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  1. Rob fucks up just about every Going to California on this tour lol. There might be one or two where he sings it properly.
  2. The Long Beach "soundboard" isn't a soundboard, it's a multitrack mixdown. The LA and Long Beach multitracks could get an unabridged release, but I'm not holding my breath
  3. FYI, there are no soundboards from 1972. I'm not saying they don't exist, but it and 1968 are the only two Zeppelin years without a single one circulating. We can always hope they survived, but who knows at this point.
  4. Someone's out there finding this stuff and getting it out there. Kudos to those people, it's something we should all strive for.
  5. The channel you linked has all three MSG 73 shows uploaded, and they're all basically the show's best versions imho.
  6. yeah the Louisville alt source wasn't everything it could've been. The acoustic set sounds amazing, it fills the gap in Achilles, and the pre show announcements are cool to have, but the rest is a big mess.
  7. I think the overall best version is the final one from the Spring '70 US tour, 4/17/70 in Memphis Tennessee. If I recall correctly, it's the longest version of the song sitting at around 30ish minutes. The medley is explosive despite the band having tons of trouble with the crowd and the police threatening to arrest Peter Grant. a Raunchy, wild show to the very end.
  8. Generally speaking I agree. The 29th has the best Dazed of the tour and an amazing acoustic set, but Plant being in less than ideal shape (honestly his weakest '71 show spare 4/1) is a big no no for me. Friends and Thank You are proof of that for me. I will concede that the band is probably in the best shape that night, especially Jimmy and Bonzo, but the 28th and 23rd are probably only so closely behind that Plant makes or breaks it for me. Personally, I think the ranking goes like this: 1. 28th 2. 23rd 3. 24th 4. 29th
  9. Led Zeppelin Freedom Hall Louisville, KY April 25, 1977 Rick Coate Master Tapes via JEMS recording gear: unknown JEMS 2020 Transfer: Scotch C-120 normal bias cassettes > Nakamichi RX-505 (azimuth adjustment) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 24/96 capture > wav@24/96 > Adobe Audition (tracking, downsampling, deleting blank tape) > wav@16/44 > TLH > flac@16/44 01 Intro 02 The Song Remains The Same 03 The Rover > Sick Again 04 Nobody's Fault But Mine 05 In My Time of Dying 06 Since I've Been Loving You 07 No Quarter 08 Ten Yea
  10. Excellent nitpick as always. This one actually prompted me to watch the performance in full for the first time, and it really wasn't that bad. Other than some bad articulation here and there for Page, his playing is fairly solid and just dragged down by that awful phaser effect. Plant's hoarseness isn't pretty, but he still sounds better than just about any given show from 73 to 75. Also his stepping on Page's solo is quite ugly. Although it's clearly not just him, I'd say a majority of the more unsavory moments do come from Phil. he doesn't seem drunk or out of it, he just straight up doesn't
  11. hey man I don't blame him. It's like the whole campaign against cell phones at concerts, you're supposed to enjoy the show while your there, not on a tiny screen 3 months later. At the very least, we have a tape from the show and we should be grateful for that. Thanks for all the info on this you've been digging up, much appreciated
  12. Any chance I could get a link to that 5/21 remaster? Thanks
  13. What makes you think that's when ALAIHY and the drum solo came in? Is it mentioned in reviews or is this speculation?
  14. Following same format as above... 1968: Anything, but the Marquee show is the holiest of grails for me. 1969: 5/27-29 - Boston Tea Party (Or anything else from May) - Their most underrepresented tour of America. Only 6 shows circulate, and 3 of them are full. The final Boston Tea Party show may very well have been the fabled marathon performance rumored to be 4 hours, with the Rolling Stones and Beatles Medleys Pretty much agreed with everything else above
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