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  1. Knees up, knees up, don’t get the breeze up, knees up Mother Brown!
  2. As others have said, Soul Train Bro is head and shoulders above everyone else. He offers genuine insight and analysis. It seems like the others think it's enough simply to nod along and make the occasional approving noise. Also, I can't help feeling there's something unsavoury about the whole enterprise. The reactors are mostly young black people trying to make a buck out of their YouTube channel. Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but think about what's going on for a minute. Why do so many of them choose to react to Zeppelin and other classic rock artists? Clearly it's because there's money to be made. Some of these channels have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. A couple have over a million. So the logical next question is, why are these videos so popular with predominately white, middle-aged-and-up classic rock fans? Particularly given how many are extremely low effort? I can't shake the suspicion that a large part of the appeal is something along the lines of, "Wow, old white people! Your music is WAY better than our rap and hip-hop rubbish!" I'm sure some of the reactors genuinely like the music they're hearing. But have you ever seen one where they didn't? Me neither. Which leads me to the uncomfortable conclusion that a lot of it is simply telling white people what they want to hear for money.
  3. For my money, this is the definitive version of Thank You. Page and Bonham's duel at the end is transcendent.
  4. I discovered this amazing concert on YouTube recently and very quickly decided I needed to own it. Would any of you fine people be kind enough to suggest which of the following versions I'd be best off downloading? Many thanks in advance! LZ 1969-08-31 Audience Recording – Source 1 – 1st Gen (dadgad) LZ 1969-08-31 Don’t Mess With Texas (Oh-Boy) LZ 1969-08-31 Eyes Big Crowd (Tarantura – TCD-88) LZ 1969-08-31 Plays Pure Blues (Live Storm – LSCD 52106) LZ 1969-08-31 Plays Pure Blues (Whoopy Cat – WCP-910121R) LZ 1969-08-31 Plays Pure Bob (Tarantura – BOB-001) LZ 1969-08-31 Reggie the Bullet (AUD 1st gen verified) LZ 1969-08-31 Soundboard Recording – 1st Gen (dadgad) LZ 1969-08-31 Texas Blues (Godfather) LZ 1969-08-31 Texas International Pop Festival (Liquid Led LLP-0109-003) LZ 1969-08-31 Texas International Pop Festival 1969 (EVSD 439) LZ 1969-08-31 Texas Pop (Genuine Master CD) LZ 1969-08-31 The Only Way To Fly (EVSD 208-209 – 2 CD)
  5. So great to have such a wealth of knowledge on hand. Many thanks 🐵
  6. Certainly does help, thank you!
  7. Hello fellow Zep-heads I'm enjoying the Orlando Magic bootleg from 8/31/71 but have noticed some of the tracks are from an inferior quality source, while others cut off before the end . Rather than download another one at random, are you guys aware of a better option from the below? LZ 1971-08-31 Florida Sunshine (EVSD 225-228) LZ 1971-08-31 Orlando Matrix LZ 1971-08-31 Orlando, FL (SBD) (KRW_CO) LZ 1971-08-31 Welcome To Disneyland (Lemon Song) LZ 1971-08-31 You Really Got Me (Genuine Masters) Also, while I'm at it, I'm looking at 8/21/71 for my next acquisition. Which would be the best bet out of this lot? LZ 1971-08-21 Audience Recording – 1st Gen LZ 1971-08-21 Audience Recording – 2nd Gen (dadgad) LZ 1971-08-21 Firecrackers Explosions (EVSD 305-306) LZ 1971-08-21 LA Forum (Eddie Edwards) LZ 1971-08-21 LA src 1 2nd gen Reel SPC (pernod) LZ 1971-08-21 Los Angeles aud D Melton tape LZ 1971-08-21 Wild Weekend (TDOLZ VOL.38) LZ 1971-08-21&22 Los Angeles 1971 (2011) (A Doinker Tape) LZ 1971-08-21&22 Walk Don’t Run (Tarantura – TCD-81 TCD-82) Any and all help much appreciated!
  8. Great job man! Looks like you were enjoying yourself.
  9. I'm new to this whole bootleg business but perhaps the biggest surprise to me has been what a monster Thank You evidently was in concert. I didn't think the BBC Sessions version could be topped but so far I'd say Montreux 3/7/70, Blueberry Hill 9/4/70 and Southampton 1/22/73 (of all shows) are in the same league. Are there any other recommended versions I should check out?
  10. Could it be Raymond Thomas, the "road manager from Scotland with a broken leg" that Plant mentions elsewhere during the concert?
  11. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the advice, particularly if you've answered the question many times before 😎
  12. Thanks very much. I appreciate you not telling me to search the existing threads (although it'd have been fair enough if you had).
  13. I've just fallen down the rabbit hole of Zeppelin bootlegs and it's like discovering the band all over again! While I'm enjoying every tour, I'm finding myself returning more and more to the pair of '75 shows currently in my possession - Four Blocks in the Snow (Feb 12) and St Louis Blues (Feb 16). I love the set-list on this tour, particularly the extended takes on No Quarter, and the audio quality of these soundboards is fantastic. So anyway, I was hoping for some advice on which '75 show to go for next. Any ideas please?
  14. As Plant is introducing No Quarter at their St. Louis show (Feb 16th, 1975), the words "Fuckin' horrible, son!" can clearly be heard in a menacing Scottish accent. The volume, clarity and accent all suggest to me that this didn't come from the crowd but rather from someone on or behind the stage. Anyone know who this might have been and what they were referring to?
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