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  1. tough to go wrong with Winston Remaster's "Thanks for Eleven Years" a Matrix.
  2. I would love a link -- very exciting way to kick off the weekend. TY much.
  3. Fantastic sound, thank you very much for all of your hard work!
  4. These are great questions, I am where you are... in order (my opinion): GTC- Dagdad's; RAH - Led Zep Boots version; Osaka 28- LZ rarities; Osaka 29- Ledsox or winston kutabare; 3/4 Dallas not a RM i know of and I ditched; Bonzos- MulticamProj Bonzo's Birthday Party. Hope this helps. M (also, I use liquid led for texas int'l - former bass player, LL almost always does JPJ for me :)).
  5. LTTE: The opening, TSRTS... w/Bonzo destroying the drum set, and the exploding cheers of the crowd... it literally lifts my mood and shaves serious time on exercise. I'm hooked at the beginning so badly, it carries me (most) of the way through. Close second = 9/29 was my first bootleg... "Where's Bonzo..." I never tire of that concert and have been regularly listening to it ?30 yrs. I don't even think I owned all of the studio albums at the time i got it.
  6. Steve, I would also love a link when you get a second. All of your stuff is an instant part of the "top level" of my rotation. Thanks for all of your work! Mike
  7. I would love a copy of this remaster. Thank you in advance, Mike
  8. Also, I would love a link. Thank you for this tremendous effort.
  9. I would love/appreciate a link as well, if you would be so kind. Thank you!
  10. Yes please, greatly appreciated. M
  11. reading the thread. Do you have a link to a download? I'm currently listening to Winston of Blueberry, and it is just at my audio-tolerance // bootleg ears. Thank you, Mike
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