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  1. Who, him a serial killer? No way! What a kind and noble face..
  2. Ok, I never intended this to degrade into a bash Alec Baldwin rant. Everyone has bad moments and even the best of parents go off the wall at times and to be honest, both my mother and father said much, much worse to me as a child. Of course its not right but we are all human and we all make mistakes. Regarding his SNL Trump impersonation: if Lorne Michaels is the impetus behind the parody then I can see why Baldwin is playing it so over the top as he does not want to do it in the first place. The rest though holds true. I don't know of anyone who can parody Trump as he is already a walking parody. The guy is so over the top he is one line of adderal away from going full Vince McMahon on live TV.
  3. I don't think you really want to get into a debate about looks when Trump is your man.
  4. So by your metric The Great Dictator was not funny, or do you think Chaplin secretly admired Hitler? BTW, most of America voted Clinton, not Trump...over 3 million in fact. The majority of Americans do not like Trump so if anything, SNL is playing to the masses. Whether Baldwin is funny or not as Trump is up to them to decide. Personally, I agree with you that Baldwin stinks as Trump. Not because Baldwin hates Trump, but because Baldwin is a narcissistic jackass who thinks he is being funny when in fact he is being self-indulgent and absurd. IMO Trump is very difficult to play because Trump's own personality is already so way over the top it is in itself a sick parody of humanity at its worse. So where can you go from there?
  5. His office was in a strip club so...how exactly does a director / writer not have naked women running around? I am one of the first in line to call out gratuitous sex and nudity however I never felt The Sopranos were guilty of that as it was all within context IMO. The Sopranos' was based on the real life DeCavalcante mob family out of Elizabeth, NJ which also operated out of a local strip club.
  6. Fucking Nazi's, always having to be complete dicks. Just watched The Night Porter for the fifth time and same thing....Nazi's are assholes! Only a complete shitbird would even contemplate shooting Charlotte Rampling.
  7. Hear Hear!!! The guy could dribble a ball, good for him. I am also happy he was very involved with charity, very nice. However the man was no saint and the fact that no one can bring up the 2004 "incident" without getting skewered is rather disingenuous. I don't think Kennedy (both combined) got as much air time when they died.
  8. Great show, one of my favorites along with the 14th. Jimmy must have REALLY loved those loafers as he wore them for three consecutive tours (73'-77').
  9. Pretty much every song off of HOTH which was performed live is superior to the studio version. Especially TSRTS / RS combo & NQ. These three songs on the album were missing something which was brought out live. I never liked the altered vocals of TSRTS stdio version as it make the song sound somewhat weak even though the instrumentation is epic, same with RS. Robert's live presentation of these songs (except for 75') was on-par with the musicianship. NQ studio I always skip over because to me it sounds like LZ in lounge act mode...almost, whereas the live versions were just grandiose and sinister.
  10. Sick Again was supposed to sound muddy, sludgy, and nasty to meet the theme of the song. Sick Again is one song they could never pull off live as one, it was too bright sounding live and two, it really needed a second guitarist playing rhythm during the solo. When Jimmy broke into the first solo, the song just felt thin and lacking live. I almost always skip SA live because of this. The studio mix IMO is what made the song.
  11. What exactly does this mean? Will Jimmy be playing guitar or adding musical texture to her poetry? This is rather vague. I have to admit, regarding Scarlett I did chuckle a bit however if Jimmy does play music behind her poetry, there could be serious potential for great music. I can imagine something along the lines of Mazzy Star as that would suit them both quite well.
  12. My father grew up and was good friends with Conrad (his actual first name) in Chicago and both worked on the docks at Consolidated Freightways. They both flew out to California in 1957, Conrad to pursue acting, and my father on a business trip for the trucking company. As history has shown Conrad did quite well for himself and for decades after would rib my father as my dad stayed in trucking. Conrad even wanted to get my dad into the movies with bit parts a few times but my dad would not leave Chicago. They stayed in touch up until my fathers death in 2004. Conrad & my dad were two crazy Pollacks growing up on the southside of Chicago. The stories those two would tell about growing up. I only met Conrad a few times but he was a very nice guy. Last time I saw him was around 1995.
  13. I have several friends in Scotland and they are positive a referendum will be on the ballot again, but this time, it ain't gonna fail. Without Scotland, the UK is F'ed bigtime. The North Sea is where all those lovely oil platforms are and they mostly owned and controlled by Scottish interests. It would be akin to either Alberta or BC leaving Canada. Now if Quebec left Canada, that would be a boon for Canada as Quebec takes more than it contributes.
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