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  1. Likewise to anyone who is interested, I’m a season ticket holder at Wolverhampton wanderers and have seen and met Robert many times he’s at the match most week’s unless he’s on tour, this is a nice item he signed for me some years ago, he signed the items in the ground and we had a chat about the gig in Birmingham
  2. They played to 200 people at coed Eva community college January 1966, where they signed this lp, unbelievable!
  3. Tracks at Chorley are very reputable dealers I’ve known them for many years,
  4. Autographs from the Bristol corn exchange, signed on the 26th may 1967, this is the flyer the signed the week before
  5. Hi, I have a fully signed copy of the listen single you’d better run, the band signed this at WH Smith park street Walsall in 1966, they played the George hotel the day before and said they would be signing copies of the single, nobody came so they signed a few for staff!
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