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  1. Dan Rather asked him in his interview. Plant responded that performing with the flu several times was partially responsible, however he placed most of the blame on an adrenaline shot a doctor gave him during the 72' tour in Australia after he lost his voice after a gig. Don't quite know what adrenaline would have to do with it but I am not a sawbones.
  2. Yeah, what's your problem bud? You put together a live, 4 hour chronological album and you could not even studio manipulate it into official release quality? Pfffft... Good job buddy, I honestly believe you did a stellar job. Thank you Ps. No Gallows Pole? I love that electric live version. Oh, almost forgot, no Hot Dog
  3. Because the way Jimmy PLAYS with the strat. I just think the way he approaches the song with the Strat is better overall and his soloing is just out of this world. Funny as I am listening to the 18th right now. The tone is completely different, not as thick but brighter. If Zep had two guitars live on this song (rhythm on LP and lead on Strat) it would have been amazing. Having the thick tone of the LP for the riffing (heavy and ominous) and the strat for the soloing with the LP complementing would have been something.
  4. Anyone watching Strange Angel on CBS All Access? Great show about Jack Parsons, American rocket pioneer and Thelemite. Dives deep into the OTO including rituals and even has both L. Ron Hubbard & Mr. Crowley himself in some episodes. Crowley must be laughing his ass off from the abyss.
  5. I was at that show, it was simply amazing. The only song, or rather portion of a song, Jimmy screwed up that night was part of the first solo in TYG. The rest of the show was LA level playing from Page. Every member was playing near or at the top of their game and Plant sounded fantastic.
  6. If it is Jimmy...why? It's just a simple, throw away guitar line that most can do, plus, it's buried too far in the mix. Unless Jimmy did it as a favor to a pal, which would make sense. Nothing too elaborate, just do what old Roger wants, have a cup of tea, and wrap.
  7. I think I smoked too much weed. What is the topic? What is a Greta Van Fleet? Was she one of those cheesecake pinups from the early 50's or something?
  8. What a great show this was and I really liked the non-Zep songs played. Calling to You was a particular favorite as Fate of Nations is my favorite Plant album. I went to this show with my girlfriend Karen and she was simply blown away.
  9. I used to play professionally in the 80's and early 90's then stopped until a few years back when I started up again. Anyway, every band I have played in we always had a very diverse setlist and Zep was always on it. We played Hots on for Nowhere & ITE or Wearing & Tearing as the deep cuts and Custard Pie, How Many More Times, BIGLY, and the Ocean as the classics. We always swapped up the set to keep things exciting. Only a few bands I was in had the capability of playing something as difficult as Hots or TSRTS, mostly because of the drumming. I love to play Zep live as the crowd ALWAYS goes insane...always. This was not the case in the 80's. When we played Zep in 87' people would look at us like we had nobs growing out of our foreheads. Though it would always give me a nice chuckle to go from Heartbreaker to Nick Cave to Souixsie to Leonard Cohen. Those fuckers received a well rounded musical education whether they wanted it or not!
  10. I never went for the recreation guitars as they represent the artist at that time, not me in any way really. As Jimmy's Dragon Tele is my favorite axe of his, I am thinking of making my own version of the guitar but uniquely me. Who knows, maybe I paint the blessed virgin getting felt up by god or something, with a big baby jesus on the headstock as a bonus. WINNING!!!
  11. You make good points Steve as I believe the church in the distance is to represent conventional or "base" knowledge for the unenlightened. The Hermit represents the true wisdom, wisdom only attained by difficult study and trials. That was the whole point of the Hermetic Principal, unlike traditional religion, the Hermetic Path required the initiate to strive, examine, learn, and prevail several trials. One had to seek and strive for wisdom, it is not bought and it surely is not attained through blind faith and devotion.
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