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  1. Funny how when Obama reduced unemployment all the right could say was , "but those are shitty, underpaid, part-time jobs or people have simply stopped looking!!! REAL unemployment is at least 20%!!!!" But when the numbers are low under Trump its automatically legit? So, which is it? How exactly is Trump's unemployment numbers both a godsend & legit but Obama's was bullshit? I would really like to see you square that circle.
  2. Not sure I agree with your assessment as Neal Schon used an acoustic mounted on a stand to pick the acoustic arpeggio opening to Wheel in the Sky and then immediately switched to his Les Paul for the remainder of the song. He did this live and it was seamless. Jimmy could quite easily have used the Vox 12 string for TSRTS and had Raymond slowly come up from behind Jimmy as he played the closing chord, they could have switched guitars in plenty of time to begin RS with time to spare. Robert's vocal coda on TSRTS was at least a good 5 seconds after Jimmy rang out the final chord and before the RS would begin. I figure it was a combination of him (Jimmy) liking the tone of the second, un-played neck vibrating in sympathy with the played 6-string neck which he could not get on just the six string alone. Plus, as you mentioned it was easier to just stick with the double neck for both songs. Then there is the visual affect of the double neck, so visibly stunning many rock guitarists would use one live just because it was so damn cool looking. In the end who knows. Someone needs to ask Mr. Page damnit!
  3. Some people seem to think those old 70's porno's shot on film were the shit. Almost art house if art house was made by some 14 year old in the midst of sexual frustration and a taste for very bad jazz. I look back on those movies and cringe. Even the best of the lot, Behind the Green Door does not age well due to the opening scenes (abduction). I realize it was supposed to be about a sexual awakening but did they have to violently kidnap Marylin Chambers to get the point across? Porno is just weird no matter what. No one balls like that, people don't act like that when they ball, and half the shit they say is said either so half-assed or so over the top you just can't take it seriously. Porn when watched with a group of friends is just like watching MST2K, just one big goof-fest.
  4. The economy is only booming for the wealthy, the working folk have had wage stagnation since 1980 and the average American got a whopping $40 extra back on their refunds while the average millionaire got back a few hundred thousand. The stock market is extremely artificially inflated due to corporate stock buybacks as a result of those tax cuts and is due for a major adjustment before the end of year if trending continues and the Fed does not raise interest rates. That being said you got me regarding the foreign wars. He acts like some hard ass talking all sorts of stupid shit but then backs off in the end, just like a schoolyard bully confronted with an adversary ready to whoop his ass. However I am not saying that as a bad thing per se. I would rather have a trash taking pussy-boy back down and keep us out of wars in general vs. some smooth bastard who is willing to send thousands into some meat grinder in who knows where BFE. Case in point, Iran. Damn he loves to talk some shit about Iran but like an impotent gigolo he can't seal the deal. The reason is obvious, Putin is allied with Iran and as long as Putin & Iran are snuggly-wuggly, Trump won't do jack shit, just like Syria. Sure, Putin let Trump bomb a minor airbase destroying zero planes in the process and causing damage so minor the runway was functional is under 4 hours. Again, hooray for Putin on this one. We no longer need the middle east. We produce almost 88% of our gross domestic needs (though all of this is sold and then bought back at an inflated price on the World Oil Market) and get the remaining 12% from Canada & Mexico. The middle east has been a shit show since we broke up the Ottoman Empire post WWI and stirred up sectarian fighting the Ottomans had kept at bay for over 500 years. We all need to get the hell out and let the Sunni & Shi'a have their Wars of Religion just like the West had during the 16th & 17th centuries. Just quarantine the whole region and when they are done slaughtering each other and finally work this shit out, the can be asked to re-join the World community and play nice.
  5. Damn, who would think two tiny orbs dropping could make such a difference. He would have been pretty decent if they made him a Castrati.
  6. This surely cannot be the same Bryan Adams as the 80's Bryan Adams of Cut's Like a Knife etc...? If so, what in great Caesars Ghost happened to his voice? How does he go from super-smooth falsetto-boy to sandpaper throat? This must be two different singers?
  7. Guess who else made a fortune there: Ivanka & Donald Trump
  8. Jesus Christ man, look at that tombstone! That must be one crowded ass hole.
  9. Good thing you were not Zep's tour manager otherwise half their audience would have been restricted
  10. That whole Montreal show has Page at this best with Bonzo & Jones locked in and out for blood. Even Plant sounded good for 75' here and there in this show.
  11. Plant had throat surgery after the 73' tour, around October 1973 I believe. The story I read this from also mentioned the reason was to remove nodes on his vocal chords. The problem with any vocal chord surgery is it usually requires months of rest afterward and even under the best of circumstance, those vocal chords will be much more susceptible to infection and long term issues, especially if you push your voice before it is ready. Robert likely should have waited until spring of 74' before he started the PG sessions instead of beginning in November of 73' like he did. Good thing though was the PG sessions were halted after only a couple of weeks (I think) when JPJ decided to take a break and contemplate his future. The sessions then resumed in February of 74'. If you hear the outtakes from the November 73' sessions (Everyone Makes it Through, Sick Again) his voice sounds rough, almost Kim Carnes rough. Of course if the record company is on your ass for a new album, pressure will mount. Either way, IMO Robert had some off night's in 73' and then he completely blew out his voice at the beginning of the 75' tour. Then in 77' he was almost back to his original range and his low & mid range were much warmer and deeper in timbre than he had been in his heyday. 77' is my favorite period of live Plant vocals. After 77' he gradually lost more of his higher register over time and by Now & Zen his voice was completely different. The change in his voice from Principal of Moments to Shaken n' Stirred was marked but minor. The change from Shaken n' Stirred to Now and Zen though was downright pronounced.
  12. I wonder if Bonzo & Rich talked with each other?
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