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  1. Back when Jimmy was remastering the movie and soundtrack in 2006 (I think), he mentioned in an interview that he couldn't make any changes to the visuals because of some copyright laws or something, I believe. If it were true that he would even consider doing that, that would lead me to believe he still has the original film. Someone like Sam or Steve A Jones may be able to shed more light on this.
  2. In terms of shows, MSG 70 Evening show is undoubtedly at the top of the list. The show ends in medley after medley after medley... can’t really beat it. Personally, my favorite medley of their career is the Organ Solo medley at Seattle in 1972. The way the crowd explodes as they move from song to song is magical! Whole Lotta Love containing “Only the Lonely” from the same night is also great! Another favorite (outside of Japan ‘71) would be Memphis ‘70 HMMT. The way the band soars above the hostilities with the police and is just absolutely on fire makes for an extremely entertaining listen.
  3. Your brother is correct. There is no trumpet on the first Led Zeppelin album.
  4. But like... could you show a link to an interview, or at least provide a date? Not trying to be aggressive, it’s just only providing a year is very general and doesn’t give much more context.
  5. I also highly doubt the existence of full Bath footage or multi-tracks. From my memory, Bath was shot with a single camera from the side of the stage by some dude working on a documentary of sorts. I've never seen or heard any evidence that any more would exist, and I've never seen anyone try to support that conclusion until now. Can you supply any more evidence than this? Because as of now this seems very out of left field and unlikely.
  6. Damn, that's a bit of a shame. Well, at the very least Bonz's son knew of and respected the man, and that's something.
  7. I believe it's shipping out in February was the last I'd heard.
  8. I would say that erratic performances began to creep in around the '73 England tour. Shows like Southampton prove Page and Plant were both beginning to struggle and drag the band down at times. The US '72 Tour is the last in which you could see the band on any given night and get a great show. Of course, with these inconsistencies, the band proved they could prevail quite well considering the years best and most memorable performances of the year. But this is steadfast balanced by the more shoddy performances (Southampton, both Chicago shows, Sheffield)
  9. At the end of the US '72 Tour, every song from the acoustic set, spare Bron Yr Aur Stomp, was removed from the set. At the beginning of the US '73 Tour, Bron Yr Aur Stomp was removed as well. The acoustic set was gone for the next two tours until Earl's Court 1975. The Song Remains the Same was recorded in Madison Square Garden at the end of the US '73 Tour, so no acoustic tracks were played.
  10. How about this: If Jimmy were to release a "How the East Was Won," what would you hope the setlist would be? 1. Immigrant Song: Main Song from the 24th, solo from the 29th 2. Heartbreaker (29th, with some vocals from earlier dates) 3. Since I've Been Loving You (23rd) 4. Black Dog (24th) 5. Dazed and Confused (29th) 6. Stairway to Heaven (23rd) 7. Celebration Day (28th) 8. Please Please Me/From Me to You (28th) 9. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (28th) 10. That's the Way (29th) 11. Going to California (29th) 12. We Shall Overcome (28th) 13. Tangerine (28th) 14. Down by the Riverside (28th) 15. Friends (29th) 16. What Is and What Should Never Be (23rd) 17. Moby Dick (23rd) 18. Whole Lotta Love (28th - but y'know, with lots of picking and choosing with the medley, take stuff from other dates too) 19. Communication Breakdown (23rd) 20. C'mon Everybody (28th) 21. High-Heel Sneakers (28th) 22. Thank You (29th) 23. Rock and Roll (29th)
  11. Saw Get the Led Out for my 4th time last night. They're a great group, would definitely recommend them.
  12. Channels such as LedZeppelinRarities and ledzepfilm have both reportedly had some copyright issues with a few shows from 1969. Shows like the April San Francisco stint and International Pop Festival have been taken down out of the blue. It's being theorized on reddit and Royal Orleans that this may be foreshadowing a new release. Here's the thread on reddit and here's the thread on Royal Orleans. Let's hope this leads to something...
  13. There's next to no doubt in my mind that at least a few shows exist. When it comes to them seeing the light of day or not, you're right, all we can do is keep hoping.
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