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  1. Not necessarily. I have several boots on Vinyl (showing my age) that were just white covers with some bad photostat copy taped onto it saying what it was (and a few times with incorrect tracks listed!). Just give us what the tracks are and The Experts here can help you out..
  2. Okay, let's just say the Zepps did a single version of Physical Graffiti, with only songs recorded in 1974(***). In which order would you place the tracks for Side 1 and Side 2? HERE'S MY HUMBLE OPINION that I think would sound pretty cool WITH OR WITHOUT some liquid or chemical or herbal enhancement: ***(and I am gonna cheat by having the LP start with "Bron-Yr-Aur," so f--- me if y'all's ain't be cool wit' dat!...🤗). SIDE ONE: bron-yr-aur trampled under foot wanton song kashmir ten years gone SIDE TWO: custard pie in my time of dying in the light sick again WHAT IS YOUR VERSION?
  3. The Death Wish 2 soundtrack. I must be in the minority about this recording. Rocking, ethereal, sublime, nicely done.
  4. Floyd's one of my favorite bands, but an album I never listened to before was "Obscured by Clouds," a soundtrack for the film, "La Vallee." (Although I've heard many times the track, "Free Four.") I always assumed "Meddle" was the last Floyd album released before Dark Side, but I was wrong. Here are some clips from the album: https://youtu.be/16V-wNwlTw0?list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWhOd0ENVS8&index=4&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPSb5QjgjAc&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX&index=8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGPjfj69cXE&index=5&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX
  5. That's very interesting! Hats fits right after SIBLY, and Out on the Tiles follows nicely after Bron-yr-Aur Stomp. Good job, Christopher!
  6. One of his best solo albums. Interestingly, it will be over 30 minutes per side of vinyl. Does that mean it will be a quieter than most albums?
  7. Way back then in the States, "Immigrant Song" was getting a lot of airplay I seem to remember -- so people just assumed III was going to be another heavy album like the first two previous. When a certain segment of Zep fans got the new album home, III probably took them for surprise at first, maybe even disappointing that it wasn't heavier. Hence, maybe bad word-of-mouth caused sluggish sales (relatively, it still sold well compared to most other bands). Anyway, it grew to be one of my all-time faves by the group.
  8. I hear the airplane-like echo intro to "Celebration Day" from III looking at this ad.🛩️
  9. Down by the Seaside. ...but I'm still not a fan of D'yer Mak'er. 🚮
  10. Oh man, I TOTALLY AGREE with your description! What a great freak-out jam indeed by The Four Lads!!
  11. The Jonesy rune/symbol is exactly how it is on the album with the circle thickness varying, not a constant thickness.
  12. Another reason, I'm JUST GUESSING HERE, that it looks somewhat like a Drum Set from view at drum seat?
  13. dpat

    Beautiful Women

    OLD SCHOOL [but as Percy has sung, "The stranger is too perfect..." (from The Way I Feel)] Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Nancy Kovack, Claudia Cardinale
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