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  1. Yeah but MDC only got one, and the wrong one at that. What they really need is Manson Familying.
  2. "Greta Van Fleet are like a young Lead Zeppelin". Spoken by kiddies who own a LZ t-shirt and maybe heard WLL and STH, or older fans whose brains have begun to leak out their ass.
  3. Front-thing looks & sounds so absurd, it's almost as if ze's trolling LZ. Joke's on you, Greta Fan Freeks
  4. idk about that, but they deffo seem to be the kind of band who would appeal to folks who are easily fooled, or don't know anything about music
  5. Seriously though, who's commissioned all this tat, and why did anyone think we'd want a Led Zeppelin Blanket? For £90?!?!? Whatever next - Led Zeppelin Lumbago Ointment? Led Zeppelin Incontinence Pads? (Is anyone here going to buy one of these Led Zeppelin Blankets?)
  6. Awesome band, debut album out this week. Close your eyes, perform an auto-lobotomy, and they could almost be Led Zepplin.
  7. It could be a good investment, unique too...can't think of any other bands who've issued commemorative Blankets. Still, it's a bit pricey, although I could maybe be tempted if they threw in a matching pipe and slippers 😂
  8. https://store.ledzeppelin.com/products/50th-anniversary-blanket If this and the other 50th merch crap on display represents the best ideas/designs anyone came up with, I shudder to imagine what kind of atrocities were rejected.
  9. It would be cool if he did one with Vince Neil, and let Vince drive.
  10. Very impressive. So: EVSD gets to bask in the glory of the only release during 2018 worthy of the occasion, and the French blow the official 50th merch out of the water. 'Est. 1968'...laugh? I nearly bought a £90 blanket! Shame on you, LZ Inc.
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