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  1. Besides some of the aforementioned... Beady Eye Noel Gallagher solo (if its due this year, not sure) Kasabian (Pretty sure they are working on a new album) Lupe Fiasco Foo Fighters Kanye West/Jay-Z
  2. Alice In Chains Deftones Mastedon Sept 18th, Molson Amphitheatre Toronto This will be my second time seeing AIC this year, amazing the first time.
  3. Hey guys, I finally had the chance to see TCV live on Saturday night in Toronto. Unfortuntely I missed their first show here last year, because I didn't know who they were yet . The show was at the Air Canada Centre, which if I'm not mistaken, is their first arena show. Josh himself said that this was their biggest concert to date, not including festivals of course. The arena was about 80% full I'd say. The floor and lower bowl was pretty much 100% full, and most of the upper bowl was full except the far endzones. Crowd was loud and energetic. I was first row platinum (which is 1st row of the whole arena, the boards were right in front, stage left about 50-60 ft. from the stage. Amazing seats, and provided a perfect view of the stage. Opening bands were Alberta Cross and Arkells. Missed Alberta Cross. Arkells were amazing. They are a local band from Hamilton, Ontario, and they get a lot of airtime on our new rock station. Perfect opening band imo. TCV were a real treat. It is truly an honour to be in the same building as them, especially JPJ of course. I got the chills just seeing him standing there playing, picturing him doing the same thing back in the 70's, with Robert, Jimmy, and John sharing the stage. Then of course his little piano solo at the end gave me the chills. Reminded me of No Quarter circa 1975/77. Incredible! Setlist: 1. No One Loves Me & Neither Do I 2. Gunman 3. Scumbag Blues 4. Highway One 5. Dead End Friends 6. Elephants 7. New Fang 8. Bandoliers 9. Interlude With Ludes 10. Mind Eraser, No Chaser 11. Caligulove 12. You Can't Possibly Begin To Imagine 13. Spinning In Dafodils 14. Reptiles 15. Warsaw Highlites for me were pretty much the whole concert! Every song sounded amazing, and I loved their stage set-up. The lighting was incredible and just augmented the whole feel of the show. Can't wait to see them again hopefully!
  4. MGMT-Congratulations Not as strong as Oracular Spectacular, but it is slowly growing on me! So far liking Someone's Missing, Flash Delirium, and Siberian Breaks.
  5. Alice In Chains Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Sound Academy, Toronto Can't wait!!
  6. Led Zeppelin Oasis The Beatles Pink Floyd Muse Coldplay MGMT Alice In Chains Gorillaz Wolfmother Jimi Hendrix Experience The Band Foo Fighters U2 Radiohead Just to name a few, there is lots more
  7. Seeing them tomorrow...so excited. Going back to my earlier comments, I do love The Resistance now. Resistance, United States Of Eurasia, My Heart Belongs To You and Exogenesis would be the highlites for me.
  8. Im seeing Muse/Silversun Pickups on Monday, so excited!
  9. Leafs beat New Jersey (minus Brodeur) 3-0. Giguere with the shutout, very solid debut. Phaneuf looked great, nice scrap early in the 1st period. Still can't believe he's a Leaf, it still looks strange to see him in Blue and White (just as Stajan and company looked weird in Flames jerseys last night) Kessel scores his first goal against an East opponenent in almost 2 months. Playoffs here we come!
  10. DION PHANEUF TRADED TO TORONTO And Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala are finally gone! What a great day for the Leafs
  11. Haha, well I've seen 10 concerts since I posted this... 10. Blink 182 (August 8, 2009) Molson Amphitheatre 11. Coldplay/Elbow (July 30, 2009) Rogers Centre 12. Kiss/Buckcherry (October 2, 2009) Air Canada Centre 13. Metallica (October 27, 2009) Air Canada Centre 14. Wolfmother (November 11, 2009) Kool Haus 15. Foo Fighters (March 22, 2008) Air Canada Centre 16. Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd (August 22, 2008) Molson Amphitheatre 17. Eric Clapton (May 23, 2008) Molson Amphitheatre 18. Oasis/Paul Weller/Stereophonics (September 9, 2008) Toronto Islands 19. The Killers (January 23, 2009) Air Canada Centre So My Top 10 would be.. 1. Van Halen 2007 2. Coldplay 2009 3. Ozzy Osbourne 2003 4. Foo Fighters 2008 5. Metallica 2009 6. Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd 2008 7. Wolfmother 2009 8. Kiss 2009 9. Robert Plant 2005 10. Rolling Stones 2005
  12. Yes got tickets to see them at the Air Canada Centre in March...can't wait!
  13. Yes! My mom bought it on Blu-Ray so we watched it yesterday afternoon at home, amazing film! Looks amazing in HD too!
  14. Amazing, Leafs beat the Caps! In a shootout too, our achilles heel of the last 4+ years... I think it's about time guys like Tlusty, Bozak, Hanson and Stalberg come up here. Send guys like Blake and Finger to the Marlies (despite their One-Way Contracts). If we are going to suck, might as well play the kids. Kadri will not play in the NHL until next year at least. He needs to stay in the O for the full season, hopefully win gold with Team Canada at the U20's, and play into the playoffs with the Knights. I'm going to the game tomorrow vs. the Isles, looking forward to seeing the young kids like Tavares, Okposo, Bailey etc.
  15. Have all the albums except for Showbiz (debut). My order would be... 1. Absolution (Amazing album) 2. Black Holes & Revelations 3. Origin Of Symmetry 4. The Resistance I've been finding The Resistance difficult to get into, nothing is really blowing me away, hopefully more listens will change that.
  16. Man, why are the Leafs so bad? Blow a 3-0 lead against Carolina, then go-ahead with 29 seconds left in the 3rd, only to give up the tying goal with 1 second left. Then of course lose the shootout. These guys are pathetic. I think we are being punished for "Tank Nation". Tank Nation was the notion of cheering for the Leafs to lose so we could land the 1st overall pick (John Tavares). Of course, we ended up doing better then expected and picked Nazem Kadri 7th. Now, this season with our 2010 1st gone, we have to cheer for them to win no matter what. What happens? We are in dead last. So much for getting 1st overall pick in this years draft (Taylor Hall). They are doing to opposite of what was supposed to happen.
  17. Yeah I love the new one, probably not as good as the 1st, but amazing nonetheless. Loving "In The Morning", I think of their very best songs to date. Seeing them in 13 days at the Kool Haus in Toronto, will be my 2nd Wolfmother concert experience!
  18. Saw Metallica Tuesday at the Air Canada Centre, amazing show. Loved the intro to the concert, was perfect! Set: 1. Ecstasy Of Gold (Intro) 2. The Day That Never Comes 3. End Of The Line 4. For Whom The Bell Tolls 5. Holier Than Thou 6. One 7. Broken, Beat And Scarred 8. My Apocalypse 9. Sad But True 10. The Unforgiven 11. The Judas Kiss 12. The Day That Never Comes 13. Master Of Puppets 14. Blackened 15. Nothing Else Matters 16. Enter Sandman ENCORE 17. Die, Die My Darling (Misfits) 18. Motorbreath 19. Seek & Destroy Overall, great setlist. I was jealous that they played Fade To Black at the 1st Toronto show, but overall I like their set from my show over the 1st.
  19. Yeah I completely agree. I bought their latest one (which came out in 04 I believe) a couple of days before the show, and I was surprised that they played so much from it. Carousel was nice, and Josie was a surprise (since they didnt play it the first time I saw them in 2002). Going back to the thread, I saw Kiss last night at the Air Canada Centre, and it was amazing! Definitely exceeded my expectations, I can't possibly imagine how good they were live in the 1974-77 era.
  20. I saw Blink 182 in August at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. It was a pretty good show, nothing spectacular. The week before that I saw Coldplay at the Rogers Centre (Skydome), and it was unbelievable. Elbow opened and I thought they were great as well.
  21. I'm seeing Kiss (or should I say 1/2 Kiss) this upcoming Friday night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Also seeing Wolfmother in November.
  22. First of all, let me start off by sending my deepest condolences to the family of Nick Adenhart, as well as the Angels organization. Just a terrible, terrible story. My predictions (I made these before the season started) 1. Rays 2. Red Sox 3. Yankees 4. Jays 5. Orioles 1. Indians 2. Twins 3. White Sox 4. Tigers 5. Royals 1. Angels 2. Athletics 3. Rangers 4. Mariners 1. Phillies 2. Marlins 3. Mets 4. Braves 5. Nats 1. Cubs 2. Reds 3. Cardinals 4. Brewers 5. Astros 6. Pirates 1. Dodgers 2. Diamondbacks 3. Giants 4. Rockies 5. Padres ALDS Rays over Indians Angels over Red Sox NLDS Cubs over Dodgers Phillies over Reds ALCS Rays over Angels NLCS Cubs over Phillies World Series Rays over Cubs AL MVP: Evan Longoria, (Runner Up: Grady Sizemore) NL MVP: Hanley Ramirez, (Runner Up: David Wright) AL Cy: Roy Halladay, (Runner Up: Josh Beckett) NL Cy: Johan Santana, (Runner Up: Chad Billingsley) AL Rookie: Travis Snider (Runner Up: Matt Wieters) NL Rookie: Dexter Fowler (Runner Up: Colby Rasmus) AL Manager: Mike Schosia NL Manager: Dusty Baker
  23. Saw The Killers on Friday night at the Air Canada Centre. Good show, wish they had played a bit more from Hot Fuss, but I love Sam's Town and Day & Age so I wasn't complaining either way
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