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    Darkness, Death, Destruction, Goth, Justice, Literature, Macabre, Music, Nostalgia, Pain, Poetry, Photography, Science, Space

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  1. E A Poe

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Led Zeppelin should have its own national holiday. On this day, no one should go to work or school - just jam to Led Zeppelin!
  2. E A Poe

    Current Mood In Song

  3. E A Poe

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Please explain the first sentence. Is it a taxable punishment with or without a marriage to have a family? Is a family subject to less legal protection without a marriage certificate? As for diminished social status, please explain. Thank you.
  4. E A Poe

    Star Trek

    Synthehol or the genie in the bottle? I'll take the Green stuff! 🤩 And thank you for showing where the good stuff is stashed behind the counter.
  5. E A Poe

    Page & Plant TV Promo Ads?

    I wish not to detract as an entrepreneur, the detail into the presentation of this video from Sems Fir. It's an awesome indication of a representation to leave you only wanting more. I've humbly pay homage for what you have shared. That was amazing for the visually impared. I've never seen the likes on tour of that montage on my stay of the tour that I saw. Sems Fir, I thank you. Namaste. Page and Plant I've seen, and the closest I've been was later in their sails. I think this is amazing. Eye Thank ewe. and closer to home Probably what a saw. A 30 or even 15 second tv ad. To me, a Zeppelin fan, it Ruled.
  6. E A Poe

    Photoshop awesome!

    Frodo, this is Fantastic! Thank you! Could you please do anymore? This is one of my favourite shows. You did this so well! Hats off to you. You have an amazing talent. Thank you.
  7. E A Poe

    Star Trek

    I have seen many performers very flamboyant in their attire. Colour only adds to the savoir-faire that melts so well within the surroundings. And colour adds to my love of ale. Say, that's a nice gun. I have one under my floorboards almost like that. That's an 1803. That's a Wogdon pistol. Very early 19th century. Interesting how this episode was. I grew up on TNG. The original series was before me, but Trelane was well known. This episode recreated the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Trelane firing his one shot in the air, daring the Captain to fire his. Good Morning, PanicCooker. You really got this thread to take off after Christmas, huh? Just mention Trelane and Q. Combining TOS with TNG. I just saw where this is on audio book, and John De Lancie is narrating and doing the voices. Can you give a decent review on that book? If you want to make me happy, (stop turning my face into Mr. Potato Head, please.) Those messages do not make me laugh. Just give me some Ale, and I may think about laughing. Or some coffee with the Irish stuff in it. Can your replicator do that, Lass? Bring me a nice kind drink of ale? I might wink at you. Or give you a half smile, Miss. I am Edgar Allan Poe. I do not smile. I do not laugh. Nothing can make me do as much. Nothing on this site. NOTHING, Miss. PS. Every video I've seen regarding Trelane, debates or mentions him being a Q! To be from the original series, I would say Trelane has been drawn through from then to now as one of the most important and infamous villains or space trolls. A threat. He could make planets (like Gothos) and flick away the Borg at will. An insane yet curious member of the Q. .
  8. E A Poe

    Star Trek

    That is a probability. I'm glad someone mentioned the Q Civil War.
  9. E A Poe

    Star Trek

    I thought Khan was bad. He was highly intelligent, but could only think in two dimensions. They never could stop Trelane, did they?