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  1. Hey JM! That really is a very nice set up! If you were to play Page tone without the pedals, would your Origin's e.q. (T, M,B) remain the same? Ahh, no pun intended. I use an Orange Dark Terror with two Les Pauls and it only has a “shape” knob for its e.q. I have that knob set so that the e.q. curve would most likely approximate what you have. Myamp is similar (it just so happens) to your's.....just below half on the gain. I don't think Page used much in the way of gain, but relied on sheer volume to make his “point”. Perhaps his use of a Tele in the Yardbirds and early Zep influenced how he set e.q. on his amps with a Les Paul, later on. ADK-Zeppy
  2. These excellent remasters just show that Zeppelin were and still have not been surpassed for sheer talent, memorable songs and playing, and singing as was the mighty Zeppelin. I never get tired of listening to them and each time I re-listen, I hear a few things I missed in succeeding plays. ADK-Zeppy
  3. I don't doubt that there are some amazing software products available to anyone who wants to take the time to apply it to any type of pre-recorded music. The digital recording era was first heard by myself when my local library put Ry Cooder's album from a decades ago in their music bin. The album spoke of it being one of the 1st. If not the very first to use digital processing in recording Cooder's playing and singing. The only thing I remember about my listening experience was the better fidelity due to there being no noise heard anywhere between the actual sound impulses put down on the day’s media; namely tape. I know technology has only gotten better as time went on. ADK-Zeppy
  4. This June 7, 1977 remastering really sounds good. What were you detecting from the sound that needed improvement and did you employ any special “tricks” to make it even better than what it was before? ADK-Zeppy
  5. Thanks Steve! I'm expecting this will be as good that Houston remaster 1977. ADK-Zeppy
  6. Based upon the sample you posted, I sent you a PM with the hope you send me the remastering. ADK-Zeppy
  7. Many thanks for posting this! ADK-Zeppelin
  8. Where can we find this matrix? ADK-Zeppy
  9. I agree. It was difficult to distinguish between all of your samples. Did you take notes of your own observations or was it difficult for you also? Between #2 and #4, I would still vote #4 and it's because upon multiple listening, I do think it has more presence......seems more “alive” ADK-Zeppy
  10. I'm very happy that I discovered this performance...keep wishing that AI technology will someday transform these videos in to today’s HD or 4K and bring some “real magic” to the screen. John M. “MAGIC is a word I use many times to describe Page's playing; even his “sloppy” efforts. I have yet to hear another player that can be as expressive and make the guitar such an integral part of a song. That's in the hands of a “sorcerer” in my book! ADK-Zeppy
  11. Plant and Page “When The World Was Young”. Not really Zeppelin, but quite the haunting melody, nevertheless. ADK-Zeppy
  12. Thank you for posting these files. I voted #4, but it's not too easy picking one out in particular. Did you manage to make notes as to what (if any) changes you made between each of the 6? ADK-Zeppy
  13. Chris, thank you for posting all of these to this thread. They all look very inviting and highly interesting to me as I've never been to Britain; although my ancestors came from Hampshire for the Plymouth Bay Colony in 1630 on the ship James. Your photos create a wonderful atmosphere of that area. ADK-Zeppo
  14. A question about this: I did receive the whole performance and am listening to it. It's remarkably good quality. What specifically do you do in the remastering to get it to sound so good? ADK-Zeppy
  15. This sounds good to me. Please forward me a link to the show? ADK-Zeppy
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