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  1. Hi LA ZepBoy, Every now and then I check out Alison's message board at CMT. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/krauss_aliso...age_board.jhtml You should go and check it out. They’re pretty cool, down to earth people with a great sense of humour. So far I've just been lurking since there has been so much going on over here. But, I think I'm going to join after I come off cloud 02. I'm finding that for Alison's fans it's a completely new musical adventure, just exactly as it is for us. It's amazing how similar our conversations and issues are and how similar Alison and Robert are in regard to their quest for musical knowledge and growth in their talent, wanting to stretch out in new musical directions and not wanting to be labeled or pigeon holed into a rut. They’re seeing, as we are, that this collaboration is really something special. That’s not to say that everybody was on board from the beginning of this journey; far from it. I think, for some of them anyway, their biggest concern in the beginning was that she was going to go pop, rock, or even worse country/pop/rock with Robert. This is a big issue with a lot of country and bluegrass fans. They’re being spoon fed country-rock by the record companies and some just flat out don’t like it. With the release of Raising Sand those fears seem to have fizzled out. And now that they’ve seen and read plenty of interviews with Robert and Alison they’re really getting to like him. They’re even buying Mojo and other British mags, to read everything they can about them.
  2. Isn't MSG scheduled for demolition to revamp Penn Station or is that not a done deal yet?
  3. These are only European tour dates for Robert and Alison. The rest of the World Tour dates have not been announced yet.
  4. ( Holy Cow! I knew they had gotten a sweet deal on ML. 100% writers royalty? Actually, I guess it was a win-win situation; a guaranteed instant hit for a debut artist.) Eternal Light is right. In addition, according to this Billboard article, Led Zeppelin owns the copyrights to the 'concert performance', as well. It's Led Zeppelin requesting Warner to pull the videos from YouTube on their behalf. Can we deduce from this that Warner doesn't have anything to do with the future DVD release? Do you think it will be released by the AEEF? Led Zeppelin Live Clips Vanish From YouTube Billboard December 12, 2007, 3:10 PM ET Antony Bruno, Denver The Web has been rife with speculation about why footage from the historic Led Zeppelin reunion concert on Monday in London has been removed from YouTube. Although Warner Music Group does have a licensing deal in place with YouTube that would allow fans to post WMG-copyrighted material, sources close to the situation say that Led Zeppelin owns the rights to the concert, and that the band's management requested the removal of any clips of the event. It is believed a DVD of the event, which served as a tribute to late Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, will be released next year. Fans looking to stream the clips today were greeted with a notification that the content was removed at WMG's request. WMG, and most other labels, will often take on the task of content removal requests on behalf of their artists. Gay? Certainly you can come up with something a little less derogatory. DAMN! BOLLOCKS! SHIT! PISS! FUCK! would be appropriate.
  5. I can't find the thread where he said it, but StevenAJones said it will be a private release. Does that mean we can buy it on the Ahmet Ertegun Charity site?
  6. The noobs were hungry today. I had to look up ligger in the Urban Dictionary and honest to God, this is what it said: “A person who blags their way into parties, or back stage at music events just to get free food and drinks, and to bore their friends stupid with stories of 'how they met David Coverdale,' or 'hung out with members of Led Zeppelin.” Chris Moyles must have stayed in the bar because Natalie Jameson reported it, excellently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDYIKwml91g Listening hard, I can’t for the life of me ever understand a word coming from the mouth of Liam Gallagher. Please translate.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDYIKwml91g
  8. Thanks Pagemeister. Great clip. Those were the same two guys the BBC interviewed. They were the first in line to get in. Good for them after spending 64 hours waiting in line.
  9. Thank you both for clearing that up. Robert is 'The Golden God', isn't he. All of these ASS-UMPTIONS were for naught. And this resentment toward Dave Grohl from people, I just don't understand at all.
  10. We got it from the Brits. Remember The Beatles?
  11. Thanks, for sharing those articles, Matt. They were great. My fave was the interview with Jimmy and Robert. Lot's of good 'Plant-ations' in that one. Dave had Robert on a roll. Dave: [laughs] We played at David Bowie's 50th Birthday Party at Madison Square Garden - Robert: That must have been ages ago. Dave: [laughs]-and I'd never been backstage before. So we drove up that back entrance, and all of a sudden it looked very familiar .It was from The Song Remains The Same, I stepped out of the car and I felt as if I was in my own rockumentary! Are you guys planning on going out touring? Robert: As soon as we can get off this silly roster of corporate promotion to try and prove to everybody that we're still on the cutting edge of ... middle age. [laughs] We'll be touring through the year. Dave: As extensive as the Unledded thing? Because that was really big. Jimmy: Yeah, About the same. Robert: I just saw our manager around the corner, and I was making sure he wasn't here before we said, "No, we're not touring half as much..” [laughs] Jimmy and I, we've got 11 interviews to do tomorrow. Eleven! Dave: Jesus Christ. Robert: That's kind of unbelievable for two up-and-coming young starlets like us. < Wish I could have been a fly on that wall.
  12. YOU would have been insulted if YOU were in Robert's shoes. But you can't determine what is insulting to Robert. Robert's a grown man, an incredible soul and a professional musician. To my knowledge, he has given no indication, one way or the other, how he feels about Dave's 'campaigning for the job' (if you want to call it that). Had Jason not cleaned up his act, it very well could have been Dave, someone else or no show at all.
  13. :'( I know, me too. To you, Jason. You were awesome!
  14. Naomi Campbell Mugged at Zeppelin Concert Would it be an event if Naomi Campbell weren’t somehow at the center of things? While Led Zeppelin reunited in London to memorialize Atlantic Records’ Ahmet Ertegun, the supermodel was in a luxury box at the O2 Arena getting mugged. As the show ended I ran into her coming out of the VIP exit. She was having a fight with one of the security men. As we passed, she announced to me, "Someone stole my handbag. It had two phones in it!" It’s unclear whether Campbell reported the crime or how it happened. She made her complaint to security and then exited through the VIP section while thousands upon thousands of music fans swarmed over her. ---------- Ahh, poor Naomi ... NOT!
  15. Thank you for adding me to your friends, brother bull. )O

  16. I'm bursting with pride, at how truly amazing they are. ------ BBC Breakfast Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EJo6qYF0SI
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