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  1. Christening of Led Zeppelin - The Ride Posted on Mon, Dec. 17, 2007 Hard Rock gives coaster a whirl 'We don't break champagne. We smash guitars.' By Claudia Lauer and Jonathan Tressler - The Sun News Visiting the Led Zeppelin roller coaster at the new Hard Rock theme park has been a ritual for Steve Ammons over the past few months, even though the park and the ride are still several months from opening. "I'm a big fan of the manufacturer of this roller coaster and a big fan of Led Zeppelin," said Ammons, an Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., resident who came to watch the first public test run of the roller coaster from the street Sunday afternoon. "I've been watching the construction on the Web site and we try to stop by every month just to see how it's coming along." Steve Ammons' wife, Carrie, and 5-year-old son, Garrett, also watched from the fence surrounding the park on George Bishop Parkway. "We travel around the country going to roller coasters," said Carrie Ammons. "My husband is a bit of a fanatic." Steve Ammons wasn't the only enthusiast watching the test run Sunday. More than 30 cars lined up along the road and the median to watch park officials christen the ride during a press conference before its premiere voyage. Unlike a ship's christening, the rockers at the theme park opted not to destroy a good bottle of booze. They broke something a little more fitting before they let the coaster roll. "This is the Hard Rock Park. We don't break champagne. We smash guitars," said Jon Binkowski, the park's chief creative officer, minutes before park chief executive officer Steven Goodwin slammed what looked like a Fender Stratocaster to pieces on one of the ride's concrete anchors. A litany of "oohs," "ahhs" and at least one "ALL-RIGHT!" followed. One Hard Rock Park employee said although the coaster itself is "awesome," he thought a special group of participants Sunday deserved some recognition. "Right now we are risking the lives of the water dummies," said Edgar Hill, a manager in the Hard Rock Park's Backstage Tour department. Hill explained that water dummies are white, plastic jugs filled with water and strapped into roller coasters' seats to mimic people for testing before the rides are people-approved. "You've gotta give kudos to the water dummies, man," he said. Before the water dummies took their plunge down the ride's initial, 155-foot drop, Binkowski highlighted some of the roller coaster's key features. Each of the ride's three trains has a built-in, 64-speaker, 1,200-watt sound system. While the ride itself only lasts 90 seconds, the "Led Zeppelin - The Ride" experience lasts the entire 5½ minutes of the band's 1969 hit song "Whole Lotta Love." The ride's peak is as high as the Federal Aviation Administration will allow. It's partially over water and it features a 120-foot-tall loop, a 90-foot cobra roll - an inverted roll that takes a rider upside down twice - and a 75-foot-tall zero-gravity roll - a hill with a twisted track at its peak that turns the roller coaster car 360 degrees. For Connie David, a 51-year-old Hunter's Ridge resident, the music will be the best part of the roller coaster, and the park in general. "I graduated from high school in the '70s, so this is my music," said David, who lay across the roof of her car taking video of the test run with her cell phone. "I'm going to show this to my 14-year-old. I'm trying to get my daughter to come with me to the park when it opens." David, who was wearing a Styx T-shirt and had several Beatles posters and pieces of memorabilia in her car, said she wishes the roller coaster were taller, but that doesn't mean she won't enjoy the ride. "I wish it hadn't had the height restrictions because of the airport. I've been on much taller roller coasters," she said. "I think the music should make the ride really cool though." David said her children don't listen to the same music as she and her fiance, who are already trying to buy tickets for a Moody Blues concert scheduled at the park's venue. "They'd like it if there was an alternative or modern rock part of the park, but hopefully they'll come with me," she said. Some younger fans also lined up to sneak a peek at the roller coaster. August Erbland, a 14-year-old Myrtle Beach resident wearing John Lennon sunglasses, tried to jockey his position to see the ceremonial guitar smashing. "I've been on, like, 43 roller coasters. This one is really fast. It has a lot of loops," August said. "He's been telling us he wants to be the first one to ride on the roller coaster when it opens," his mother, Pam Erbland, said. She said the whole family is excited to see the bands the venue will also bring to town. "We were sad to see the old Pavilion go, but this is going to be pretty cool," Pam Erbland, 49, said. Despite the enthusiasm over the ride itself, for a lot of the people gathered at the demonstration, the music will be the most exciting part. "I'm completely excited about the park focusing on the musical experience," said Dawn Owens, a 34-year-old Myrtle Beach resident who took a break from work to walk to the park and watch. "It's about time that music really got its due recognition." Christening of Led Zeppelin - The Ride Video
  2. Since the last time I saw him, it looked like he had some new moves in his groove, too.
  3. In context, both quotes are attributed to Robert in The Sun Times article as follows: The musical marriage of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss The internet is already alive with rumours that the one-off gig will turn into a tour – Ian Astbury of the Cult has even been quoted as saying that they will be the support act – but Plant sounds wary of any further commitment. “Having to live up to something is terribly serious,” he says with a sigh, adding that he has not always been happy with the way their legacy has been perceived, thanks to legions of lesser imitators. “What we thought was really quite original – the hammer of the gods and all that stuff – we didn’t realise the spores would fall in such a way. The whole idea of being on a cavalcade of merciless repetition is not what it’s all about,” Plant concludes, before adding wistfully: “It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to play together from time to time.” So, here’s the real scoop: the most reluctant Zep member finally says that he’d like to play together from time to time. “I don’t think I said that,” Plant says, looking affronted. I point out that not only did he say it, he said it only a few seconds ago, and it’s on tape. “No, no, no. Somebody else inside me was saying that. Not the bloke from Wolverhampton, the bloke from the land of the ice and snow, the bloke with his shirt unbuttoned down to his waist – and he can shut up. We’re not having any more of that. It was great, but I’ve got to go down the highway now.” Plant explains the sheer effort involved in escaping the shadow of what was indisputably the biggest group in the world. “I have pushed that rock up a hill since 1980. Every other record I’ve ever made – all of which I’m very proud of – it’s been impossible to get radio. I’ve always been the wrong flavour. Because Gone Gone Gone got elevated to the [radio airplay] Blist, people now know about this record. Sometimes I’m walking along, and I open my nostrils, take a deep breath and I think, ‘I got away, I did it.’ I’m amazed I had the energy to keep it going. “My second mind, as the old blues guys used to say, tells me: stick with Alison. We’ve both got our other bands. She’s got Union Station; I’ve got Strange Sensation. And, because the vocal input came after I’d been working with Alison, there’s not a shriek in sight. All gone.” The last shriek is tomorrow. =========================== I'm just taking a 'wait and see' attitude about it. Whatever transpires is fine with me.
  4. That reminds me of the radio station scene in Almost Famous where the DJ passes out and they start talking on air about their old band 'Feces'.
  5. I read it as you wrote it. You were refering to two songs. I was addressing your comments in regard to Rock and Roll which you didn't state in your post, but I knew what you were talking about because it was at the end of the concert. In regards to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZxukPZ0pjA, he actually DID slam the mic stand to the floor around 2:40. OMG .. that was so cool. As someone said before it was like spiking a football in the end zone; an act of victory. His performance in Kashmir was excellent. He was totally in the groove and in his element; and looking My-T-Fine I must say. Very sexy!
  6. Totally agree. I remember reading awhile back that she wasn't going to be there. Her CMT message board says, no she wasn't there.
  7. :'( My 'puter kept crashing all the way through Kashmir. Gotta figure out what's going on before the next song.
  8. Pretty cool dudes over there, eh? They must be independent. Can't possibly be Clear Channel, Citadel or Infinity. I'm going to check. Edit: CBS Radio ... interesting. :crossfingers: No C&D.
  9. I didn't get ANY negative impression at all. No anger, no smashing ... I don't even know where your getting that from. Here's the clip: Right about 4:15 he just tosses the mic to the side and then casually goes over and kicks the ball off stage (he did play soccer, afterall) I love it when Jimmy kisses his guitar and Jason bows to the other three. I loved watching this whole scene play out. Hey, Wolfman. Is this the ball that you caught?
  10. Hey Clone, Very interesting, indeed! Post this over in the Led Zeppelin Master Forum since what your speculating hasn't been confirmed and not in the news yet. More people will see it there, too. Cool! Welcome to the board!
  11. ^ It did seem that way, didn't it? Well, who can resist?
  12. I was on cloud 02 until the stupid ninnies started AK bashing. Now I'm just pissed.
  13. Hi Lilith, Goody for you! I would guess that by May he would have already made a decision regarding a LZ tour. Like you said, it would take time to organize and rehearse and with the added pressure by fans, I'd venture to guess that he would decide fairly soon. He's going into the studio in January to begin another album with Alison and I would think he'd want that decision out of mind and out of the way. Have a blast at the show and welcome to the board!
  14. Vanishing Led Zeppelin mystery solved 1:31PM, Friday 14th December 2007 The mystery of Led Zeppelin video clips vanishing from YouTube has been solved. No sooner had the rock giants' comeback gigs at London's O2 Arena, aka The Dome, ended this week than the clips started appearing. But just as quickly YouTube's owner Google started removing them and displaying their well-known red takedown boxes. That is not unusual. Except in this case none of the copyright holders who might have requested this action actually had done so. Google said Warner Music Group was responsible, which would make sense as it owns the rights to the band's songs. But Warner had not sent the takedown requests, nor it seemed had the band, nor any of the other miscellaneous parties with a stake in the concerts, such as the venue's owner, O2 or the promoter. Finally a New York company confessed. GrayZone monitors copyright violations on behalf of media companies, but on this occasion it had been a little over zealous. "Grayzone regrets that it erroneously issued takedown notices to YouTube regarding footage of Led Zeppelin's December 10th concert," the company said in a statement. "We acted without authorisation from the band or Warner Music Group." Grayzone's Dorothy Sherman said that the company had removed around 300 clips before it realised its mistake. An easy one to make, it would seem, as the company currently has a list of 17,000 songs to be on the look out for. Unbelievably incompetent!
  15. You know? Since Jonesy has been working with Uncle Earl I've been checking out their vids on You Tube and I really like them, too. This is really fun.
  16. I'm sorry, RA. I missed that post in my anger. I've never posted in anger before, even on the old board. It just makes me want to cry to see such unessesary nastiness after such a glorious event as the 02. NOBODY thought this would ever happen ... including Robert himself. And the majority of us Led Zeppelin fans weren't even there. A lot of us have been right here ... experiencing everything together. Wasn't it wonderful? It doesn't mean its over and done with, necessarily. That door hasn't slammed shut. Robert hasn't said, no way. It ain't happenin'! He's only going on with what he started. Robert and Alison's collaboration was planned way before Led Zeppelin were even approached about the 02. He's got plans with Strange Sensations. All this nastiness certainly isn't going to sway him into the direction of a Zeppelin tour. You can take that to the bank.
  17. Boys, I hate to tell ya. Nobody here, and most certainly not Robert, is going to allow you to suckle off anybody's tit so your little asses can live forever in a dreamland which you've created. You have absolutely lost your minds. Grow up for gods sake. Where have you been for the last 20 years? Do you not know what the hell is going on? God, I hate stupid people.
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