be playing keyboard and Harmony Smurf on bass.
  16. Perhaps you missed this: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...ost&p=41254
  17. It did me, too. The pisser is, the guy who started that fiasco only joined the forum to buy a ticket from another guy who only joined to tout a ticket. The fact is, the whole world and especially the media are reading this forum. As recently as yesterday, quotes directly attributed to this board were published in regards to speculation of a tour.
  18. Humble Pie - For Your Love (1970) Beautiful accoustic version. and Stanley Jordan plays "Stairway to Heaven" Awesome!
  19. Teased and Confused Robert Plant’s 59-year-old hair doesn’t look all that different from his 19-year-old hair. By Aja Mangum New York Magazine Published Dec 17, 2007 (Photo: Henry Diltz/Corbis; Zak Hussein/Retna) Rick Wellman, Color director, Patrick Melville Salon Two words: double process! It’s well done. He resembles a hairstylist and not a rock star. The base color looks natural, but if he would’ve allowed more of the gray to come through, like in his facial hair, it would suit him more. He should keep up the highlights, but the base could stand to be closer to his natura
  20. Thank You! "We came, we saw, we kicked ass!"
  21. Oohh ... That's a great, innovative idea, Rover! Might be worth emailing the powers that be; another incentive to buy the DVD, more funding for the AEEF and another first for Led Zeppelin. Thank you, Kire70. Kashmir was awesome, too.
  22. Some people's children ... Makes me wonder the whereabouts of your mama and who you're daddy was.
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