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  1. Montreal, Canada 2001. He was opening for King Crimson (should be the other way around IMO!). I still get chills when I think of the long musical intro in the dark while waiting for Zooma to start. When JPJ hit the stage, wow!! *CLICK TO ENLARGE* Enjoy this superb JPJ clip: If discontinued, google "You Tube John Paul Jones Triple Neck Song." You won't be disappointed.
  2. Hilly

    Backstage Photos

    Yes I do remember because I obtained a refund and spent it at The Bulldog (wink wink). I was traveling with my mom or I would've gone back to The American Hotel to speak to Robert again. The fun thing about meeting your idols is how you forget all the things you wanted to talk about. Robert was really jumpy but friendly in Amsterdam. He came into the restaurant to join his band whom I was drinking with. He grabbed a full glass of red wine and chugged it down like a true rock star. Whenever I've met celebs, I always thank them for all their entertainment. I've seen every one of RP's solo tours
  3. Hilly

    Backstage Photos

    JPJ: -Met him first at Borders Bookstore in London with Julie Felix. I arrived a few minutes before him and there was really only Dave Lewis of Tight But Loose and myself. He was posing with us alone and his mandolin. Cherished moment. -Met him again backstage in Montreal, Canada in 2001 when he was opening for King Crimson. As the pic was being taken, people were applauding because it was obvious I was the biggest fan in the room amongst the jaded media types just there doing their job. Jimmy: I've met JP twice as well. -Montreal 1995. As a young groupie, we waited outside his hotel a
  4. Obtaining the approval of someone I grew up with.
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