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  1. It's been a while since my last post on this thread but I've done three videos since! MP3s and FLACs for all my shows are in this link Live at the Olympia, 1969, Extended from the official Deluxe Edition (Only the 16 minutes of non official audio is in the video link. See link above for downloads.) Live at the Knebworth Festival, 1979 Live in Copenhagen, 1971 (my newest upload, just uploaded!) I've got another 41 concerts that will eventually be uploaded, but these are the next 3 I had done.
  2. Other than the 6 shows from NY and the 6 shows from LA, what dates are considered "peak performance" on this tour? I've been meaning to listen to more of 1977, other than NY and LA (and also excluding Landover, which I attempted to combine into a single better show). There are A LOT of shows on this tour, so I'm curious. My question is only based on the performance of the band, not the sound quality (I can listen to rough audience recordings).
  3. Well yeah, lol. That's my why the vast majority of it is from the 4th. But large portions of this is from the 11th. Songs that have been mixed with the 4th and 11th: The Song Remains the Same Celebration Day Black Dog Over the Hills and Far Away Misty Mountain Hop Since I've Been Loving You No Quarter Hot Dog The Rain Song Black Mountain Side Trampled Under Foot Stairway to Heaven Whole Lotta Love
  4. So I settled the debate of which night is better, August 4th and August 11th. The answer is both! I took the two nights and merged them into a sort of "Super Knebworth" show. I put countless hours into this. I think it came out as good as I could make it! I'll have details of what is played on what night in the video description at a date in the near future.
  5. I started the project, and currently have the draft version of "The Song Remains the Same" and "Celebration Day" done. I'm no longer worried about a lack of material for the 11th. The 11th has a lot of material to patch in over the 4th. My biggest worry is the soundboard mix 4th vs 11th. I haven't compared the two later in the concert, but in the beginning, the sound varies: August 4th: Loud guitar and louder vocals. Bass is nearly in audible. The sub bass frequencies barely even show in the mix. (So far, I've raise the sub bass frequencies, mainly below 90hz.) August 11th: Quiet guitar and quieter vocals. Loud bass. The mix sounds very odd when fading from the 4th to the 11th (and vice versa). The challenge is trying to bring out the guitar and vocals without the bass and drums. Which is hard to do on a single source (as opposed to a multitrack). Does anyone have any ideas on how to alleviate some of these issues?
  6. I: Black Mountain Side II: Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) III: Hats Off to (Roy) Harper IV: Going to California [I like it, but one has to get picked] Houses of the Holy: D'yer Mak'er Physical Graffiti: Boogie With Stu Presence: Candy Store Rock In Through the Out Door: Hot Dog Coda: Poor Tom
  7. Nobody's Fault, Kashmir, Sick Again, ALS, In the Evening, R&R, and WLL were all on the DVD.
  8. And yes, I'm well aware these 2 concerts have been overanalyzed on the forums. I just couldn't find anything in regards to "I liked the second verse of song X on the 4th, rather than the 11th"
  9. [As I've been teasing on my YouTube channel for a while now], I'm making a "Best of Knebworth 1979" in the style of TSRTS and my other "Best of" videos. Before I really get into the nitty gritty of listening to both concerts and Frankensteining a "best of" version, I'd like to know, in your opinion, what stands out? Example 1: I think the intro to No Quarter on the 11th is notable for inclusion, due to it's uniqueness. Example 2: Plant can't hold the note without voice cracking in Since I've Been Loving You, transitioning from the intro to the verses on the 4th, and is notable for exclusion. Example 3: Maybe a particular song's performance is rough on a particular night, but the solo section sounds superb. Or overall, the performance was great, but the solo was lacking. The other night's superior section of the song will be laced into the original night's. Songs from Knebworth: The Song Remains the Same Celebration Day Black Dog Nobody's Fault but Mine Over the Hills and Far Away Misty Mountain Hop Since I've Been Loving You No Quarter Ten Years Gone* Hot Dog The Rain Song White Summer Black Mountain Side Kashmir Trampled Under Foot Sick Again Achilles Last Stand Page solo In the Evening Stairway to Heaven Rock and Roll Whole Lotta Love Heartbreaker* Communication Breakdown^ *Only played on the 4th ^Only played on the 11th
  10. I'm trying to gather shows from all tours and showcase them as a sort of "what if there were 4 to 6 concerts on each deluxe edition release." I'm having a bit of trouble picking a night for this tour. This would be attached to Led Zeppelin II. More info on my project here. Quality of the concert aside, what are your favorites from tour?
  11. I've finished my pick for UK/Scandinavia 1969. This is a showcase of the Danish shows March 15 – 17. I've ordered the setlist in a way that was typical to this tour. I was able to cheat a little bit since the Danmarks concert was already on the DVD, so this was a quickie. More info about which gig was used for each song, etc. is in the video description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgSXPaRQHfY
  12. Thanks for the link. I'm just going to use the January dates, so I didn't want to include what was potentially a May date during a January gig.
  13. I'm trying to find ideas for conglomerating concerts (see my YouTube channel for two concerts I've already done.) After I do Knebworth '79, I'm thinking of doing the first Boston Tea Party run in January '69. There are 2 definitive dates to mix from, 1/23 and 1/26. The issue I'm running into concerns this concert: Is it January 25, 1969? OR May 27, 1969? When searching both dates, the same concert comes up. Led Zeppelin's official website seems to point to the January 25th, but other Zep Heads seem to suggest it is from May 27th. I'm not well versed in their early shows (I find myself listening to later Zeppelin more often than not,) so if I could get some opinions on this matter, it would be much appreciated!
  14. I've done a concert analysis, for anyone who cares: https://bit.ly/2UxLIqM
  15. Shows for Led Zeppelin I I've come down to 6 or 7 shows for the Zep I era: Scandinavia '68, UK '68: There are no known recordings for these two tours, though I feel these could even be considered "New Yardbirds" era tours (maybe October 25 for the UK tour purely for the fact it was their first show as "Led Zeppelin".) North America Winter '68-'69: December 30, 1968 – Spokane, WA (for the sole purpose of being the first known recording. If there is anything earlier on this tour, I'd place it here. If something from before this tour exists, I'd just remove this.) January 23-26, 1969 – Boston, MA UK/Scandinavia '69: March 15-17 – Danish shows (including Danmarks TV) North America Spring '69: April 24-27 – San Francisco, CA shows (including both Fillmore West and Winterland Ballroom. A sort of first "How the West Was Won," per se.) UK Summer '69: June 20 – Newcastle, UK (considering it's the only full length concert available to our ears for this tour, this is my pick. I would consider June 15th in Manchester since they played more songs than usual for this tour, but I would actually have to hear it first before making a judgement call) North America Summer '69: August 18 (evening) – Toronto, Canada (If I had to choose between Toronto and Texas Pop Festival, I think I'd choose this show, as it feels much more intimate of a show. I feel both this and the Texas concert are both deserving.) August 31 – Lewisville (Texas Pop Festival), TX I'm slowly going through each tour, trying to find that one show (or small group of shows within a small area [i.e. How the West Was Won]) per tour (not counting the '75, '77, '79 & '80 tours), and will keep posting for anyone interested. If anyone has any additional insight into my choices, I'd love to hear from you.
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