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  1. I received mine yesterday. Wow it is massive and fully of really interesting JP quotes and quips. Very much worth it's price. I had no idea JPP was such a hoarder. By the end I thought there were be a deluxe, two page photo spread on a hamburger wrapper from 1972.
  2. Can't escape a vision of Kristy McNichol and credits rolling on an ABC Afterschool movie when this music plays
  3. Brother, Really? So this just was an excuse for posting gear porn? FOR SHAME!
  4. What this fine individual nicely stated, x2
  5. What actual amp/cab or simulator are you using?
  6. BC, JSJ and SJ, Thanks very much for the feedback. BC's statement is definitely one that has rattled around in my head for sometime. Much appreciated.
  7. Boy that poor old lpb stratocaster tremolo during the Firm days...whenever the Dark Lord used that guitar with the Firm, his last name would legally change to Savile.
  8. Paimonus Rex


    He's not a bad lad. Just has a ton of energy and some serious focus issues. We're trying to avoid the pharmaceutical approach - fingers crossed
  9. He did a great job finding ways to compensate/distract; take a look at his picking motion and finger independence on any of the '98 videos vs. TSRS or DVD; No Quarter is a great song to demonstrate what I mean. Apologies if I'm coming off pedantic about such an obscure topic.
  10. "SAJ doesn't have an high opinion of SJWs and Millenials and I don't think he is wrong." - King Paimon Someone WILL get the joke...
  11. Professor Jones, Could you please offer your best prognosis as to whether one can attribute physical issue(s) as the root cause of the Dark Lord progressive lack of fluency in his playing? Seems to me that starting in 1975 the problems started with his left hand and then by 1980 onwards, his right hand became problematic. Discounting the whole 'he was drunk, stoned or a had a case of bad nerves' excuses for individual shows, any video I've since from 1980 onward shows a man who just DOES NOT look comfortable playing a guitar. Would really appreciate your insight!!!
  12. Indeed. I think we might be around the same age. Never understood the look of horror and disguist by my older siblings about my interest in 'burn-out' music...still don't quite know what that actually means but...
  13. GibsonFan... I'm loving your reviews. Very engaging (and amusing!) observations and descriptions. Dare I describe you as the successor to 'El Rey?'
  14. Just my two cents but what stands out is that both Knebworth shows were wholly inferior to the Copenhagen Warm-up gigs. They were so weirdly inconsistent live from 79-80.
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