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  1. I had that cd! I bought it at Revolver Records in Greenwich Village back in 1994. No longer have it sadly. I sold off a bulk of those silvers when I was 18. I still have 2 left that I hung on to. I like the outtake version too. From the Bron-Yr-Aur cottage demo's. I have those on my hard drive. Great stuff.
  2. Q1043 here in New York Carol Miller still gets the Led out Monday thru Friday at 8pm. Mondays she does a whole hour of Zepp from 8-9. Back in the early 90's she'd once in a while play tracks from Zurich in 1980. That's how I found out about that concert and started me on wanting more rare live stuff.
  3. I just read that about a week ago about the change in date to 8-10. As beautiful as the album version is I wish Page played it like the Hampton version more. Very beautiful piece. Even though it's a cruddy recording I kind've like the way it sounds. I guess I've worn bootleg ears too long
  4. I've always preferred III over II. Zepp IV is in a class of it's own but Zepp III is far from a bad album. You get hard rock, blues, and acoustic all in one album. Plants voice was at his peaks on III & IV. I could take or leave Hats Off To Roy but, it's not terrible and amusing to listen to if I'm in the mood. I agree with some that Hey Hey What Can I Do shoulda went on the album but I can understand why they'd leave it off. Poor Tom could've fit on there somewhere too.
  5. Hi all. Recently I was listening to some of Zepp's summer 1970 tour. In my 26 years of collecting boots I've shied away from listening to some of these shows in there entirety due to the sound quality. One thing out of a handful of things I like about this tour is newly played songs from Zep III, Plant's vocal's at it's strongest of any tour aside from the first half of '71, and also for the live rarities such as Bron-Yr-Aur. I really wish Page kept this in the acoustic sets longer. Aside from the well known version from the Forum 9-4-70, I really like the one played in Boston on September 9th and a new one that I really like is from Hampton 8-17-70. The recording is horrendous and the tape sounds like it was in bad shape but, putting on my bootleg ears this version of Bron-Yr-Aur really sticks out to me. It's played very differently than all the other times Page played it and it sounds beautiful to me. Too bad there isn't a better recording of this show, the show as a whole sounds like they were on fire but this version of Bron-Yr-Aur is very unique. Anybody else like the live versions of this one? If you haven't checked it out, give the Hampton version a listen.
  6. I don't know. As awesome as it was to hear the unheard La La, that wasn't exactly a finished song either. Neither was Carrot/Ribs or St. Tristan's Sword. We still got quite a few good nuggets on those companion discs but I did find it odd that Page did say he didn't wanna release anything that was bootlegged already but yet he put on Jennings Farm, Bathroom Sound/Out On The Tiles, Four Sticks (Alt. Mix), Boogie With Stu, The version of In The Light on the Physical Graffiti disc, etc. Swan Song could've and should've been added to the Graffiti companion since A) That disc was way to short, more stuff from those sessions could've been added, B ) As I listed the bootlegged tracks that got released anyways. Oh well, it is what it is. Not complaining, just didn't make any sense. I'm just glad I have the boots I do and the one's that have been coming out in the last year or 2. Not wasting my time energy believing we'll see any new live releases from Page.
  7. I just wish there was a better aud recording or an unedited SBD of that Dazed from 7/27. I think that was Page at his absolute peak right there. He never reached that level again after July '73.
  8. Hey everyone. Been reading posts on this site for a while now and just decided to finally to join on. If this question has been asked before then I apologize. What's the best version of the famous Copenhagen show with Four Sticks and Gallows'? The first time I heard the live versions of Four Sticks & Gallows Pole was when I bought a bootleg vinyl called "Something Else" in Greenwich Village when I was 16 back in 1994. I then got a copy of the whole show in a tape trade in the late 90's. Then came the cd=r trades and I got a copy of Poles & Sticks, and then Previews & Novelties. I liked Previews & Novelties better. But in the last 10 or so years there are different releases of this show, remasters and what not. I recently heard the latest release of this show called "Stick Out" which sounds less shrill than all the others but can't tell if it's closer to the master or another generation removed, blah blah. Anybody have an opinion on which is the best version?
  9. I've always held the Dazed & Confused from the Paris Theater '71 to be ONE of my favorites. Maybe it's because when I first started to really get into Zeppelin when I was 13 and first heard the BBC concert series on WNEW FM here in New York play that show I really liked that version of Dazed. I have a soft spot for that version. But, I'd have to say the original Song Remains The Same soundtrack version is amazing on so many levels. Even though it's edited in a few spots, it's still a killer version. But then you delve into all the bootlegs and there's a treasure trove of excellent versions. Osaka 929, Berkeley 9-14-71, Adelaide 2-19-72, Vienna 3-16-73, and finally Hamburg 3-21-73 are in my tops for my favorite versions of Dazed & Confused.
  10. This is really cool! Thanks again for the link. Even though Plant's voice wasn't as strong as the first half of '72 his voice here sounds stronger than it was in Japan. Page is really good here too. Imagine if Plant didn't get that flu in the beginning of '73 and got strong like in these shows later in '72? I hope that show from May 4th 1971 isn't a hoax and comes out within the year.
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