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  1. I don't know if he is left-handed as fact, just that he usually carries the mic in his left-hand, whereas I think most right-handed people use their right-hand to hold a mic. And ANYBODY knows more about foreign policy than that guy...
  2. That would make sense as I believe Plant is left-handed.
  3. Dunno... wasn't that usually done with just 1 fingernail long, usually the pinky/little finger? Only saw that in movies.
  4. Robert Plant's got some long, uncut fingernails, Earls Court, London 1975. https://youtu.be/ORxyZi5skIY
  5. Agree. Never saw that font / typeface that is on the "CRC" label ever on a Swan Song release.
  6. Heavy leaded fuel: Ass, gas or grass; nobody rides for free! *Yes, I know it's "LED"...
  7. I bet it was something Page dug up, or maybe the album artist. The word "London" seems to be on the rocks as well.
  8. Not the video, but the SONG itself I remember FOR THE FIRST TIME HEARING at a gig of an ex-roadie of Jimmy Page's (Joe Jammer). The club was noisy but the radio station playing over the din of the crowd was playing a song that sounded VERY ZEP LIKE. I thought maybe I had too much to drink the next day, but the next afternoon the same radio station played "Traveling Riverside Blues" and then and there I knew it was a newly uncovered Zep song someone "found" (this would have been the late 1980s, before the box set). I realize it was on the BBC back in 1969, but here it the U.S., it was something new to behold!
  9. Heart was incredible 1970s until mid-1980s. And didn't Peter Grant once say "Barracuda" (which is basically Zeps' "Achilles Last Stand") was the (paraphrasing here) best Zeppelin song they never recorded?
  10. Not to toot my own horn, but back in the early daze of "the Internets," most lyric sites had that line as "she wears her cloak like fairy white," or something similar to that. I figured Planty wouldn't write that, so I took a listen to Royal Orleans and heard the correct line. I emailed a few of those lyric sites, and eventually the Barry White line became the standard. So, I'm, like, taking credit for that, man....😁
  11. John Fogerty can still rock out. Catch him if ya can on tour.
  12. dpat


    Right on, bro.
  13. Beatles's producer George Martin once said he thought the White Album should have been a single album. I think there was a lot of filler/crap on that album. 1968 was not a year of peace and happiness (RFK/MLK assassinations, police riot at Democratic Convention in Chicago, Viet Nam war protests, riots in France, the Prague Spring, etc.). So, the album should reflect a more serious, harder edge (like the Stones did with "Beggar's Banquet"). Imagine (sorry for the pun) how great it would be as a single album EVEN WHEN YOU INCLUDE "HEY JUDE" and the "REVOLUTION" single, both of which were recorded around the same time. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Revolution (single version) Hey Jude Glass Onion ("looking through the bent back tulips (two lips???), to see how the other half lives..."? While My Guitar Gently Weeps Yer Blues Helter Skelter Back in the USSR (only because it leads into...) ...Dear Prudence Everybody's Got Something To Hide (except for me and my monkey) THE MONKEES?? Nope, dope. Happiness is a Warm Gun Birthday Cry Baby Cry Savoy Truffle Don't Pass Me By (the obligatory Ringo song -- don't get me wrong, I think Ringo is great!) Blackbird ...and for a bit o' fun in the run off, just a small snippet that says, "Number nine, number nine, number nine...
  14. I remember hearing the single version on AM radio, with the cut coming before the psychedelic freak-out mid-section around 1:20 or so... Whole Lotta Love AM radio single version
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