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  1. This writer is a dope, its obvious he did little research on his subject and until you reach the top 20 songs, he pretty much shits on the rest either through direct assault or back handed remarks. His opine about how Hots on for Nowhere had some of Plant's worse lyrics was laughable...did he even read them? and I never knew Karak died in a auto-accident...who knew?
  2. It's kinda hard for people to "have a dream" when the architects of that dream are systematically murdered. The body count for black, non-violent civil right's leaders is rather high so I understand their frustrations. I don't agree with violence, I don't agree with rioting as it is counter-productive and hurts rather than helps the cause, but I do understand it, where it comes from and why it happens. Its really just a fight or flight response on a massive scale. To be honest Steve I am beginning to lose hope for humanity in general. We are way to selfish and tribal, with too much technology all under the control of the most primordial part of our lizard brain. Why must it always be us vs. them, whoever "them" are? I have been dealing with this nonsense since I was a child in Chicago when I brought my best friend from 1st grade home to partake in a Thanksgiving dinner. My friend, Martinique was a little black girl who lived down the block and when we walked in to my home, with all my family, you could have heard a pin drop, it was literally a re-creation of a scene out of Blazing Saddles when Clevon Little rides into town for the first time. Here I am, 5 years old with no clue as to why everyone was aghast and upset. When my mom told me to get rid of her I asked why, she had no excuse or reason, only, "son, white & black don't mix, its not right." Funny thing though as either karma is real or life sure has a whole lot of coincidence...a year later my older cousin came home from New Orleans with a half-black baby. My mom, the same woman who said "black & white don't mix" was now holding my second cousin, half-black, walking through Woodfield Mall with white people calling her an N-Lover. Well, my mom and my family sure changed their tune quick. Its amazing that when such things wind up impacting a person directly how quickly they find perspective and understand the truth for what it is, we are all human, there are no other distinctions of merit. Individuals must be judged by their individual actions, no one persons actions are reflective of the whole group.
  3. I do not see anything of a political nature in Kip's thread. I blocked you because you were acting rude, you do not defend, you attack and use personal attacks. That is the issue, someone replies in disagreement to your post and you do not debate but instead attack when the person who replied to your comment did no such thing and did not warrant such nasty, boorish behaviours. Blocking a rude person is not cowardly, its just turning off the TV when the broadcast becomes hateful and nasty.
  4. I was in LA during the 92' riots, it was quite insane. Went nowhere near Crenshaw & Vermont but lesser riots were still city-wide. I flew into John Wayne Airport that weekend for work and even the airport had protests, that far out from south-central. I was walking out of the terminal when I saw four black guys around 20 years old surround and confront a cop, I really thought things were going to get ugly as the kids were getting in the cops face, screaming at him, calling him "whitey" and "wonder bread" and asking how many brothers and sisters had he murdered. The cop stayed calm, talked to the four guys saying he agreed with their protest and that the black community has suffered abuse, etc. I don't know if he was sincere or just diffusing the situation but damn it worked. Within three minutes of conversation the four kids were interacting with the cop as if they were old friends, it really was a sight to see. This cop knew how to police and do his job very well, he was one of LAPD's finest IMO. I agree with your position on the whole looting thing, MLK had it right, he just did not have enough time. Peaceful protest is the only way to go as it fosters sympathy over time but when people riot and destroy it only gives the people who are discriminating against the group a perceived justification for their prejudice. The old, "see, we told you they were animals" diatribe. The fact is when a group is subjugated for centuries, systemically, this is how pretty much any group would react as they feel they have nothing to lose. It really is a shame, its 2020 and certain people just cannot accept all peoples as equals on a basic, human level. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and human kindness as we are all in this together whether we like it or not.
  5. 1. How was Kip talking politics in his post? I read nothing political there. 2. Is the last sentence your attempt at sarcasm? You are the one consistently insulting and personally attacking anyone who does not agree with your opinions. Now can we all just, get along and play nice. Let's give it a try and see how it works out. What do we have to lose???
  6. I always figured they just taped song names to groupies asses and had them wrestle cage match style. The 15 groupies left standing, well, that was the setlist for the tour. HUZZAH!!!!
  7. Race riots? What race riots??? I sure hope this will not be the Summer of 68' revisited.
  8. I have a great idea, how about you post viable links from viable sources as all credibility is lost when your mention of "talk radio" as the source.
  9. Maybe you should follow the rules or find another forum. If it ain't your house, don't try to rearrange the furniture.
  10. Those early Eastwood directed films are really good. Another is the Eiger Sanction, very underrated. And of course Beguiled (that was directed by Don Siegel).
  11. Well, there could be something rather inappropriate such as a K-Pop band pic. Now that would be something though, I know it would make someone happy.
  12. Oh myyyyy, I believe I have the vapours!
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