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  1. I am not arguing, just clarifying. I don't want anyone to think I want the site sanitized or censored. So here's an example. If someone says "Jimmy sucks and can't play for shit". I'm fine with that. I don't know what that person is doing here, but they're entitled. And btw, all opinions are subjective. That's what subjective means. Here's where it gets dodgy because I don't want to cite actual comments and start a war. If someone says (and this is hypothetical in case there is such a comment that I haven't seen) " Jimmy can't play and doesn't even know how, it's a common fact
  2. In the book When Giants Walked The Earth, Bonham was in the room and had to be pulled out for fear of injury and/or he had to go on stage. Can't remember. It was kind of a shitty book at times and great at times as well. Lots of negativity qualfied by the fact the author had a lot of access to Plant over the years. So he cites many sources close to Plant, but nothing first hand. He said the whole band had to get out of Dodge quick as Bill Graham was pressing charges and, that being their last gig that tour it was lucky they could return to England. He (the author) says Grant's son was removing
  3. That's all I'm saying. You had many other words but said the same exact thing with that single run-on sentence. However, like you, I tend to get a bit wordy. There's nothing wrong with the rest of your comment, I only selected the part relevant to this reply. The other part of my OP about trolls being removed, I do feel that those who spread unfounded rumours as so called "well known facts" should be censured. The moderators, in my humble opinion, have every right to not allow the bands own sanctioned website to be used as a tool to tarnish the very same people who provide the website in the f
  4. Where I come from and how I was raised I was taught that if you had nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Now I have never followed that shit. I told my mother not to let the door hit her where the good lord split her as I wanted privacy while "watching" Olivia Newton John in Xanadu...ahhhh, Xanadu.... But I digress, I recently beame a member here and I am utterly shocked at all the hate for Jimmy and Bonzo and Robert (well maybe not Robert, he talks a lot of smack himself). But seriously, how do you join what is basically a Fan Club, then rip on these guys.... I mean, I ge
  5. Nowhere because it never happened. Like Paul Rodgers never karate kicked Jimmy on stage for showing up on smack during a Firm concert either. Like Jimmy would do a follow up album with a guy after he put his hands on him, puh-lease! I don't know how people get their rocks off, but I've heard a lot of ridiculousness. Go to youtube and you can watch many, many, many 95 performances. Little Rock must be the only bad one or these posters just don't get this type of live music. Maybe they want sterilized album versions, I don't know. But I saw P&P at MSG in July of 98 then a week or 2 later at
  6. There's an interview with other members of Page & Plant that admit to back stage arguments between the 2, though they quickly point out that if they chimed in, the 2 teamed up immediately against them, lol. How funny is THAT? I don't think it was ever over mistakes though, I think more Page wanting to extend the improving and Plant wanting more album specific versions with a little bit of improv as well as Jimmy's approach. If he had backing guitars behind him live you wouldn't notice if he dropped a stitch here and there while on stage trying to come up with something new on the spot in f
  7. I love it! Like me you guys can't choose just one because it's very hard to say what you like "more". And every "Best" is subjective. There can be no wrong answer.
  8. Yeah, is that the one where you hear Bonzo yell out "That's gonna be the one, eh Jimmy?" Definitely my fave...
  9. Jimmy Larry Lalonde (Primus) Chuck Berry Noel Bradley (Sublime) Scrapper Blackwell (The guy who wrote Kokomo Blues, better known as Sweet Home Chicago) ________________________________ Bonzo Tim Herb Alexander (Primus) Dave Grohl Bill Ward Ginger Baker
  10. Could you do Surgical Stainless Steel? My sweat is like battery acid. I can't wear silver as it causes a terrible rash, maybe I'm a vampire lol.
  11. I tried to delete this as I found the same topic here in the Polls section where this got moved to, but I couldnt so.... In my defense, the moderator is stretching the least known use of the word Poll to define what we are doing. Polls are more for measuring, not compiling a list for the purpose of rating. If I supplied the list and asked everyone to rate it, that would be a poll. Putting this here you might as well put every question asked everywhere on the forums here. Finally, an interesting article on Led Zeppelin where the author's choices aren't meant to start a war in
  12. That was a possibility and why I qualified my use of the term "you".
  13. I have addressed every comment in red. By not actually posting a comment yourself and silence being affirmation, it is clear you agree with this tripe. So I say "you" in my responses.
  14. For me it's a toss up between some of the P&P performances and the Black Crowes featuring Jimmy Page. I will say the Crowes only because I feel it is a testament to what he could do with back up guitars behind him, though you really need to stick to a script in that format. Jimmy doesn't like sticking to a script and most of us don't want to hear him stick to one either. But I'd say Ten Years Gone, Custard Pie, Sick Again and In My Time of Dying are the best live performances of these songs. And as for Page & Plant, The Rain Song perfomance has no equal on this planet and of the other
  15. Bonzo's Montreux. I don't like drum songs. I love Bonham, but I never did and still don't care about Moby Dick except for the guitar licks. I don't dislike it, but it's not my cup of tea just like every other drum song. Bonzo's Montreux on the other hand, while I didn't like it at first, grew on me. Now, I know it by heart.
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