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  1. I can't find any reason why a record collector or music lover shall by an acetate. Maybe as a collectors item if it was an acetate of an official very rare album, 7" EP or 7" single. But an acetate of a bootleg? NO! In the process of making vinyl discs they make mother stamps, father stamps och pressing stamps and they also make acetates there underlying material is aluminium, rather than the vinyl of a record sold at retail.
  2. A couple of weeks after the Stockholm concert Sept 1968 they played in London October 1968.
  3. This is the US "banned" The Beatles album Yesterday And Today which I get signed by Paul many years later (in Copenhagen, Denmark 1976). Somebody says it's worth a fortune. 😀
  4. I have to mention a pop/rock band who have sold more records and have reached more No. 1 at global top charts than any other rock band in the world - THE BEATLES. For a couple of weeks ago the 50th anniversary of The White Album was released. The only "bad" thing with The Beatles was that they only made 3 world tours (1964, 1965 & 1966). But the first concerts The Fab Four made outside The UK after they became famous and after they released She Loves You in August 1963 was in Sweden in October och in November 1963 they released I Want To Hold Your Hand.
  5. It's not so easy to say if Led Zep still is the greatest Rock band in the world. I put Led Zep as No. 1 BUT I also put The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd on the FIRST place. The big difference between these three bands is that the only group which exist today and still are touring and release music is The Stones. It's strong by Mick and Keith to still after 55 years release good rock and make world tours. I remember an interview with Mick in Swedish television for a couple of years ago. He was asked if it wasen't time to ger retired. He answered... my education is as a plummer but I think I make a better job as a rocksinger. 😀
  6. Really many many nice pics... many thanx!
  7. I'm a big fan of both Led Zep and Mk2 of Deep Purple and I have seen them live many many times. In Scandinavia and in the UK. I don't compare which is the best band? I love them both. 🤩
  8. As a collectors Item the double vinyl LP at Trade Mark of Quality label is the best buy overall... the DVD-Audio at Genuine Masters GM-LZ-04.09.1970-DVD has the best sound (I think). There is also a Blu-Ray 5.1 version in circulation based on a remaster of the original reel-to-reel tape. I heard the BD-version at a rock club in Berlin, Germany last summer. FANTASTIC SOUND!
  9. In my opinion... Rock 'n' Roll of course...
  10. Back in September 1968... I haven't heard about Led Zep but The Yardbirds was very popular in Scandinavia. I lived in Stockholm at that time and in September 1968 I saw Led Zep live for the first time at Grona Lund. Warming up band was the Swedish Hep Stars which was the most popular band in Sweden at that time. Btw... at organ Hep Stars had Benny Andersson... more known from ABBA 10 years later. Now 50 years later I have seen Led Zep live more than 12 times. A really good band. If not the best. The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd is also on my TOP 3 list. 😀
  11. Planning to buy someting nice today at Black Friday. 😀
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