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  1. dpat

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    That's very interesting! Hats fits right after SIBLY, and Out on the Tiles follows nicely after Bron-yr-Aur Stomp. Good job, Christopher!
  2. One of his best solo albums. Interestingly, it will be over 30 minutes per side of vinyl. Does that mean it will be a quieter than most albums?
  3. dpat

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    Way back then in the States, "Immigrant Song" was getting a lot of airplay I seem to remember -- so people just assumed III was going to be another heavy album like the first two previous. When a certain segment of Zep fans got the new album home, III probably took them for surprise at first, maybe even disappointing that it wasn't heavier. Hence, maybe bad word-of-mouth caused sluggish sales (relatively, it still sold well compared to most other bands). Anyway, it grew to be one of my all-time faves by the group.
  4. dpat

    How the West Was Won Album Cover

    I hear the airplane-like echo intro to "Celebration Day" from III looking at this ad.🛩️
  5. dpat

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    Down by the Seaside. ...but I'm still not a fan of D'yer Mak'er. 🚮
  6. Oh man, I TOTALLY AGREE with your description! What a great freak-out jam indeed by The Four Lads!!
  7. dpat

    What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    The Jonesy rune/symbol is exactly how it is on the album with the circle thickness varying, not a constant thickness.
  8. dpat

    What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    Another reason, I'm JUST GUESSING HERE, that it looks somewhat like a Drum Set from view at drum seat?
  9. dpat

    Beautiful Women

    OLD SCHOOL [but as Percy has sung, "The stranger is too perfect..." (from The Way I Feel)] Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Nancy Kovack, Claudia Cardinale
  10. THIS IS THE BEST!!!!! Too funny!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the track listing for each side of the 4-LP re-master of "The Song Remains the Same" (2018)? Amazon just lists what tracks are on each album -- not what constitutes Side 1 & 2 of each album. My guesses: LP #1: Rock & Roll, Celeb. Day, Black Dog, Over the Hills, Misty Mtn., Since I've Been Loving You, The Ocean. MY GUESS IS SIDES SPLIT BETWEEN Over the Hills... AND Misty Mountain Hop? LP #2: I'm guessing Song Remains and Rain Song first side AND No Quarter second side? (seems like a waste of vinyl on side 1 realizing time and format constraints) LP#3: Dazed side one, Moby Dick side two (pretty obvious) LP#4: Stairway to Heaven side one (a 12-minute song taking up one side?), and Heartbreaker/Whole Lotta Love side two (?) Thanks.
  12. dpat

    Photoshop awesome!

  13. dpat

    Photoshop awesome!

    Cure for the Munchies...