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  1. How I've waited for you to comeI've been here all aloneNow that you've arrived, please stay awhileAnd I promise I won't keep you longI'LL KEEP YOU FOREVER
  2. This was my daily stoner song, before Jesus healed me:
  3. ^ I think they call that 'stoner creep'? Being assailed by dope fiends from the north, at the same time as being invaded by MS13-affiliated Immigrant Caravans from the south...man, when they meet in the middle, AmeriKKKa's be in Big Fucking Trouble.
  4. It's only a matter of time until making innocent, lust-free eye contact is categorised as a Hate Crime. Recently, to prepare for this, I've been practising by taking a couple of mirrors with me whenever I go out - small ones, easily concealable in my palms - to facilitate the surreptitious scrutiny of attractive women. Trouble is, when you know nobody's aware of what you're doing, the tendency is to take things to the extreme...not that I'm claiming to have invented 'up-skirting', you understand...but if this is how (and why) it got started, well, the fem-flakes have only themselves to blame.
  5. Hey, wasn't this a Barclay James Harvest B-side? 'The world is only what the world is made of'...speaking words of wisdom there, Josh baybay Still...be prepared to 'Open up your own mi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hiiiiind'
  6. Should this thread be renamed 'Beautiful People', since it's becoming increasingly difficult to determine how peoples self-identify these days? Just a thought.
  7. Bron-y-con


    ...meanwhile, back in the real world, Chav$ki are still utterly classless, NewCASSel are about to get relegated, and Arsenhole are nowhere to be seen. Plus ca change. "20 times, 20 times I say!"
  8. Some call it the 'Drug Of Peace', I believe?
  9. Facebook cancelled my latest 30 day posting ban, after just two days. FWIW, I was 'saved by the Daleks'. So happy, now I can get back to fomenting civil unrest and and ideally a military coup in this cucked shithole of a country.
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