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  1. From the looks of the multi-colored seats, I believe its the old Met Center in Bloomington Minnesota
  2. How about "Blue Balls"? This is the effect of the build up to the concert and the reluctance to tour or release a DVD on the fans that didn't get to go to the show.....
  3. In case you haven't figured it out, this forum IS Led Zeppelin Anonymous.........
  4. In this order After "Trampled" I would have added acoustic set from Earls Court Going to California That's the Way Bron Yr Aur Stomp After "The Song Remains the Same" The Rain Song Finally, so we can get something off of "In Throught the Out Door" .....I would have added an encore version of Fool in the Rain
  5. Clapton may be one of the best of all time, but him dissapproving of Zep's "take" on the blues is sour grapes. Clapton is a great blues imitator while Zeppelin took the blues, turned it inside out, and practically created a new genre of rock music. Clapton is jealous pure and simple
  6. BinaryDeath Just curious..... What will you do if they do indeed tour and you can't get tickets?
  7. This link was posted before and now I think its gone. I saved the webpage to the concert MP3 but now it doesnt work.....can anyone help?
  8. I am no drummer and in fact, not even a musician, but I would like to weigh in on this subject. I was very skeptical about this concert. As any true Zeppelin fan knows, its the rhythm section of Jones/Bonham that makes Zeppelin sound like Zeppelin. All I was looking for out of this concert was to be able to close my eyes and hope that the boys could replicate the sound of 30 years ago. After hearing the first, albeit, grainy youtube recordings I have to say that I was ecstatic. Nobody who knows what they are talking about is suggesting that Jason is as good as his dad. Jason's
  9. Led Zeppelin, O2 Arena, London By Ludovic Hunter-Tilney Financial Times Published: December 11 2007 17:44 | Last updated: December 11 2007 19:53 Just in case we needed reminding that band reunions don’t come bigger than this, the set opened with archive footage showing a dandyish Led Zeppelin touching down in their private jet, The Starship, en route to a stadium in Florida where they broke The Beatles’ box office record in 1973. Back then, an air of notoriety and violence surrounded them. There were rumours of black magic and outrageous tales of sexual depravity. Yet they were der
  10. Maybe he will change his mind on thinking "The Who" are the best live band he's ever seen. Sometimes I think he just says that the tweak Zep fans.
  11. There's no need to wait for Ross Halfin to update his site. If you go to gettyimages.com and type "ertegun" into the search box, there are dozens of Ross's photos from last nights show. The first few dozen are celebrity shots from the afterparty, but after that are some stunning photos of the boys.
  12. Rolling Stone by David Fricke For the second encore of their first full concert in twenty-seven years, at London’s 02 arena last night, Led Zeppelin tore into “Rock and Roll,” from their untitled fourth album, with a joyful vengeance. As drummer Jason Bonham hammered with the ghostly precision and ferocity of his late father, guitarist Jimmy Page fired dirty chunks of Chuck Berry and bassist John Paul Jones kept iron time with familiar reserve, singer Robert Plant sang the most obvious words of the night: “Been a long time since I rock and rolled.” Overhead, images of a much younger Zeppel
  13. In the spirit of the late Peter Grant.....who is the silly cunt in this video who is getting up to go to the bathroom/concession area during the beginning of TSRTS? Whoever it is should have been kicked out of the concert. There are thousands of people in this forum dying for any tiny bit of footage from maybe the biggest rock event of the past 30 years and some stupid cunt cant keep their seat while Jimmy is going ballistic on the double neck...... I would have pissed on the floor in front of me rather than miss one second .......
  14. As soon as the website popsup, hit the "X" button to stop the page from defaulting to the error page.....at the bottom you will see a small link labeled GTBT.............
  15. I'm pretty sure they did play Stairway......at least that was what all the set lists showed.....
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