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  1. Jimmy Page was the type of player who after getting his parts down on a studio session where mistakes can be done over then proceed to playing live on stage in Zeppelin where it is music on the fly, cannot be expected to hit every note exact; every performance. I'm thinking of Page in his solo on Immigrant Song in Sydney AU that has been memorialized on film. His playing at one point “outside” and some might think he's hit wrong notes. I think he was trying to get outside the harmony and realized in an instant that he'd better draw back to the song's key and finish his solo spot. That was the Page that was not afraid to try something new live, but not wish to put its own on tape. During Zeppelin's performance era (68/69 to 79/80) most of people living then had never seen Led Zeppelin and an untold number never knew what they name meant. Their collective “Zep” experience was through recordings played over the world's radio networks or actually having possession of their recordings. Experiencing LED Zeppelin via that medium is in stark contrast to actually attending a Zeppelin performance live. The live experience was more “spectical” such as seeing opera live; where the entire event and it's surroundings is a whole other experience than just recorded audio. I think examining Jimmy's playing live might be (for some) sometimes be a let down and other times just the opposite. For myself, I would accept it and then remember that I'm witnessing up close the musicians who actually recorded those earth-shaking tones and accept it for what it was. ADK-Zeppy
  2. “Immigrant Song”! I don't think that I initially liked that on first hearing. Over time, I consider it one of my “go to” songs for the essence of Zeppelin. Authors have quoted specs of the lyrics in their writings. TV and radio use snippets of the opening measures of it as”lead-ins” to programming segments. When Page goes into that guitar free form part of his solo, I hear elements of Jazz improvising which sometimes he accomplishes and not very well in other instances. For me, I hear this song on several levels. ADK-Zeppy
  3. Rock music and music in general today is in my opinion, just background for our busy lives. The world today in the 21st. century offers so many more diversions that music is now competing for attention from the masses. I wonder if a Zeppelin type organization could even get started today given the attention spans of the media, the music distribution apparatus, the absence of creativity, and the intense concentration on watching the bottom line in any business today. Whether 2019 produces a Zeppelin discovery or not, I'll continue to listen to and appreciate them. I read their biographies, listen to the bootlegs available and marvel at what Zeppelin accomplished; knowing that it probably won't be repeated anytime soon. The music I listen to from Zeppelin I regard as “historical documents” that are now part of the history of music which constantly evolves, like it or not. ADK-Zeppy
  4. Ringo never got too much credit for his drumming skills and even some downright bashing for it, but if you took him from the Beatles it would not be the Beatles any longer. Besides the attraction to Zep's iconic songs, many Zep followers were attracted to the on-stage interplay between Bonham's drumming and Page's playing; the bookend being Plant's voice playing off of Page's guitar.......with JPJ providing that huge floor underneath so that no one would fall through. ADK-Zeppy
  5. I'm interested in finding out how Jimmy used his Les Paul's controls. I dont' see him reaching as often for volume and tone knobs, as much as he flips the pickup selector on his #1 Les Paul. Did he have “presets” established for volume and tone knobs and never moved them very far from those? ADK-Zeppy
  6. Where about son the net can I hear this particular song? Would it be on YT? ADK-Zeppy
  7. I have the O2 concert on my tablet and I viewed it a number of times last year. “For Your Life” is a highlight for also. Jimmy's solo is another example of a Page and his supreme confidence in his playing and his adventurous trip into including some “outside” playing much like some Jazz guitarists would. The Immigrant Song is another example; on the two-DVD Zeppelin one. His performance was put on that collection and was derived from splicing two outdoor concerts together. ADK- Zeppy
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