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  1. Yeah I see that as a likely scenario. Had they given Robert the proper time to readjust, I'm sure he would've came back in full force.
  2. You're a bigger man than I. That's my one and only requirement, loving Zeppelin.
  3. I'm honestly a bit unsure as to how the band would've went on. A lot of people say that heroin would've gotten to Jimmy, but do we really know how much Bonz's death effected his drub habits? Just curious. I think if neither of them died then a hiatus of some sort certainly would have ensued eventually. They must've known that they were simply too amazing to part ways permanently, but a slow down of some sort needed to happen.
  4. Side 1: (might be a bit of a squeeze) The Rover IMTOD Kashmir Side 2: In the Light Bron-Yr-Aur Down By the Seaside Ten Years Gone Honestly it's very difficult to narrow it down. I love every track on the album but the four epics make it impossible for all of this to be 1 LP.
  5. I would definitely agree with this. From what I've heard of '80, Trampled is by far the most exciting thing they do that year.
  6. http://www.ledzeppelin-reference.com/geekbaseweb/setpage.aspx?showid=340 https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/led-zeppelin/1972/the-spectrum-philadelphia-pa-7bd61ad0.html A lot of sources on this show seem to contradict each other. I'm assuming the people who released the tape moved Bring It On Home onto the first disc so it would fit?
  7. That sounds great, it really does. But knowing Jimmy... it's just better to not get our hopes up.
  8. Now that you mention it, it has been a few months since TSRTS was remastered...
  9. I've recently begun going through every Zepp bootleg on the web... here's where I'm at: I'm enjoying this show quite a bit so far.
  10. Sounds fun. Who's making the board?
  11. Could you upload the audio and link it? Or provide a setlist? Can't really make anything from the information you've provided.
  12. I don't know... I don't think Jimmy would bother doing this if he didn't have anything new to offer. Especially since they've actually been involved in the process, I don't think he would let it be something we didn't like or get something new out of. Why else would they participate in it? Of course, you could be right, but it's foolish to judge it before we really have any information on it. On a side note, everyone seems to be calling this something related to "Jimmy's cleaned up history," but this only goes up to '70. What does he really have whats worth hiding from back then? It must be something pretty top secret if there is one, because I can't think of anything very secretive or scandalous from their early days (Except maybe the mudshark incident, but what do we need to hear about that?).
  13. Too bad the film won't cover their time in Japan. Sounds like we get to learn a little about the boys before the Zep days until 1970. I would kill for any more live footage we've yet to see. Knowing Page, I'm not gonna take his word as truth. I love and respect the guy but he clearly has given us false information in the past... Or at least his stories are very inconsistent. That could be his memory, or him feeding the fire of the "mystery" surrounding the band. I get that he loves hyping all that up but damn just give us the facts already.
  14. Awesome. He's coming on a week night to Philly and I'll be away at school, but if I can make the time I'd love to go see him.
  15. Percy certainly has an amazing comeback in '77, but I feel that Bonz is carrying the band. When Jimmy had a bad night, he needed Bonz to carry him through, he often saved the performance imo. I guess you could say he "over-played," but he's the greatest drummer in the world. If anyone has a warrant to over-play and do it right, it's him. From the same show you mentioned (6/22), Bonzo is an absolute animal on Achilles Last Stand. John Paul Jones was so consistent in everything they did, I find it difficult to really put him at fault for any of their live material, so Idk what to even say about your comments on the NQ solos and the Alembic bass. I will say that I think the No Quarter versions from '75 were probably superior to '77, but I might be wrong.
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