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  1. Got this in Gaeta Italy in 1988
  2. Anders Osbourne in Lafayette La on 15 March and The Moody Blues on the 16th of March in Biloxi Mississippi
  3. Cheap Trick opened in Hampton Va on that Tour great show He sang Crazy little Ship of Fools to Thousands of Sailors in the Audience !!
  4. Anders Osbourne in Lafeyette LA and The Moody Blues in Biloxi Mississippi
  5. Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Y&T Live at the Majestic 2012 double cd ZZ-Top La Futura
  6. Got one signed by Jim Dandy mounted on the Wall lol !! Really had it since 1976
  7. I have looked closley at your picture and i do not see any problems lol
  8. Here I am In LA on the Sunset Strip a few Months ago
  9. Saw the new show in Biloxi also have the Cd it is hard to beat the original nightmare but still a good Cd The Concert was Awesome as always . I have never seen a bad Alice Cooper Concert !!!
  10. Blackberry Smike- The Whipperwill Great Cd Southern Rock
  11. Black Oak Arkansas 's Jim Dandy Mangrum and Me in Lafeyette La 2012
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