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  1. Indeed. I think we might be around the same age. Never understood the look of horror and disguist by my older siblings about my interest in 'burn-out' music...still don't quite know what that actually means but...
  2. GibsonFan... I'm loving your reviews. Very engaging (and amusing!) observations and descriptions. Dare I describe you as the successor to 'El Rey?'
  3. Just my two cents but what stands out is that both Knebworth shows were wholly inferior to the Copenhagen Warm-up gigs. They were so weirdly inconsistent live from 79-80.
  4. So far it's been pretty enjoyable to listen to but I'm not getting much in the way of depth. Everything Uncle Bob has discussed he's touched on in previous interviews but he's definitely fun to listen to. At a minimum, he managed to avoid the unholy trinity of JPP answers, "Yeah, sure and okay." Old Bob would certainly my pick for a pub mate out of the boys.
  5. There's a certain 'Groundhog Day'-like spell that gets cast in here whenever 'the band' announce something 'new'. It sort of goes like this: 1. Archaic, ineffective announcement that 'x' will be released on 'y' day. 2. JPP shoots some hyperbolic, yet vague grape-shot out about the necessity and brilliance of 'x'; 3. Folks either 'cream' or 'cramp' about 'x'; this results in hurling us down a mudslide that forks into two swamps called, 'Jimmy's New Material' and 'What they should have released is...' 4. 'Jimmy's New Material' is the less painful death of the two...a sudden flash of pointless speculation that gets quickly smothered by a SAJ (I thank yew) blanket that is woven from direct JP quotes over the last twenty years that contradict or refute the previous one (Usually filled with metaphors or allusions that are actually WORSE that the one's I'm using..."getting match fit' ..blah..blah..blah.) 5. 'What they should have released' is dire and fraught with fever dreams generally consisting of non-existent video/multi-track recordings that finally degenerate into ideas that would make a DMT user say, 'Dude, that's fu*cked up!' Blu-Ray editions of C/P material or a steel-box 'Outrider'. 6. And....scene.
  6. And that would be me... The sausage that I am has already pre-ordered...my god man...there's info on the Outrider suit! Who could say no?
  7. Is there an emoticon for snapping fingers so we can avoid any undue triggering for the thunderous applause this comment deserves? To the person who crafted the original post, you deserve the future.
  8. Unfortunately I don't have a verifiable source for the following but it's 'alleged' that, by contract, whatever studio Mr. Albini is working in for the duration of his services, agrees to be temporarily renamed, "Maison du géant de la Douche'." Not sure how hackneyed French making things 'better' but there you go...
  9. Bingo and Bazinga. Now if we are talking a documentary/bio-pic using the material from Hoskins', 'Trampled Underfoot' that would be completely different matter! Phew! That book turned me from a fervent fundamentalist into a hardcore anti-theist in the Temple of Jimmola.
  10. 93. Apologies for the act of Necromancy on this thread The Old Sinner was unusually snowblind over the course of writing the 'Hag. It's a great read if you've got the time and are tuned into his sense of humor and peccadillos. I believe Dr. Richard Kaczinski's 'Perdurabo' is thee gold standard Crowley biography.
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