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  1. Should all tracks be in stereo, on the shows that have soundboards? Does stereo enhance it, or does it kill it for being forced?
  2. Military parades happened under Kennedy and before. I travel but am currently living in Baltimore. Great viewing at the Harbor. I travelled to DC for the event and it was the most patriotic I have ever seen. It cost a few million, but way less than the spectacle that transpired under a special council.
  3. No need to message. Thank you. Sis doesn't do that.
  4. Whirlpool is the best, I hear. I hope you bode well in your new home.
  5. Actually that is quite funny! Lol
  6. Yuck, dude! Agreed. Penciled is ok for a tattoo, just not for a full body blow. Pardon mon ami. But nothing says forever like a tat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WfQ-hV3WtA
  7. Agreed. As my dear sweet wife would like to, she does not pencil in eyebrows. Virginia loves my stories. But does not pencil in her vagina or eyebrows. I don't care about the vagina. Rice krispies! I'm good. But why (colour in) pen the eyebrows? Who does that? I don't
  8. Good Day, Steven. The first part sounds like a group. The second relates to citizens. Personally, I'm fine with gun ownership. I even have a few under that planks of the floorboard of my home. We are fine with that. The 2nd part of the 2nd amendment. Hmm. How does that pertain to other people unlike myself that are a "poor shot"? Education is good, Steven, so long as you learn something... I do believe a citizen like myself should have rights. I thank you for your reply. My question is where does one draw a line on being able to obtain such firearms. I do agree that we should have so much as to cover government usurpations. Thank you.
  9. Just meant to be a small thread of what you may notice in Live LZ recordings. The meaning of this thread is about the small subtle things you notice within the Live LZ Shows. For instance: Achilles Last Stand Riff played within the song In The Evening at around the 5 minute mark of the song. Enjoy!
  10. What do you mean in the video, signifying a 588 pressing? MHZ? Of course it will sound better compared to something scratched and subpar from 1969. If you refer to Hz: I've heard that a lot of Led Zeppelin recordings were done on the 528 HZ. 528MHZ is based on a frequency of healing/love as well as other bands used as Pink Floyd, Mozart and John Lennon. Vinyl will have a warmer sound compared to digital. Thank you, Strombringer101.
  11. Champion Kipper of 2018 NFL Pool, constitutionally we as citizens of this Republic, do not have the right to kill by any means, save self defense. The Amendment starts with 3 words, does it not? ("A well regulated"). What does that mean? In my time, could a horse and carriage be used as a defense? Cars were not included in the Constitutional Amendment. It is controversial. We are by the Declaration of Independence, allowed the right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No disrespect, but I see both sides. However, a rifle is for defense. How can you base owning a car (as defense) above a gun? From my own discernment, I would say that a gun would only be viable for defense. However, can a car be used as defense as well? I see a difference. I do not see banning a gun as an offense, considering that it is used for a well regulated people. But how do you regulate people in accordance to a defense? And is a car viable in your reply to me? I think it is a valid question, and no disrespect meant.
  12. Nice Catch, Bill! And I agree with Mookie Wilson. No one play should define your whole life. Except for maybe Scott Norwood. Rest in peace, Bill.
  13. Now there's a nice pic! It's good to see you!
  14. I believe you're right, anniemouse. It was a smash in a car accident, right? 1972? If you're right I think it was during a break in tours.
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