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  1. For a minute there I thought a nipple comparison would be necessary. Thank god we did not have to go down that path.
  2. The Irishman is likely the most overrated film of 2019 and possibly Marty S laziest outing as a director. With the exception of Keitel and Pesci (who gave a fantastic performance), DeNiro & Pacino were seriously miscast in their roles. DeNiro looked like an idiot with the digital manipulation of his age as he is still a 76 year old man who walks and acts like a 76 year old man. As you mentioned, his character was incredibly under-developed with zero insight into his motivations or who he really was...DeNiro was a ghost. Talk about phoning it in. Pacino did a better job but again, he looked like a fool as he is way, way too old for the part and he projected none of Hoffa's menace. Except for Pesci the move was a complete waste of time. Kinda felt like getting four aging actors together for one last run around the track, and a very slow run at that.
  3. I don't understand where you get this is somehow racist as I saw nothing of the sort. What I did find is a mediocre movie with several serious plot holes and outright stupid story which made no real sense.
  4. I bet if you did put them up Steve they would look upon you with great reverence as you would be, truly, a savior compared to what many are enduring. I have to also say I was surprised by the vocal talent these artists have. Even though the style is not my thing I do now more fully respect what they do, especially under the conditions they do it under. Just imagine Peter Grant telling Jimmy, Robert, JPJ, & JB they would have to leave there families and live communally, not engage with the ladies, and of course no booze, drugs, partying, etc. Oh, and that Grant now OWNS them too. Me thinks they would still be looking for Mr. Grant today after his "mysterious" disappearance.
  5. Turns out the K-Pop machine is a dark one indeed. Vice just posted an expose on K-Pop and how it is an industry, a manufactured product where the corporation, for all intent and purpose, owns the artist. What the corporations that control the K-Pop industry engage in makes the mobs control over the black music scene in the 50's & 60's look like a mutually equitable partnership by comparison. Watching the VIce documentary really opened my eyes to the whole business. I truly feel sorry for these artists as most are very talented performers, unfortunately they are also slaves for all intent and purpose. Its no wonder so many are killing themselves.
  6. Now now Mr. Trump, we do appreciate your love of Zeppelin however this is not the place to post your completely debunked laundry list of bullshit Alex Jones Infowars nonsense. Besides, don't you have an impeachment to worry about????
  7. Strange, I just listened to this show again just a week ago and was completely amazed by the performance, show was excellent, not just for 77' but for any touring year IMO. Now the 27th...no bueno.
  8. So I guess a crowd-funder to purchase a 10 meters long by 2 meters wide bronze zeppelin, shooting out of the ground is out of the question???
  9. and she did a damn fine job too which proves we need another woman to set things right. I knew we would see eye to eye eventually.
  10. How about we try a matriarchy for once? Give the ladies a shot and see what happens. I sure know they could not do any worse.
  11. Ah, Nuremberg. Site of the Nazi rallies and where Zeppelin's blimp was particularly limp. Bad mojo.
  12. So nice to see his grave is being well kept and manicured. Just wrong, such a small, demure stone, a name, and maintenance which says "we don't give a single F***." Sorry, but, such a shame. He deserves better...much better.
  13. 4chan called and they want their post back.
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