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  1. John Fogerty can still rock out. Catch him if ya can on tour.
  2. dpat


    Right on, bro.
  3. Beatles's producer George Martin once said he thought the White Album should have been a single album. I think there was a lot of filler/crap on that album. 1968 was not a year of peace and happiness (RFK/MLK assassinations, police riot at Democratic Convention in Chicago, Viet Nam war protests, riots in France, the Prague Spring, etc.). So, the album should reflect a more serious, harder edge (like the Stones did with "Beggar's Banquet"). Imagine (sorry for the pun) how great it would be as a single album EVEN WHEN YOU INCLUDE "HEY JUDE" and the "REVOLUTION" single, both of which were recorded around the same time. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Revolution (single version) Hey Jude Glass Onion ("looking through the bent back tulips (two lips???), to see how the other half lives..."? While My Guitar Gently Weeps Yer Blues Helter Skelter Back in the USSR (only because it leads into...) ...Dear Prudence Everybody's Got Something To Hide (except for me and my monkey) THE MONKEES?? Nope, dope. Happiness is a Warm Gun Birthday Cry Baby Cry Savoy Truffle Don't Pass Me By (the obligatory Ringo song -- don't get me wrong, I think Ringo is great!) Blackbird ...and for a bit o' fun in the run off, just a small snippet that says, "Number nine, number nine, number nine...
  4. I remember hearing the single version on AM radio, with the cut coming before the psychedelic freak-out mid-section around 1:20 or so... Whole Lotta Love AM radio single version
  5. Pictured here is a first-press US release, with "Strawberry" in the run-off (upper right-hand corner of picture).
  6. Not necessarily. I have several boots on Vinyl (showing my age) that were just white covers with some bad photostat copy taped onto it saying what it was (and a few times with incorrect tracks listed!). Just give us what the tracks are and The Experts here can help you out..
  7. Okay, let's just say the Zepps did a single version of Physical Graffiti, with only songs recorded in 1974(***). In which order would you place the tracks for Side 1 and Side 2? HERE'S MY HUMBLE OPINION that I think would sound pretty cool WITH OR WITHOUT some liquid or chemical or herbal enhancement: ***(and I am gonna cheat by having the LP start with "Bron-Yr-Aur," so f--- me if y'all's ain't be cool wit' dat!...🤗). SIDE ONE: bron-yr-aur trampled under foot wanton song kashmir ten years gone SIDE TWO: custard pie in my time of dying in the light sick again WHAT IS YOUR VERSION?
  8. The Death Wish 2 soundtrack. I must be in the minority about this recording. Rocking, ethereal, sublime, nicely done.
  9. Floyd's one of my favorite bands, but an album I never listened to before was "Obscured by Clouds," a soundtrack for the film, "La Vallee." (Although I've heard many times the track, "Free Four.") I always assumed "Meddle" was the last Floyd album released before Dark Side, but I was wrong. Here are some clips from the album: https://youtu.be/16V-wNwlTw0?list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWhOd0ENVS8&index=4&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPSb5QjgjAc&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX&index=8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGPjfj69cXE&index=5&list=PLfimnwaZdumgNU2Y_8SpLJHg0-xmHWWtX
  10. That's very interesting! Hats fits right after SIBLY, and Out on the Tiles follows nicely after Bron-yr-Aur Stomp. Good job, Christopher!
  11. One of his best solo albums. Interestingly, it will be over 30 minutes per side of vinyl. Does that mean it will be a quieter than most albums?
  12. Way back then in the States, "Immigrant Song" was getting a lot of airplay I seem to remember -- so people just assumed III was going to be another heavy album like the first two previous. When a certain segment of Zep fans got the new album home, III probably took them for surprise at first, maybe even disappointing that it wasn't heavier. Hence, maybe bad word-of-mouth caused sluggish sales (relatively, it still sold well compared to most other bands). Anyway, it grew to be one of my all-time faves by the group.
  13. I hear the airplane-like echo intro to "Celebration Day" from III looking at this ad.🛩️
  14. Down by the Seaside. ...but I'm still not a fan of D'yer Mak'er. 🚮
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