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  1. ...meanwhile, back in the real world, Chav$ki are still utterly classless, NewCASSel are about to get relegated, and Arsenhole are nowhere to be seen. Plus ca change.


    "20 times, 20 times I say!"

  2. Facebook cancelled my latest 30 day posting ban, after just two days. FWIW, I was 'saved by the Daleks'.

    So happy, now I can get back to fomenting civil unrest and and ideally a military coup in this cucked shithole of a country. 


  3. 1 hour ago, JTM said:

    I can't recall the thread over there, but he's the guy who posts and reposts Queen's sales figures to prove his point. The thread may be something to do with LZ, not sure.

    Sorry, I thought everyone knew what was released today, it being the most significant rock album since 1973. Sondek was, of course, referring to the new Greta Van Fucktard opus. 

  4. 19.10.2018: the release of the greatest Lead Zepplin album since Houses Of The Holy, according to 'Sondek' at SHiTeVille:

    "I'm four tracks into this album, and already I prefer it to any Zeppelin albums after Houses of The Holy. It's really good so far."

    He hasn't poated since then. Wonder whether he managed to make it through 'Anthem' with a straight face? 

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