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  1. What makes you think that's when ALAIHY and the drum solo came in? Is it mentioned in reviews or is this speculation?
  2. Following same format as above... 1968: Anything, but the Marquee show is the holiest of grails for me. 1969: 5/27-29 - Boston Tea Party (Or anything else from May) - Their most underrepresented tour of America. Only 6 shows circulate, and 3 of them are full. The final Boston Tea Party show may very well have been the fabled marathon performance rumored to be 4 hours, with the Rolling Stones and Beatles Medleys Pretty much agreed with everything else above
  3. I'd see no reason not to rejoice an official Japan release. Of course we aren't gonna get a 36 minute WLL on the official release, it's simply not doable for many different reasons. Fitting it all onto an LP, deciding what other tracks to cut because of a 36 minute song, copyright/royalties issues etc... but anything from this tour in multitrack quality is well worth celebrating. Even with whatever splicing and editing goes on. It's still the band at their peak, and Jimmy wouldn't release it if it weren't worth listening to (then again, we have different ideals of how listenable something is to Jimmy).
  4. The footage definitely exists, about 10 seconds of it is on ledzepfilm's channel
  5. June72

    Quarantine poll

    Bowie, Who, and Zep.
  6. Could this radio interview be the reason the tape is misdated? Just a thought . Edit: If I had to guess, I'd be led to believe this interview was conducted on 5/29. JJ refers to Jimmy as "blowing everyones socks off" (or something like that) on Tuesday Night. Tuesday would've been the 27th, Wednesday the 28th, and Thursday the 29th. Had this interview taken place on Wednesday, surely he would've said yesterday rather than Tuesday. By this logic, this radio interview occurred just hours before the group put on an epic 4 hour marathon for the first time in their career. Crazy.
  7. I'd say this is the best version of the show.
  8. Looking forward to hearing, thanks!
  9. This one is fantastic. I've been listening to it quite a bit lately, this has quickly become the best sounding version of this show and possibly the best sounding release of any Europe '73 show. Amazing work, really.
  10. I was there in Feb last year, so post being bought by Omni as well. Still such an awesome place to visit with the song written about it.
  11. I'd love to see what you can make out. I tried tabbing it a while ago, but idk where that is.
  12. I've visited the Royal Orleans hotel in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Not too significant but hey, they named a song after it, right?
  13. I've been trying this one forever, never quite gotten it right. That intro is one of the most beautiful things he's ever played, I'd love to see a tab of it.
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