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  1. I know this is hypothetical question, but what if Jimmy, Robert and John Paul Jones, did a 1 Hour Zeppelin concert of all their acoustic songs? Would you go? I would.
  2. To me Led Zeppelin is a force that is waiting to be discovered by a whole new generation of music lovers. They brought in elements of darkness and light with a wisp of a beat. They could conjure thunderstorm in a stadium or your headphones with melody of power and love, and at the same time bring it back down to a soft little jingle. Led Zeppelin is the band that definitely define’s The meaning of Rock and Roll. That’s how Zeppelin changed music.
  3. The version of Kashmir on that show is Amazing. If not the best they ever done.
  4. Does this make you feel vindicated. I remember how during the 1980s my friends couldn’t understand why I liked dinosaur rock, or drug rock. I always tried to explain that Led Zeppelin was/ is one of the most talented guys to form a band. Zeppelin in my opinion is a band that should be honored and appreciated. Having never seen Led Zeppelin live but just some videos bootlegs I cannot attest to how good they were live but from what I’ve heard live they rocked harder than any bands I saw during my time in the early 80s and 1990s.
  5. Embarrassing to say. I got my wife to help me download these files. Holy Mollified Milk! Led Zeppelin was on 🔥
  6. This period in Los Angeles was a time like no other, but in saying that I would be categorically wrong. Remember how Hollywood changed from silent movies to sound? That period brought in a whole new aspect of change to Hollywood great article done by (Crafton, Donald. (1999). The Talkies: American Cinema’s Transition to Sound, 1926-1931. California: University of California Press) during the the late 1960s Hollywood was in a mist of confusion and lacking substance in it flicks until direction came in the form of Kubrick, and Coppola’. The sad thing is the brutality of Sharon Tate’s death, she was amazing actress in The valley of the Dolls, and was ok in the 1967 Dance of the vampire. That was a wake up call in Hollywood that not everything was sunny and beautiful in California.
  7. I bet as time goes on these films will be discovered by younger siblings whose father, uncle or whatever has passed away and had these old film recordings of Zeppelin shows and others. i do think Jimmy has multitrack recordings of some important concerts of 1975-79 i hope those will come out too.
  8. I remember seeing Plant Now & Zen 88’ tour. First time Doing Zepplin live I almost creamed my pants when he did In the Evening.
  9. Holy cow that version of Over the Hills...... is incredible!!
  10. Don’t know how to download these files....whaaaaaaa! That sounded like an amazing concert!
  11. I thought the Latter years where not that bad considering what was out in 1976 and 77' Disco was huge and unforgiving coke-heads made it even weirder. Punk Rock was just coming alive and it was a slap in the face to Zeppelin over indulging in long winded solos at times, but then their was some amazing 1977 shows like Texas, LA Forum, few of the NYC 77' shows, Cleveland in 77' was pretty tight, I think best version of Kashmir was done at that show 4-27-77. Led Zeppelin by 1977 became more of a spectacle then it was a rock and roll concert. Now look at what we have to see......Yeah not much right, I saw the GNR tour and laughed at how cheese it was watching this overweight blubber ball try to re-live his glory days as a lead singer. Yeah he has a good voice and isn't a dick head anymore, but I would cut my arm off to see Led Zeppelin live in 1977, THE excitement alone would be worth the price of admission.
  12. Ok sir. I got caught listening to your videos of Black dog 1980 and Knebworth 79’ holy sh*t you know your live Zeppelin!!!
  13. Lz1. I can’t quit you baby. Lz2. Living loving... lz3. Hats off to Roy Harper lz4 zoso. None that album is a masterpiece lz Houses of the Holy. The Crunge, Dyer maker Physical graffiti , Wonton song, boogie with stu, presence. Royal Orleans, tea for one in through the Outdoor. Fool in the rain, all my love, Hot dog, having read a lot off this thread before I decided to post anything I noticed a lot of people kinda trash Zeppelin latter albums, maybe not trash but point out the lack of quality in those latter albums, some might forget that Zeppelin never played songs like Royal Orleans or Hots on for nowhere live, they might of changed the structure for live shows. I would have loved to hear what they could have done with Carouselambra live? The rough mix that came out couple years ago gives us a hint what would’ve been, the toned down keyboards with more upfront Bonzo and Page jam. Hell yeah !
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