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  1. Hello everyone who has replied to my posting, Just wanted to thank you all for your time and direct, informative and funny responses. It's certainly added some light to the situation, and great to understand it's not Lucifer as I had believed (not even sure where that belief even came from) My main reason for posting was to eliminate the possibility that it could be worth a substantial sum, it is, as you point out, not in the greatest shape and so likely to be worth the amounts you suggest. As for the blue one lost, that was at a Cult gig (Heaven and Hell tour?) in 2001 at the BrIxton Academy, London, UK. I was down the front, with said t shirt stuffed into my back pocket and so that was the end of that... it must have become dislodged, lost by me and found by someone else... I did have a sense of loss after that actually -- ! lol Anyway, if anyone else has anything to add, please go ahead, once again, thanks for your comments SILKY
  2. Hi everyone— !! I’m seeking advice regards an original rare t -shirt I have from Knebworth 1979. I acquired it around 1996 along with a grey/blue version (lost at a Cult gig in 2001) and paid quite a lot and this white one is what remains. I’d like to know from anyone just how rare this might be and any kind of value... I found an article in ultimateclassic rock website and the same t shirt gets mentioned. httphttp://ultimateclassicrock.com/vintage-led-zeppelin-t-shirts/ the label in my t ahirt has faded but was the same as the one in the article. Like the t shirt in the article mine also shows Lucifer with the showering scattered ‘fallen stars, it may also have been an amended design to also show ‘Plus the New Barbarians. Anyway enough description, does anyone recognise this shirt and can shone any light on to it’s origin and position in the market place? Many thanks Silky Rubble
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