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  1. Well, at the end of the day it all... Just kidding. Reminds me of that guy in Goodfellas, Jimmy Two Times
  2. Exactly, thus they should not be taken away. I have paid into this system for the past 38 years and I will be damned if I do not get what I have been paying for because some jackasses decide to defund those programs in an effort to make them insolvent.
  3. Great, then people such as you need to sign a legal document abdicating all claims to future social security or Medicare benefits. If you gonna talk the talk, lets see you walk the walk.
  4. It's the context, not the substance I am referring to. Smith and other women rockers cite Quatro as in influence not so much for her artistic achievements (or lack thereof), but because of what she did as a whole. No other woman ever did what Quatro did up until that time (attitude, hard pop, played instrument). She showed women that a woman in rock need not be meek and demure, have a smooth voice, or acquiesce to the whims of her male counterparts within the band. Both Grace Slick & Janis Joplin were true pioneers however Slick did not lead the Airplane and Joplin left BB to have a group formed around her by the record company but they listened to the producer, not Joplin. Quatro was one of the first woman to say, "my way or the highway" and actually get her way. The only other exception was Jinx Dawson from Coven but most were more scared of her than influenced by her which is a shame. So they reference her kinda in a glass ceiling kind of way.
  5. People who talk shit to you and when you get upset respond with, "I was only joking." Um, no you were not and saying you were after the fact makes it doubly insulting. People so stupid they think either deferring or eliminating the payroll tax is a good thing (I guess it is if you don't want social security and Medicare at some point).
  6. Early Days: Copenhagen 1971, great show, great unique setlist, Plant is otherworldly. Mid-Period: Providence 1973 or EC May 23rd 1975 Late Period: 6-10-77 NY, 6-23-77 LA, or 7-24-79 Copenhagen. No way I could pick just one
  7. Hubba hubba.... Even sexier was Roz Kelly, the woman who played Pinky Tuscadero. Unfortunately Roz is actually nuttier than squirrel shit, she is still alive but has a nasty penchant for trying to kill her neighbors with a shotgun. Just saw the Paul Lynde Halloween Special (Amazon Prime) from 1976 which had Margaret Hamilton (wicket witch of the west) as co-host. Talk about cheese factor: Donnie & Marie, Kiss miming three performances (badly, including Beth). Its funny, I remember watching that live when I was a kid and thinking how cool it all was. Still like everyone on the show (except Kiss) but it is dated. I do wonder how history will view the Stones & Zeppelin as well as other bands 100 years from now.
  8. I was not trying to compare one to the other, I was only pointing out Quatro was the first, not the best but the first and indeed Smith and all the other women I mentioned themselves listed Quatro as a main influence.
  9. Another great post and your "feel" with the Fourth album being more autumn / winter vs. HOTH summertime vibe. HOTH is just a really bright, sunny album with TSRTS, RS, & NQ having a progressive vibe. TSRTS has so many different guitar styles meshed together so seamlessly, it is a compositional miracle it even works much less smokes.
  10. A shame as those were great bands / musicians. Suzi Quatro was the first woman rock star, the first to play an instrument competently and rock her ass off. No Suzi, no Patti Smith, Chrissy Hynde, Joan Jett, and most of the 90's lady musicians such as Tori Amos (genius) & Melissa Etheridge. Suzi is, IMO, the most underrated rock musician period, just for her influence alone.
  11. That dude looks like a young Clive Owen Funky
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