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  1. OMG...this along with Martina Navratilova stopping about with her bootleg LZ scarf at Earl's Court to Jimmy's initial plaque at Philips' Harbor...we are doomed.
  2. One can't help avoid reading that in the most cocaine nose job voiced version of Dr. Peter Grant...oh the irony
  3. Note too that the small audience in the bar is due to the prevailing smell of ripening 'mung beans' that Creed keeps in the back of amp cabinet
  4. Coverdale's 'Battle of the Mixes' sounds interesting...Just with the short snips of video that's been made available while they were at Coverdale's home leads me to believe that he drove the majority of the material with JPP adding flair and flash.
  5. Definitely adopted, albeit its meaning is personalized. It's the sigil magick version of Dazed and Confused ;) Site below is reliable and has solid research: https://zososymbol.com/
  6. Agreed - Strange that no one is mentioning the name of the band, "Creed Bratton und die Hausfrauen aus der Hölle."
  7. I'll leave the casting to more creative minds but I must insist that it has to be written and directed by Martin Scosese.
  8. Thanks for sharing - looks like it was a lovely day as well! From what I can gather, either the (C)O.T.O. or a proxy thereof has acquired the estate and have been e-begging for funds to renovate the house. I don't think we'll see anything meaningful in our lifetime but it is deliciously ironic that we have a real world instance of the lunatics running the asylum! :)
  9. Exactly...and having the 'oh jimmy!' shout out at the end of 'Calling To You' was pure cheek!
  10. Uncle Bob kept babbling about have a super special guest on guitar whenever he hit a local radio station to do promos...finding out it was him was....ah...disappointing.
  11. Musically, Presence makes much more sense relative to their catalog if you listen only the 'new' tracks that were cut for Physical Graffiti first. Nonetheless, if one calls ITTOD a pseudo Robert Plant solo album, the same can be said of Presence for the Dark Lord.
  12. "The song is over...." In hindsight, it would seem that anything 'new' JPP offered from 1980 onward was met with a consistent 'meh' commercially and not all of the pieces of puzzle would ever fit uniformly or at the same time for him to actively ride a horse named, 'nostalgia' into the sunset.
  13. I think that might have been brutal. All three of them are really odd beasts to ride. NOT conducive for slippery, sloppery players. You really kind of have to learn a new style of picking to avoid a giant clam bake
  14. gibsonfan159 You're perilously in danger of being my new, favorite boot commentator. Your screeds are a strange hybrid of Luis Rey and Crowley's IX / XI diaries...
  15. And that's why you are vital to this entire operation. The house would be THAT empty without you. I truly appreciate everything you do for us!
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