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  1. I've loved reading the first half of this book: if you're about to, arm yourself with you tube access close by, and listen to all of the songs mentioned, it's fascinating and engrossing.
  2. Led Zeppelin : Expanded Edition : All the Albums All the Songs : Martin Popoff just got this yesterday; walked into local bookshop, not expecting to find anything as the JP book is sold out ... grabbed this ... fabulous photos .. one of JPJ on p78 tuning guitar, in animal pants. Popoff loves writing about metal and has a great sense of humour. Often mentions keys and riffs. Unlike the library books, as this is mine, can envisage writing in 2B pencil alongside the writing.
  3. The original song by Memphis Minnie and hubby Joe McCoy were about the 1927 flood disaster .. well there was one here too, in 1929 .. seems they didnt get a levee system til the 60s but twice this year i've taken a short cut over it and last time ended up sliding down it like a kid - it is that steep .. not that it's a mountain home, but mebbs when RP was adapting the lyrics 'happy home' got translated to 'mountain home' .. well he could have been living up a mountain at the time Monkey Man - The Rolling Stones Monkey Man - The Specials , Amy Winehouse ecetera And then there's a video of 42 yr old Acchan Miran hired to dress up as a monkey at Lucknow Train Station to scare off real monkeys !!!
  4. 1. Plant's voice. : early on, when he mimicked JP's guitar exactly; magic. Like the way he describes about singing with Alison Krause recently he said he'd never sung without a mic before. Yeah he evolves eh and seems a happy chap 2. Technical skill. I thought it was meant to be feel. See a lot of arguments about who is the greatest band and all .. still checking it all out 3. They stole music. There's Ronnie Wood talking about Beck, and how everyone would be going heard this riff; and that Beck's still does that. There does seem to be a bit of well i arranged it so the copyright's mine sort of thing. In art; that would have the title like "After" before the name of the work. 4. They were overindulgent live musically. I thought that was the point of it, that they were playing different every night. 5. They had repetitive song structures and approaches. Others say they changed all the time 6. Lifestyle Everyone's toned down now : everyone was doing it 7. Misogyny Yeah this did get me a bit. I can distinctly remember sitting down on the carpet near the parents stereo with the orange cover, with headphones on; hearing some lyric and being absolutely gutted; we'd come from England and were already traumatised from being ripped away from home. I banned them for most of my life; but hehe up this end of the life who gives a fuk really - just feel for youngies who got hit by it like i did and also with the refugee catastrophes my lack of home paled to insignificance 8. They lacked melody : disagree in terms what you often hear instead when there isn't a recognisable tune is the relationship between notes 9. They had no message : i sort of think the message was the music Edited yesterday at 02:30 AM by SamoKodela
  5. Hehe me similar ... i'm in mid-60s and just getting into the albums - got into classical and opera after Bowie died but then realised there is time for that later; every time i've been to London recently I sorta been aware of JP's magic house, and always go up to Jimi Hendrix's bedroom and have my photo taken - last time with the guitar, and there was a recorder and harpsichord rehearsal in Handel's place and the lady rushed in when i was in his bedroom and said there should be a guide in here i'm sorry and i said that's ok i sort of am expecting his ghost to say hello and she laughed as if she understood. Have been in ukelele groups and got pissed off with peeps not listening to each other - like in retirement home halls the acoustics are all different, and we often had to stop cos there was two different time keeping at the different ends - and so it was as if somebody-up-there or just plain intuition got me into listening to LZ playing as a unit. I do a tiny bit of practice but not much. I must have listened to the albums at friends places over the years and rolled many a joint on their record covers and indeed they were the first rock band i ever saw, at 17 but some of their lyrics were a bit sexist so i banned them very early lol; when I know all the albums i'd love to listen to them stoned somewhere legal like Seattle lol ! So you are not alone lol
  6. I just watched it the other day on utoob ... whoops though it doesnt seem to be there anymore ... what a series want to watch them all
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