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  1. My favorite Zep concert overall. 77 is my favorite year for Zep, what drew me to this show though, even over the other LA 77 concerts was the novelty of it being their longest concert, but what kept me coming back were the vibes and energy of this show. Its just so warm and inviting. Sure its not technically perfect but thats part of the charm. I feel this show captures everything that was good bad and interesting about Led Zeppelin as a live band,
  2. My remaster of my favorite Led Zeppelin concert, 43 years gone
  3. This remaster of mine combines both sources to make the most complete version of the concert presently possible
  4. My own matrix of NYC 2/12/1975. Im very proud of this one
  5. Im not annoyed at all, you do you man, its good content
  6. Reading through I feel like this thread should be renamed the ZepHead315 Uploads Thread, most of the links are all from that channel lol
  7. https://youtu.be/tyEwvyeSp_E Finally finished working on my remaster of Seattle 73. All three sources have been utilized, with soundboard portions (Dazed and Stairway) being a matrix with the mono source. Really happy with how this one turned out.
  8. Achilles from 6/19 is one of my favorite performances of it, I love the slower than usual tempo
  9. Off the top of my head I don’t think anyone’s done a two source mix/remaster of 6/26/77 so I took it upon myself to be the change I wanna see https://youtu.be/wz2QQu3CPvk
  10. 5: Train Kept A Rollin: Love the 1980 versions of this track, so raw and aggressive, I rock tf out every time 4: All My Love: say what you will about it live but its unique to this tour and I dig the outros a lot so I wouldnt trade it 3: Kashmir: I know Im in the minority but I like the synthesizers on this song, but Im sucker for anything that sounds distinctly 80s so Im biased. The song sounded heavy as hell even on the soundboards. 2: Whole Lotta Love: Whether its Brussels, Vienna, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Munich, or Berlin you cant go wrong. 1: Achilles' Last Stand: My favorite Zep track, and when they were on for this song man they were ON. There's lots of unique little flourishes and changes Jimmy played on this tour for ALS that sound nothing like from 77 or 79 and I dig em a lot.
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