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  1. Zep Head... I agree with your thoughts on the song Hot Dog. What I find funny is thinking about that title while it may be referring to a girl being "hot" she is still just a "dog"! Working at The Whisky throughout the '70's I saw the band many nights in the club and at the Hyatt House Hotel when invited back and they showed no regard or respect for anyone while drunk and disorderly.
  2. Reading Pete Way's book "A Fast Ride Out Of Here"...he writes quite a bit about Audrey Hamilton while being on the road with UFO and Led Zeppelin. According to him Audrey was always the most beautiful girl in a room but notoriously a nightmare when drinking. Says she became so awful Jimmy Page would invite her to fly out then sit back and watch Robert Plant freak out at the sight of her. Pete called her "stark raving mad". I worked for many years at The Whisky a GoGo in Los Angeles and spent some time with Zeppelin at the Hyatt House Hotel, lots of crazy antics by that band!
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