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  1. Google is your friend, just enter: "Ginger Baker beats up Jack Bruce" and watch about a hundred selections pop up. Hello, this is 2019 calling, not 1977.
  2. Now this I agree with. The beginning of the movie was strong with Skinny & the other guy but after that the movie was just too scattered, too much which made no sense. Robert Forrester was also great, fantastic character actor who was amazing in Jackie Brown.
  3. So true, Jimmy ain't no damn fool! and Page wearing BLUE!!! For once in a long time, he is wearing a nice color and he looks great in that suit!
  4. Call me simple Simon then as I thought it sucked. The plot was meandering and the whole storyline made no sense. Complete waste of time IMO. The scene which completely showed how bad and nonsensical the movie was: Jesse in the desert with jackass, gets his gun from the glovebox and then...gives it back to jackass. Stupid! Now I know the reason is supposed to be because the cartel would kill Jessie's family if he ran, but, jackass explained the whole clan was away at some lake. Jessie could have easily drilled that psycho, took the car, stolen his loot, warned and re-located his family, hid the cash, turned himself in and became a witness for the state with immunity and witness protection. Oh well, opportunity missed.
  5. It sure counts toward some rather uncomfortable Christmas dinners.
  6. She was really not that bad, Yoko gets a bad rap. Her music sucked but she was the one who kept Lennon in line for the most part. Before Lennon met Yoko, he was a violent, misogynistic prick who would beat the hell out of a guy for the slightest thing and treated women, including his first wife Cynthia, like shit. Yoko really settled him down. She had nothing to do with the break up of the Beatles, that was an irreconcilable difference in musical direction between Lennon & McCartney, with some pissed off George Harrison thrown in for good measure.
  7. Not impressed with El Camino as it came off as less a sequel and more of a "how is Jesse gonna get outta this" movie. Plot was meandering and even nonsensical at times. They had a great opportunity and let it slip through their fingers. I mean come on, the guy was held and tortured by a group of white-supremacist meth dealers. Sure he was a criminal through association with Walter, but he was also privy to Walters dealings, network, and the dealings and networks of other operators. Any prosecutor would have scooped him into witness protection, given him queen for a day, zero charges...all he would have had to do is spill the beans and they would have set him up for life in a cushy, undisclosed location.
  8. Whoops, I meant Tin Man. I was making a silly joke as a play on the name Jay Bulger.
  9. Gee Steve, I was given nothing in life, had to work my ass off for everything I have. By my own logic? What a simply ridiculous comment. Is property seizure by the state due to violations in criminal racketeering arbitrary? I could break it down for you how much the current royal line ( Saxe-Coburg Gotha) has looted from the peoples of the UK and it's various territories and holdings since they took over after Queen Victoria died in 1902 thereby ending the Hanoverian line but I assume you would be aware of all of that. Or maybe you believe it is ok for the wealthy and powerful to steal and loot from those of less power and influence? Arbitrary? Nothing could be more clear cut and justifiable. When I start invading countries and stealing their wealth by all means, confiscate my holdings, until then, your statement is petty trolling.
  10. Jesus Christ, I sure hope the Tin Man fared better.
  11. Baker was indeed one of the best rock / jazz drummers. If I had a band back in the day I would have loved to have him record the drums for an album, however he would have to record in a different studio half way around the world as the guys ego and temper were as big, if not bigger than his talent. He literally beat Jack Bruce to a bloody pulp on one occasion. Talk about a stressful situation. Oh well, sometimes you have to take the sour with the sweet.
  12. Even much of the pop songs of the 60's & 70's were pretty good, excellent compared to today's music. The 60's girls bands make the Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, and K-Pop all look like crap by comparison. The 70's pop with Seals & Croft, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Poco, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Ambrosia, 10CC and on and on were all good tunes and are still played today because they were well constructed songs with good writing. The problem with today's songs are recycled melodies, inane lyrics, and everything auto-tuned and / or pitch corrected. When you sing a song you should do your best but its the real feel of a true vocal performance, the warmth and sincerity that makes all the difference. I would rather hear Patti Smith or Bob Dylan belt out a sincere performance vs. some auto-tuned or perfectly polished American Idol clone with zero sincerity and lack of unique style any day. Bottom line is people just stopped trying and have relied 100% on technology and slick production to deliver what is in affect a golden turd.
  13. I agree with you, except the French part as the ideals of the revolution were quickly perverted which resulted in the Reign of Terror. Same with the Russian Revolution. The Provosts did all the heavy lifting on that one, then Lenin and his Bolsheviks sneak in and steal power while the provosts (moderates) are taking their sweet time trying to organize a government. That's the problem. The ideals and principals of revolution are typically just and pure, however the scum and tyrants almost always come in after the fact, seize control, and the new boss makes the old boss look good by comparison. IMO I have no problem with the royals per se, however I do believe at least 95% of their wealth and holdings should be confiscated and absorbed by the State to be used for social and developmental programs. After all, that is not their money, they did not earn it, they stole it over hundreds of years.
  14. If a shirt is see through, what is the point in wearing it?
  15. People love their symbols which is what the British Monarchy has become. Not to sound trite but just look at the popularity of Downton Abbey, The Kings Speech, The Queen, etc. Even the most scathing of appraisals of the royals (The Queen) still has them coming out smelling like roses. The Brits would rather give up tea-time & crumpets before they turn from the royals. The monarchy is an institution and to be fair, do provide an example to the people for service to the UK & abroad. The males are even required to do military service and typically on the front lines during combat. Like anything else, there is good and bad, nothing is perfect. Plus, they own 1/4 of Europe through their holdings, they are going nowhere.
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