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  1. Here's the rest of the interview. Rush’s Geddy Lee recalls watching Led Zeppelin alongside Alex Lifeson in 1969: ‘We wanted to be them instantly’
  2. From Classic Rock magazine via Louder posted recently. Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant helped save Rush in their darkest hour, says Geddy Lee One omitted mention is that Geddy met Robert in Morocco, which is referenced from this November 2008 interview below with George Stroumboulopoulos. Beginning at the 7:24 mark. This led to the Page & Plant concert noted here. The full issue of Classic Rock # 289 (excerpt here) will be released on May 25th.
  3. There's a fairly new Canadian rock-duo called Crown Lands, who describe their music as RUSH meets The White Stripes. Led Zeppelin is also one of their music influences, as they've performed covers of 'Kashmir' and 'Working Man' by RUSH live. Crown Lands just released their seven song self-titled debut album this month, which is noted in the press release here. They were recently featured in Guitar World here and Classic Rock magazine via Louder here. The first single from the album is called 'End Of The Road'
  4. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH were also in attendance at the Page & Plant concert in Toronto as noted in this 2006 Guitar Player interview here. This CBC interview with Geddy and Alex also discusses this here. I should also note that Alex Lifeson's solo album Victor was released on January 9th, 1996 (Jimmy Page's birthday).
  5. Regarding the date of 2/2/69 Toronto, ON when Led Zeppelin played The Rock Pile venue with opening act Mary Lou Horner, which is mentioned in this Dec 2007 Toronto Star article here. Mary Lou Horner was the house band at The Rock Pile venue that played country-rock and also was the support band for other acts such as John Lee Hooker and Chuck Berry. Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Mink was the guitarist in the group. Below is a couple of photos from Ben's website. Photo 1 Photo 2 Ben Mink has performed with lesser known Canadian music acts throughout the 1970's, including a stint with Canadian progressive-rock band FM. Original founding member of FM; the late Nash The Slash (electric violin, electric mandolin, and vocals), was also in the audience at the Led Zeppelin concert according to this archived post here. Mink replaced Nash in FM later on. FM also recorded a techno-rock cover version of 'Shapes of Things' by The Yardbirds. FM also opened for RUSH in the late 70's (Permanent Waves "Semi-tour and some of the Hemispheres" Warm-up Tour) and early 80's (Permanent Waves Proper Tour and Moving Pictures Tour). Later on Mink collaborated with k.d. lang, and co-wrote the Grammy Award winning song 'Constant Craving'. Ben was also producer of Heart founder Ann Wilson's 2007 solo album Hope & Glory. Included on the album is a cover of 'Immigrant Song', which charted as "the #9 most podcasted song of 2007" on the PMC Top10's annual countdown. Then Ben produced Heart's latest two albums Red Velvet Car (2010) and Fanatic (2012).
  6. It would've been cool if The Guess Who with Randy Bachman had been one of the opening acts on one of the early Led Zeppelin tours. Bachman mentioned in a couple of interviews how he helped make the Led Zeppelin concert happen in Winnipeg in 1970, when it almost didn't occur.
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