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  1. Thank you for your replies! I think that I'll leave the cover blank and not to re-stick it at all. Just wanna be okay with the "remove-adhesive-act" because i don't wanna have to leave glue on the package or ruin something.
  2. Uhm, that's bad... I can peel off the tracklist from the back cover anyway or there's risk to ruin the package?
  3. The thing is that the transparent tracklist seems to be stuck (badly) on the inverted image, not on the cling film. Idk honestly if peeling off the cling film the tracklist goes away as well and idk if the inverted back cover has to be clean without it.
  4. Hi guys! New user here. I just bought the cd 2-disc deluxe edition for a Christmas gift and i notice that in the back cover of the cd the tracklist transparent adhesive isn't perfectly glued. I just wanna know if the tracklist adhesive is intended to be removed. I can't open the cd because is a gift and if the tracklist adhesive have to be glued in the packaging I don't like this imperfection. Otherwise, if the back cover has to be clean with artwork only and the tracklist adhesive goes away in the opening it's okay. Please, help me understand :) Thanks!
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