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  1. Viola, thanks for your kind help! I'm surprised that roadies, doctors or other hangers on have not come forth to serve up the juicy details.
  2. I was interested to hear that the suit's designer Coco, said the dragon design was supposedly the Chinese astrological sign of the year the suit was made. I looked up the Chinese astrological sign for Master Page's birthday date and was hoping it was a dragon, but to my surprise it was a goat, huh, don't blame him for using the dragon instead.
  3. Hello Gibsonfan1959, wondering if you can help me out. I joined this forum recently and don't know how to reply to a particular post, as you did with mine. Can you let me know what steps I should take? thanks kindly And in reply to your post, do you think that any of the kids know what was really happening during those years? I highly doubt they discussed the darker moments with their kids. The kids may remember states of being of their parent but that's about it, no? Actually, did you ever hear any of them, members of Zep, talk about the specifics of the 75-80 years. Could be I missed articles or interviews but it seems they were/are all pretty tight lipped about what was going on. Your thoughts?
  4. I've recently rediscovered these tremendous musicians offerings and am looking forward to this documentary. However, it would have been much more interesting had they decided to tell the whole story, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm sure it's painful to relive the hard times some of them had but if you're going to tell the story, then tell the whole story. For some reason this group of musicians has some sort of magical spell on people, here we are in 2019 still talking about them, listening to their music from 40 years ago and wondering about them. Fans want to know, fans want to finally understand what was happening between 1975 and 1980, instead of guessing what was happening based on rumors and innuendo. Just sayin'
  5. Of course, I went for the visual and completely forgot about the most obvious, Musical Genius. Foresight to take one step at a time ended up offering the most interesting, ground breaking, and sumptuous musical sound journey that is as fresh today as when it was originally presented. Thank You Jimmy Page!
  6. Tall, dark and handsome....let's not forget mysterious. Gotta Luv Master Page!
  7. It must be quite strange to being looking at your prized possessions (i.e. guitars aka mistresses, wives) on display in a very well respected museum. Peering at them and wondering what happened! Life goes by in a flash, Master Page grabbed the ring early and steadily moved toward his goal/dream. Thank you Master Page!
  8. Led Zeppelin, as Master Page, explained was a fifth element. Yes, they are/were all very talented and pursuing musical careers, however, with three existing members still in the business have not reached the heights that Led Zeppelin did. I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU Master Page for your vision and the fabulous music, not to overlook the yummy eye candy you also provided.
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