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  1. Except "Montreaux" it sounds like all single bass. As John Paul Jones said upon first hearing Bonzo play, "I fell in love with his right foot."
  2. Enjoy with your ears, or in combo with your favorite beverage and/or herb: SIDE ONE: Rock and Roll Misty Mountain Hop The Battle of Evermore Four Sticks Going to California Night Flight SIDE TWO: Black Dog Stairway to Heaven Down by the Seaside When the Levee Breaks * Boogie with Stu could have been saved for the Houses album, maybe as a replacement for D'yer Ma'ker **Each side approx 26 minutes--vinyl could accommodate approx. 30 minutes per side, albeit at a lower volume -- but hey, Dylan did it with his "Desire" album, and "Dazed.." from the TSRTS soundtrack clocked in at about 27 minutes. (yeah, i know, whaddabout the track separation? ...like I said, this is fantasy!)
  3. Several reasons explain why Led Zeppelin probably wasn't included in the documentary. Zep didn't seek out the press, nor performed on talk shows (hence, lack of live video footage), nor granted interviews for anyone who asked. They weren't mainstream. You wouldn't see Robert Plant or Jimmy Page being interviewed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. At the time, most of the Zep fanatics were mainly (but not all) teenage boys. Not too many 20-something women fans of Led Zep back in the day. Besides the fourth album being released near the end of the year (Nov. '71), Zeppelin didn't get played much on those American airwaves on radio stations we'd now call adult-oriented rock (AOR) stations. Artists like Carole King, Elton John and even Sly Stone, etc., got much more airplay on those stations. The only song that would have gotten the most play would have been Black Dog. And I'd argue that it took a several months for Stairway To Heaven to catch on with the overall public.
  4. Or it is just a weird coincidence that it looks a little like Godzilla (after all they did tour Japan in the fall of '71...) ha ha! P.S.: This is a more recent take of Godzilla P.P.S.: ...and Jimmy did the Kashmir-influenced song with Puff Daddy for the (wait for it)... the 90's version for the Godzilla movie soundtrack!
  5. Happy Belated Birthday Jimmy! (this photo gave me a chuckle; even in becoming a mature age, Page is still out to destroy the competition!! )
  6. Thank you, Sam. That would explain the few parts I didn't remember seeing before, like I don't remember Bonzo putting on gloves before taking off in the dragster; maybe it's just early dementia on my part!
  7. Hi, Now, I've seen The Song Remains The Same movie since its original release in 1976, then several midnight showings, then the videocassette, then the DVD, then the "collectors edition" released in 2007 (with the free t-shirt, man!). In the movie, after the Peter Grant gangsta thang, the doves return again, but in my DVD copy it is REPEATED (at the 4:28 mark) where G and Richard Cole exit his mansion (Horselunges?) in full gangster regalia--but then a few seconds later, the movie goes to "modern day" where G is making phone calls to set up the tour. Does anyone else have this on their 2007 version? Rock and roll and the stroll...
  8. And "I'm Gonna Crawl" playing over the bar PA system at the very beginning of the video. Brilliant!
  9. 🤗 Creed Bratton! Hausfrauen aus der Holle!! TOO FUNNY!!
  10. One of the coolest videos I've ever viewed of a Zep cover -- which I think may be filmed in the bar/pub/tavern that was the inspiration for the album cover of In Through the Out Door (my apologies if this has been posted before): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NECfRohWNWw
  11. Taking Strider's advice (whom I really respect as a fellow Zep fan), a 2nd attempt at this: 😀 RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: Led Zep II _AND_ Led Zep III (do what thou wilt) SIDE ONE: Whole Lotta Love Out on the Tiles Friends Celebration Day Bron-Y-Aur Stomp SIDE TWO: Heartbreaker Living Loving Maid Since I've Been Loving You That's the Way SIDE THREE: Immigrant Song Gallows Pole The Lemon Song Ramble On Tangerine SIDE FOUR: What Is and What Should Never Be Moby Dick Bring It On Home Hats Off to (Roy) Harper Thank You
  12. RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: Fourth Album SIDE ONE: Black Dog Misty Mountain Hop Night Flight The Battle of Evermore Stairway to Heaven SIDE TWO: Rock and Roll Four Sticks Down by the Seaside When the Levee Breaks Going to California
  13. RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: Houses of the Holy SIDE ONE: The Song Remains the Same The Rover Over the Hills and Far Away Dancing Days The Crunge (companion disc version) Boogie with Stu SIDE TWO: Houses of the Holy The Rain Song (companion disc version) No Quarter The Ocean Bron-Yr-Aur NON-ALBUM (45 rpm) SINGLE: D'yer Mak'er / Black Country Woman
  14. RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: Led Zep II _AND_ Led Zep III (do what thou wilt) SIDE ONE: Whole Lotta Love That's the Way Out on the Tiles Since I've Been Loving You SIDE TWO: Heartbreaker Living Loving Maid Friends Celebration Day Bron-Y-Aur Stomp SIDE THREE: Immigrant Song Gallows Pole What Is and What Should Never Be Hey Hey What Can I Do Ramble On Tangerine SIDE FOUR: The Lemon Song Hats Off to (Roy) Harper Moby Dick Bring It On Home Thank You
  15. RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: Physical Graffiti SIDE ONE: The Wanton Song In the Light Custard Pie Kashmir SIDE TWO: Trampled Underfoot Ten Years Gone Sick Again In My Time of Dying (for vinyl time limitation, could edit out from 1st chorus through 2nd verse; I know, sacrilege...)
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