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  1. PeaceFrogYum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    But of course, that old chestnut, comparing ANY country to the US is apples to oranges right? We are one big, unique little snowflake of superiority compared to the rest of the world. Right. Regarding that Bill of Rights thing, why are the other amendments, such as the 1st for example, open to interpretation and revision (Trumps own words) however ONLY the 2nd is sacrosanct? Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, & Jay (the writers of the constitution) all believed a Continental Congress should be assembled every 19 years to make revisions and edits to the constitution as they knew the document ONLY represented what was going on in late 18th century America and not for all time. The Constitution is not holy writ (even holy writ is not holy writ but that is another discussion), it is a flawed document written by flawed men during a very flawed period of time. The document needs updates to reflect 21st century society. Case in point: election process. We are an industrial society, not agrarian, election day should be either a holiday or a Saturday. Electoral College, no longer needed as of 1861 with the start of the Civil War as the ONLY reason for the electoral college was to give the slave states greater weight of vote so they would join the Union. No more slaves, no more need for electoral college. And on and on and on. I do like how you quoted old Doc Holiday (or rather Val Kilmer) though. Loved Val's performance but extremely inaccurate. More of a daisy, as in pushing up, than a huckleberry but, semantics.
  2. PeaceFrogYum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Maybe because he was not an asshole?
  3. PeaceFrogYum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Why is it you right wingers automatic default is insult? I wonder why that is. As soon as you insult, you have lost the argument. Fact is, whether there are laws not being enforced or a lack of laws is not relevant, what is relevant is nothing is being done. Understand? You see, I do not hunt, I don not live in the 18th century, and I am not a scared pussy thus there is no reason for me to own a gun. You want to own a gun great, have at it chief but it needs to be regulated and laws need to be put in place and followed. Now let's see if you can comment without an insult attached.
  4. PeaceFrogYum

    Backstage arguments?

    It was the 70's, no one knew there would be amateur recordings of almost every show in shitty to good quality. Typically speaking if someone made a mistake or had a crap show no one cared as the audience was so F'ed up they likely would not have noticed anyway. Band arguments back then typically were not about show quality as compared to simple personality conflicts, money issues, etc. As the boys all got on relatively well and they were making a shit ton of loot, what was there to argue about? Of course today you really cannot get away with a sub-par performance due to social media etc. but in 77'...hell yes, no worries there.
  5. PeaceFrogYum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Only 72 hours post shooting and NZ straight up and institutes new gun control laws and legislation. Funny, every other damn country, when some crap like this goes down, uses logic and common sense. Only the US is too stupid and too corrupt to do a damn thing. FYI, only 22% of Americans own guns. That's right, 78% of all Americans do not own a single gun. What we have, once you filter out the hunters and collectors of classic firearms, is a very paranoid, very dangerous minority of gun nuts who will do just about anything to ensure zero legislation, zero laws are put into place to stop this crap. Someone is on the terrorist no-fly list? No problem, we have a gun(s) for you amigo! Beat the crap outta your wife and threaten your neighbors? Now don't let that stop ya buddy from owning a sweet M4. Mentally unstable? Who says? Not on our watch. Just because you are nuttier than a bag of squirrels and are barred from entering all federal buildings does not mean you cannot conceal carry, heck no. This is AMERICA and EVERYBODY gets a gun(s). YEE HAWWWWW!!!!
  6. PeaceFrogYum

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    FAKE NEWS!!! Everyone knows the moon landings were faked. It was old Kubrick in a basement and camera tricks, everyone knows that
  7. PeaceFrogYum

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    Not really, simply the difference between mass produced vs. artisan. It's the same with any business. McDonalds is mass produced, exactly the same, you know exactly what to expect every time you go there. Yes they are a restaurant but they sure as hell ain't no bistro. Same with music or anything else. That being said there is nothing wrong with an artist who only wants to please the fans (AC/DC, Boston, 80's hair bands etc.), good for them. However, they are not in the same artistic league as a Zeppelin, Yes, Rush, Queen, Pearl Jam, Phish etc. who care first and foremost about creating something different each time, damn the torpedoes. The difference between the two is artistic integrity, that place an artist finds themselves when they have to choose making and recording what THEY like over what the fans expect. Again, nothing wrong with either approach but going for creative expression over the easy money grab takes some serious balls IMO.
  8. PeaceFrogYum

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    For JTM it was last week, I believe he has boots of Niccolo Paganini and Hildegard Von Bingen. Believe me, her performance at Eibingen was INSANE!!!
  9. PeaceFrogYum

    Presence Reiusse

    Bowler hat? I don't recall Bonzo ever wearing a bowler hat on the 77' tour. I thought he only wore the bowler hat on the 75' tour??? If memory serves Bonzo wore the fishing hat off and on but that is the only hat I recall him wearing in 77'. Then there was the weird druid clown outfit he wore at Oakland but that was the exception. BTW can't blame you for linking the white dragon suit with Jimmy in 77' as that was his classic look for that tour. However, I hate that stupid suit. White was the LAST color Jimmy should have worn in 77' as he was so pale and it just exemplified his emaciated state. The stormtrooper gear he wore in Chicago was different and funky. TBH I never liked the glam rock costumes jimmy wore from 73' - 77' but that's just my preference.
  10. PeaceFrogYum

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    I believe John Mellencamp explained it best in his Dan Rather interview when he said you have to make music for yourself, if you make it to please the masses you are not a musician but a salesman with no artistic merit or integrity.
  11. PeaceFrogYum

    Advice on Knebworth 1979 rare t -shirt

    Question: How did you "lose" your shirt at a concert? Sounds interesting, must have been one hell of a party. Also, that is not a depiction of Lucifer, that is a rendering of Fall of Day painting by William Rimmer. It is a depiction of Icarus falling to earth after flying too close to the sun. There is a companion painting called, Oh Shit, Kids are Stupid which shows Daedalus looking up in disgust as his moron son falls to his death. Neat shirt though, I would say worth about $5 and an "old fashioned" for a truly motivated buyer. You can get these several places and is not an official shirt.
  12. Hi Chill, How did they nick NFBM? Sure, some of the lyrics are the same as Robert Johnson's Hellhound on My Trail but the music itself is 100% original. I guess in a purist sense parts were nicked but IMO it's original. Not to diverge too much from the topic, but I never understood the admiration for Robert Johnson. I can't stand his whiney-assed voice and he plays the exact same progressions on just about every song. Why RJ get's so much love when people such as Son House, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith, and Leadbelly were on the scene long before RJ and were much better musicians is beyond me.
  13. PeaceFrogYum

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    For me, III is like a single album version of PG insofar as it's approach. Full of different ideas and sound textures. Like Mook said, it's is about as perfect an album as you can get. III is second in rotation only to PG and not by much. I think it a better, more diverse album than IV and almost as eclectic as HOTH. Those fans who do not like it or do not think it as good as the other albums make me wonder. Everyone has their preferences but actual dislike for such a gem is rather strange.
  14. PeaceFrogYum

    Random Thoughts v.3

    A retarded monkey would be better than what we currently ha...wait a minute. Crap, that is exactly what we currently have. Ok, a half-witted pigeon would be better. There ya go. BTW ever notice how animals HATE Trump? It's weird but the few times Trump has been in the presence of an animal it either runs away or tries to attack (remember the eagle). Animals have very good sense of a person. Also explains why Mr. Cheeto does not have a pet.
  15. PeaceFrogYum

    Not so hot Zep songs

    I prefer snooping on the more interesting personal moments such as WIAWSNB & BCW. If you can't sing about rogering your wife's sister, what's the point?