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  1. Yep. This is the version! Thanks for tracking it down.
  2. Rock on! Thanks for the heads up. Gonna check it out now.
  3. No luck. I tried guitars101 as well with the same result. I'll take the 128 mp3 for now until a flac is located. That Dazed and Celebration are real good from this show. I'll keep looking.
  4. Wow, yeah this is the version I was listening to that made me bring up this topic. All other sources I've listened to in the past were cruddy, but this version is actually enjoyable. I asked Conneyfogel, the person who posted this YouTube link if there was a downloadable link. Conney told me to get YouTube downloader to get the audio. This has to be the best known source to date from this show. I just decided to revisit this show since the board tape of 928 was released and we have 929 now. I always liked the acoustic set from this show.
  5. I agree! That whole tour was the peak of their powers. Each night has it's own special element about it. The first night at Budokan has some of Plants best vocals and the band is on fire. Same as the following night. Both Osaka shows are great as well. I lean more towards the 29th but the new SBD of the 28th is...WOW! I just think the 27th gets over looked and the Dazed from this show is unique just like the others. The interplay between Page & Jones especially. And that Celebration Day. The hero once again is Jone's bass!
  6. Hey everyone. Hope all of you are doing well during these strange and scary times. One of the few things I've been doing during this stay at home stuff is listening to more Zepp boots to pass the time. One over looked show I decided to give a listen to is Zepp at Hiroshima just the day before there 2 day stay in Osaka. Sound quality is about average but listenable. Maybe not the strongest show of the 5 nights in Japan but I gotta say there are a few gems in this show. For instance, the version of Dazed & Confused from this show smokes! Page and Jone's in particular are playing some interesting stuff in the second half. It's a tight but loose version but in a good way. Very unique version. My go to from this tour is the second night in Osaka which I've always loved. Check out this Dazed from the 27th. I think this version is tied for my favorite next to 929. Celebration Day is also a really good one. Even with the rough audience recording it's a great listen. I think I like this one better than the 28th. Tighter and more interesting. The jam at the end smokes and I'd put it up there with the second night in Osaka and Toronto on the 4th. Plants voice cracks a few times during Immigrant Song but the Immigrant/Heartbreaker is another well played version. The acoustic set sounds sweet as well with Jones throwing in a touch of "Everyday People" in the middle of That's The Way. I really wish a sound board would come out of this show someday.
  7. The March run on the '75 tour has Zeppelin finally warmed up and firing on all or most cylinders. Not peak Zepp but some hot ones. I wonder why they lost their fire by that May. Earl's Court has 2 good No Quarters from the 18th & 23rd. The Dazed from the 24th is good and like I said above, the acoustic set was a nice addition. I would've thought that playing on your home turf, Plants flu done with, etc...the band would've been tighter and sounded better than any of the better shows from March. I'd still buy an official release of the Earl's Court shows if Page released them but it wouldn't be in my top 5 releases to listen to on repeat.
  8. Yeah, stick to the topic man! Hehe. Seriously, the original TSRTS version is a classic. That ending solo is up there with Page's best live solo's. I have to re-listen to the Orlando one.
  9. I still have this very silver cd. This was the first CD from '71 I ever heard back in 1994. JPJ's bass playing on this particular version is insane.
  10. They both are great! I get to listen to boots I don't have in my collection, or used to have! They both do great work putting these shows out there and in the best quality. Brining us old and new fans together.
  11. I love the new SBD of the 28th. It's def a good version, I prefer the 29th a little more but they both are scorchers! I think '71 was the best year for this song.
  12. I've been a Zeppelin fan since I was a child. I'm as big of a fan as all of you on here. I've been collecting bootlegs since 1993 when I got introduced to a store in Greenwich Village here in NYC. I remember when I got deep into my bootleg obsession and had a healthy Zeppelin bootleg collection I found I couldn't get into the 1975 tour too much. I tried, there are some decent gems from that tour but Plants vocals and Jimmys increasing sloppiness, I would usually skip that tour. Now to the topic at hand... Through out the years I've noticed that the Earl's Court shows are very popular among us Zepp freaks. Hardcore fans wish Page would release the Earls Court shows officially and it's talked about a lot. Granted there are some nice gems from those 5 nights, I never understood why these shows are so favored for? Plants voice sounds wrecked more times than not, Page plays goods here and there but is mostly sloppy. The band at times sound tired and uninspired. There's a couple of good No Quarters, the acoustic sets are decent enough and Tangerine sounds nice on the double neck but, I feel the Earl's Court shows are rather average at best. I know it's a matter of opinion of course. I was just wondering why these shows are a fan favorite and why us hardcore fans want an official release so bad? Would be interested in all your opinions on this.
  13. Not sure if this has been covered in a stand alone thread here. I was just listening to the Hampton Rhodes show from 9/9/71 which by the way is a blistering show. Jimmy is ON! The first '71 Celebration Day I ever heard was the one from Toronto just 5 nights earlier when I bought the silver cd called Jennings Farm Blues in the early 90's. Then that same month I got the Hampton show, the version with JPJ's bass on the left channel. My top 3 Celebration Day's from '71 are as follows... 9/9/71 9/4/71 (But easily tied with the 9th) 9/29/71 I love the solo from the 9th the best. Just love what Jimmy does! What are your favorite Celebration Day's from 1971?
  14. I also wish a board of the Hiroshima show from 9/27 would surface. But yeah, 9/23 is a strong one as is the following night.
  15. If the Japanese shows were recorded, I don't understand why Page has never released them. Even if the sound wasn't up to his standards. The Dead, even King Crimson for christ sake has released soundboards or average recordings from their archives.
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