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  1. Is anybody able to provide a link to Winston's "How The West Was Redone"? Thanks a lot.
  2. I'd like to receive the link too, please. Looks very promising, thanks!
  3. The sample you provided sounds sweet! Would you be so kind to send me the link? Thanks a lot
  4. Is anybody able to provide a link for the Graf Zeppelin and Nite Owl versions? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello everybody, as I wrote in the title I've got a question regarding the two nights recorded on videotape at the Earls Court in may 1975. - 24 may: I've got the EV DVD with a very good and sharp image until Going To California and from Stairway To Heaven onwards; the rest of the show is just decent. EV Logo at the beginning of each song. - 25 may: Again, the EV DVD ('Demand Unprecedented'): very nice and sharp image until Kashmir; Tangerine: awful quality; from Going To California onwards: good, a bit washed out but still very enjoyable. EV Logo at the beginning of each song. Then I found on YT this video, which features the first half of the 25 may show. The quality is similar to the first part of the EV DVD, but it doesn't have any logo; plus it's got a much clearer image during Tangerine. Is anybody able to point out which version does this video come from? Could it be from the bluray bootleg from Cosmic Energy? Thanks in advance for any suggestion. And sorry if this has already been pointed out before.
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