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  1. Well, Trump did say he would make America #1 again
  2. This one we will have to disagree on as #1 priority is to look after the health of the band. It does not matter how difficult it is to reschedule a tour, if your guitar player breaks a finger, you reschedule the tour. If your singer cannot sing, you reschedule the tour. That is unless you want to ruin your singers already ruined voice and possibly permanently damage your guitarists fretting hand. Pardon me if I am wrong but with the exception of LZ I cannot think of another band or even performer who ever played a tour under such conditions. The long term potential damage for what is in affect a business is just too profound a risk IMO.
  3. RnR should have been dropped after the 73' tour for a different opening number. Thinking Custard Pie or Wanton Song for 75' but then re-shuffle the set list and either remove SA completely or place it deeper in the set. Put either Celebration Day or OTHAFA for song #2 in 75'. Pro Tip: Don't start a major tour with your guitarist hamstringed with a broken ring finger. Pro Tip #2: When your singer loses his voice due to the flu, postpone the tour, or, see pro tip #1. I find it very, very hard to believe their tour contract from 75' or any year would not have contained a caveat should a band member be injured or sick and the tour need to be postponed. Plus, why start a tour before your new album is released? Some of these management decisions make no sense to me.
  4. Yep, the post office is really screwed up these days...I wonder why? Hmmm, maybe you should contact the people in charge (Mr. DeJoy) and ask him to replace the 700+ sorting machines he took out of service, ask him to re-instate overtime, ask him to allow the delivery people to deliver the mail as it had been done for almost 250 years. But I am sure this is all an oversight on Mr. DeJoy's part and that his ownership in XPO Logistics and interests in FedEx have absolutely nothing to do with his current "re-organization." Nope, just an honest several dozen mistakes. Happens all the time.
  5. Two things, first I placed that sociopath Cryingbluerain on permanent ignore; and second, my long awaited time off from work starts tomorrow. Finally, peace of mind on two fronts!
  6. But wait, things are about to get worse. Have you seen the new E-Bikes? I live in a mountain town where biking is everywhere but now we have the damned E-Bikes which are bikes with electric motors and allow the bike to move up to 35 mph on level ground. Problem is, the majority of the people driving these are jackasses. Had one weaving in and out of the bike lane, into the regular lane, back and forth, no one would pass him as they were afraid of hitting him. So we get up to a light (I said screw it, I passed him) and here comes Mr. Jackass between the cars and just blows through the red light almost hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk and almost getting nailed by a car. I guess there are a lot of people with death wishes out there.
  7. California law does indeed allow for a dismissal based on vexatious litigation, however not sure if that would apply if petitioning the SCOTUS.
  8. You are insane and your justification for downright murder is proof of that. I feel sorry for anyone within your sick orbit.
  9. Well, at the end of the day it all... Just kidding. Reminds me of that guy in Goodfellas, Jimmy Two Times
  10. Exactly, thus they should not be taken away. I have paid into this system for the past 38 years and I will be damned if I do not get what I have been paying for because some jackasses decide to defund those programs in an effort to make them insolvent.
  11. Great, then people such as you need to sign a legal document abdicating all claims to future social security or Medicare benefits. If you gonna talk the talk, lets see you walk the walk.
  12. It's the context, not the substance I am referring to. Smith and other women rockers cite Quatro as in influence not so much for her artistic achievements (or lack thereof), but because of what she did as a whole. No other woman ever did what Quatro did up until that time (attitude, hard pop, played instrument). She showed women that a woman in rock need not be meek and demure, have a smooth voice, or acquiesce to the whims of her male counterparts within the band. Both Grace Slick & Janis Joplin were true pioneers however Slick did not lead the Airplane and Joplin left BB to have a group formed around her by the record company but they listened to the producer, not Joplin. Quatro was one of the first woman to say, "my way or the highway" and actually get her way. The only other exception was Jinx Dawson from Coven but most were more scared of her than influenced by her which is a shame. So they reference her kinda in a glass ceiling kind of way.
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