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  1. THIS IS THE BEST!!!!! Too funny!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the track listing for each side of the 4-LP re-master of "The Song Remains the Same" (2018)? Amazon just lists what tracks are on each album -- not what constitutes Side 1 & 2 of each album. My guesses: LP #1: Rock & Roll, Celeb. Day, Black Dog, Over the Hills, Misty Mtn., Since I've Been Loving You, The Ocean. MY GUESS IS SIDES SPLIT BETWEEN Over the Hills... AND Misty Mountain Hop? LP #2: I'm guessing Song Remains and Rain Song first side AND No Quarter second side? (seems like a waste of vinyl on side 1 realizing time and format constraints) LP#3: Dazed side one, Moby Dick side two (pretty obvious) LP#4: Stairway to Heaven side one (a 12-minute song taking up one side?), and Heartbreaker/Whole Lotta Love side two (?) Thanks.
  3. dpat

    Photoshop awesome!

  4. dpat

    Photoshop awesome!

    Cure for the Munchies...
  5. dpat

    Photoshop awesome!

    Fe Fi Fo Fum!!
  6. Was listening to Achilles Last Stand on CD (latest official re-mastered studio version) in my computer --which I rarely use to listen to music-- and I noticed around the 8:24 or 8:25 mark, I thought I heard Bonham or Page say "Okay" as the song changes from Plant's vocals to a Page solo. I'm just wondering if it was some echo on the computer's equalizer that made it sound like the word 'okay,' or if anyone else has heard this before.
  7. dpat

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    TEA FOR ONE, followed by I'm Gonna Crawl.
  8. Yes, the band knew the proper sequence for this album. But what if you had control as to the sequence of Presence's songs? Here's my take: SIDE ONE: Nobody's Fault But Mine (seems to be a crowd pleaser) For Your Life (builds on the drug-dependence theme of the opener) Achilles Last Stand (better here that highlights the majesty of Led Zeppelin than at the Album's beginning slot which was Way Too Much, Too Soon) SIDE TWO: Candy Store Rock (lightens up the intensity of Side One) Tea For One (highlights the blues history of the band, rather than a toss-off as a skipped-over last track) Royal Orleans (the prerequisite Zep "funny song") 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) EDITED DOWN TO APPROX. 3-and-one-half-minutes (just a relaxer) Hots On For Nowhere (highlights the lyrics better. Snowman melted away referring discovering yer coke's all gone; And if you ask my advice, take it slower, let your story be your finest reward is just nice advice for life. And a hard stop to the song is a nice close for a hard album by The Four Lads) All the best to you...
  9. Mid-section of their epic "Echoes." Can argue a lot of their "Animals" songs were a little Zep-like. BUT THAT'S A GOOD THING! p.s.: I love the Floyd's music
  10. Those midnight showings were the best. That and Floyd's "Live at Pompeii," -- albeit, a different mood. As for one of the TSRTS showings, a buddy's girlfriend fell asleep during Dazed & Confused, only to wake up near the end of the song to say to us seriously, "Didn't they play this song already?" Beer bottles rolling down the aisles. Beer cans being popped open. A near-contact high from all the legal and illegal things being smoked. People screaming at the very beginning to "Turn it up! Turn It Up!! TURN IT UP!!!!" (One night the projectionist did that for just a little bit, and Peter Grant's gangster car driving by made everyone's seat rumble it was so loud!!) It eventually got so bad that for future midnight showings, police were checking theatre goers before they bought tickets.
  11. dpat

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    MOST UNFORTUNATE, musically. Glad I still have my 1976 vinyl and their first CD issue (late 1980s?) of TSRTS containing the far superior "Celebration Day" version with the great guitar solo -- which hasn't seen the light of day since anywhere I know, not even YouTube. I had made my own "No Quarter" using parts from that same original CD and the 2007 re-master. If a dolt like myself can do that, I sure Mr. Page is more than capable to do the same -- but maybe it's a copyright thing with the film studio?
  12. That's an Interesting Observation! ...And "In Through the Out Door" became somewhat like that!: In the Evening has a droning intro like Nobody's Fault But Mine, both that start an album side Southbound Suarez is a fun , light little tune like Candy Store Rock, both second tracks Achilles Last Stand opening Side Two is akin to Carouselambra opening Side Two, both big, sprawling epics (just my opinion, maaaan.) Silly--albeit enjoyable--tunes like Hot Dog and Royal Orleans closes a side A slow, bluesy number closes out opposite side: Tea for One and I'm Gonna Crawl Back to topic, I used to hate Custard Pie as an opener, but I later "saw the light" after hearing the Black Crowes/Jimmy version.
  13. Yes, I've seen that. Definitely will check that out. Thank you!!
  14. I did that with a Gibson Les Paul and the legendary status as a guitarist never panned out...