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  1. Thanks for the responses. How much is the footage of Bailtmore, do they still exist? Does the page have a safe with videos of the band and he just don't want to launch it? Sorry for the questions. I read somewhere that Page doesn't want to work on the shows, because he already has a lot of the band in a pirate way, what I conclude from this is: he doesn't want to work on something that has been publicized there for years. But it would be amazing to have videos from the 73rd tour, as it is the band's biggest peak and is in top form. Of course, at that time having video recording was very expensive, but I think the band could afford it.
  2. Hi there. Well, first I'm sorry if this topic is in the wrong place. I don't use this forum, so the people in charge can move it to the right place. My question is as follows, Jimmy Page probably owns the footage from the 3 shows at MSG 73, right or wrong? If so, do you know if he has already said anything about filming and if he intends to release it to fans? Another question, only these 3 shows were filmed in 73 or does Page have a safe full of these jewels but doesn't want to launch? Thank you guys, hugs.
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