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  1. Hahaha he removed the other post! Preach it!!
  2. That's wicked! Wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Although probably never will...
  3. Has anyone here ever met any of the band members? If so where, when and how we're they in person?
  4. I'm about two hours away. so I was waiting when tickets went on sale lol . Should be interesting to see what his set us gonna be.
  5. Managed to get tickets to the first date at the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival in Fredericton NB! My home province. Will post a setlist anfter the show Friday Sept 13th
  6. Looking to fill in the gaps in my record collection. Just wondering what you guys prefer sound wise. Regular remastered lp or the deluxe remastered double lp. Thanks
  7. Mine has the strawberry etched but it's from canada. Would this still be a original pressing?
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