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  1. Thank you, Bonham. This was a very moving interview, indeed. The two big-screen idea playing with John, sounds amazing. I know he will do his father proud. Sounds like he may have been lurking the old forum.
  2. Thank you for sharing this, pagefan1972. It was a very interesting and informative read.
  3. Perish the thought! Honeydriper & Steve, you just hammered that nail right on the head. Didn't they, in fact, speed up Robert's voice on some tracks to make it sound higher? hmm, I wonder who this source could possibly be? (*cough* ) jk Ahhh, DM. Did you see the wonderful piece they did in honor of John Bonham a few months back? They're revamping their website, otherwise I'd provide a link. I used to play drums. Back in those days females weren't really encouraged to play percussion. However, Milo Fine was my tutor and I have to credit him for opening up a bra
  4. Did you see him spit? I hope Jimmy didn't drool on ya. $6.50 .. Jeeze Louise!
  5. Not for Led Zeppelin. But, at a Rolling Stones sold out show (Exile On Main Street Tour, I believe) in Bloomington, MN, we were tear gassed by PIGS outside the Met Center. They were in full riot gear; masks, billy clubs and busting heads to boot. It was horrible, and still makes me angry to think about it. Brutalizing young kids! :shame: :shame: Led Zeppelin: The Best of Live? Wow, I've never heard of this? What is it? Is it on DVD?
  6. Just curious MrZoSo, what article is this? It sounds very promising and Jason is so excited. I think the concert is going to go just as he says. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Groupies? We're not Groupies! 'We' ... are Band Aids. We're here to inspire the music!
  8. This writer is a total dork. The 'organ' he is referring to is actually Jonesy's mellotron. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-12-1970 review: Led Zeppelin Was Good and Loud Led Zeppelin, a decibel-driven dirigible, screamed out a frenzied menu of hard rock to the delight of a large throng of turned-on admirers at the Metropolitan Sports Center Sunday night. The Zeppelin, a British four-man group that specializes in hard, cerebral rock, made a din that made a North Stars crowd in full cry sound like a mewling baby. The rock concert was set back an hour and a half to acco
  9. ^ Bumb - Just to remind everyone! http://www.warnervideo.com/ledzeppelin/
  10. Led Zeppelin Saves The World Because Your Kid Deserves 'Kashmir' As A Ringtone. Hey, at least it's not the Beatles Mark Moford is great! He's a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. This piece he wrote on Led Zeppelin was the first time I had read his column. I subscribed and now I'm a big Mofo fan.
  11. You've been chosen ~ it's Your destiny ~ prepare for a wonderfully, magickal experience ~ YOU are truly a fortunate soul!
  12. Good show, ladies! I think this was posted on the old forum. It's one of my favorites.
  13. I wannabe a Newbie at the 02. :'( Hi Newbie's and Oldbies.
  14. That's great! Is that Timmy as Robert?
  15. If more gigs are in the works for the US, I hope the promoters either book them in states that have scalper laws or hire lobbyists to get some Hannah Montana Led Zeppelin legislation passed or strengthened to prevent the scalpers from fucking all of us. Otherwise, these are the prices we'll be looking at, folks. Edit: Led Zeppelin Legislation (Try saying that fast three times in a row :grin: )
  16. There's that confounded bridge thread. Thanks, Hercky! You're absolutely right, my friend. Audrey, AllTheKingsHorses and other Winners of the Loser's Club, is it still on for Dec. 10th?
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