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  1. Channels such as LedZeppelinRarities and ledzepfilm have both reportedly had some copyright issues with a few shows from 1969. Shows like the April San Francisco stint and International Pop Festival have been taken down out of the blue. It's being theorized on reddit and Royal Orleans that this may be foreshadowing a new release. Here's the thread on reddit and here's the thread on Royal Orleans. Let's hope this leads to something...
  2. There's next to no doubt in my mind that at least a few shows exist. When it comes to them seeing the light of day or not, you're right, all we can do is keep hoping.
  3. All we're surmising from this is that the 72 boards weren't stolen from Page's home with the '73 and '80 boards. This doesn't mean that we can't acquire them from other sources. For all we know, the showco employee that's been selling the revolution boards has these and EVSD simply isn't interested in them. Besides, we already have 4-5 boards from '71 (with another supposedly on the way), so it'd be foolish to assume that the '72 boards don't exist or that they'll never see the light of day. Is that possible? Of course, but at this point, it's all up to each individual's personal stance on the situation to think these boards will or won't show up. If they're only in Page's possession and no other sources have them available, I would reason that upon his death, we'll surely see something. It's honestly a 50-50 shot at this point imo.
  4. " Since we know at least a couple of summer 1971 board tapes exist, I still hold out hope like bluecongo said that the 70 (where possible like MSG) and 71-72 board tapes were not conveniently available for the thieves to locate at Jimmy's home. Think about it logically. We have a bunch of UK 72-73, Europe 73, and US 73 boards as well as 1980. That's the bulk of what they stole 30 years ago. We are getting 1975 shows through the Showco connection, and we know the 1977 tour would have a board tape from every night yet we only have a few shows in the 30 years since the big heist. So they clearly didn't find the 1977 tapes. But nothing from before the UK 1972 tour other than a couple of 1971 US shows. I firmly believe the best is yet to come for fans of 1970-72 and 1977! " Quote from Ram4 on RO. This is keeping me optimistic, as it truly makes no sense that all these soundboards from January '73 exist yet nothing from the same tour in November or December.
  5. Just had this discussion on RO. While I wouldn't complain about a Philadelphia '75 board, please for the love of fuck could they just release ANYTHING from '72? Spare 1968, it's the only year that we haven't a single soundboard from. The 1972 US Tour was one of the band's very best peaks, any board from the era would be massively appreciated.
  6. This has to be one of the best sounding recordings from '72 there is. If only we had recordings this nice for the following night, although completeness trumps quality for me.
  7. Loved your review of Vienna. It's a shame, Hot Dog through SIBLY has some of Page's best solos almost ever, that fire cracker killed possibly his strongest night of the tour. On the other hand, Bonzo was having another less than ideal night. Whoever lit that fire cracker deserves to be jerked off by an elephant, in the words of Robert.
  8. If you read this show's page, it mentions 7 minutes of 8mm footage. Does this exist? I have never seen it mentioned anywhere else.
  9. For the record, this version of DAC was recorded in March 1969 if I'm not mistaken. The only available 1968 live recording is Spokane.
  10. GTBT - 8/10/70 BIGLY - 1/26/69 YSM - 1/26/69 DAC - 3/17/73 CB - 9/4/70 ICQYB - 3/7/70 HMMT - 4/17/70 WLL - 9/23/71 WIAWSNB - 1/9/70 TY - 6/19/72 Hb - 9/29/71 MD - 1/9/70 BIOH - 6/25/72 IS - 9/19/70 CD - 9/4/71 SIBLY - 8/31/70 OOTT - 9/19/70 GP - 5/3/71 Tangerine - 6/25/72 TTW - 6/25/72 BYS - 6/27/77 BD - 3/5/71 RAR - 3/5/71 STH - 9/23/71 MMH - 5/3/71 GtC - 9/29/71 TSRTS - 6/21/77 TRS - 7/17/73 OTHAFA - 6/19/72 DD - 6/19/72 (2) NQ - 6/22/77 TO - 7/23/73 IMTOD - 6/22/77 TUF - 6/26/80 Kashmir - 6/21/77 TYG - 6/10/77 SA - 6/22/77 ALS - 6/22/77 NFBM - 6/13/77
  11. I know I've read this a few times before. Was it on wikipedia? I plead the 5th.
  12. I don't disagree, but is this thread necessary? I feel your other thread had this all covered...
  13. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................... Source?
  14. Yes sadly the 14th cuts off during BIOH. It's likely that was the final song of the evening, but we can't know until we see a SBD. Edit: The real tragedy is the fact that we're missing all encores from the 15th. As you said it's long rumored to have been another marathon, but I'd kill to get that audio to back it up.
  15. Lots of good points here, but you always need to consider that the '77 tour might not have been nearly as good as it was without that year and a half break. Robert's voice came back much more powerful, I can't imagine the increased damage it would've sustained in late '75.
  16. That's probably true. And we don't even have a full recording of the night before, another batshit marathon.
  17. Still holding out hope that a Denver '72 tape is out there... It's unbelievable to me that the US 72 Tour only has 3 dates without a circulating recording, and two of them (Denver and San Diego) were at the point where the tour has reached its peak. For all we know, Seattle '72 doesn't hold a feather to the Denver performance. What I wouldn't do for more audience tapes to just pop up already... Still, the Detroit tape popping up is a miracle.
  18. Were any future '75 dates ever officially planned? Or were they just ideas the band had before Percy's car crash? I once read that Jimmy simply couldn't locate any equipment to multi-track any '77 shows. That's a huge bummer if true, imagine if they had multi-tracked the New York or LA runs... Could create one of the best official live releases ever. Alas, another in the series of missed recording opportunities for Zeppelin (Carnegie Hall, Bath, literally ANY Copenhagen show.... the list goes on). Also I'd extend this to '80 as well. By all accounts the band seemed to be in high spirits going into preparation for the tour, I can see Jimmy having wanted to multi-track a few shows.
  19. Uhhh. Yes? Why would I not be? These were enjoyable reads, I'd like to hear what he has to say on other shows. 👍
  20. Hey man, any chance of you picking this back up? Love reading all these and am very curious to hear what you have to say on the other shows of this tour.
  21. I would extend that to Mick Taylor as well. Half of the Stones' best songs from their most iconic era were carried by him yet he had one solo writing credit in the entire span. It was a disgrace.
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