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  1. Good job entirely missing the point of what I said, ya goofus. Here, you dropped this:
  2. I understand your eagerness to share new LZ stuff with everyone but you should have tried to seek out permission from the folks trying to properly get these recordings out for everyone to hear. These sort of things can be very touch and go and publicizing even a sample could potentially screw up all the work that’s being put into working with the owner of the original recording.
  3. So after hunting down just about every source for all the ARMS 1983 concerts, I’ve begun my quest to remaster/cobble together complete versions of all of Jimmy Page’s sets along with the encores. Here’s the first, London 9/20/83. I filled in what’s missing (two songs and downtime) on the official release with both the Westwood One broadcast and the Beano release of the audience tape. I cut out the interview snippets for the sake of a seamless concert experience. https://youtu.be/7az1vZDAdqI
  4. Here’s another new remaster from me. The first night in Detroit in 1973. I used the newer source as the main tape because I enjoy the wider stereo sound and also because I can’t stand that bassy hum on the old source.
  5. I feel similarly. I rarely ever revisit the albums, concerts are my go to for Zep. Of course there are exceptions, like the Coda material and other songs they never played live. But yeah, the concerts are so full of unique moments and variety that it’s hard for me to revisit the albums
  6. My newest remaster. The main tape needed a healthy dose of bass and all the cuts have been filled to make the complete concert.
  7. Lord I’d be over the moon for that full 1980 rehearsal! I’ve always had a big soft spot for the songs that already circulate from it
  8. 3/20/75 is actually my favorite No Quarter, it’s basically perfect.
  9. Have been for a long time! My username is taken from the joke title Kurt would give Negative Creep when handwriting setlists for their concerts
  10. Ever wanted to hear Landover 1975 without shrill treble? All the cuts filled with the audience sources? Well have I got the remaster for you! There’s even a FLAC link the video description!
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