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  1. I would definitely have to agree with your point. Robert Plant in those early touring days from 1969-71 are unreal, the Bonham Jones combo during the 71 tour blew away anything I’ve heard The Who do live or Deep purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah heap, Tool, Sound Garden name it no one could touch that power.
  2. As a old time studio album fan of Led Zeppelin I have always dreamed of seeing these guys live, knowing full well I was 9 years to late. Having heard some boots back in the day for instance Dallas 75’, Destroyer 77’, Berlin 80’. Or whatever MTV played during Zeppelin Box set release back in the 1990s. Having bought 3 or four different copies, upgrades, remasters, an such of Song Remains The Same, I’ve been pretty shallow on unofficial recordings of the band (Thank you YouTube) that has changed, some recordings should be left in a box and others are spectacular but lack good professional recording though still worth repeat listens such as “listen to this Eddie, or Texas 77,” my question is this. Can someone please explain to me why there was such a big difference in the song celebration day how they played it live from 1971 to 1973 song remain the same version? The 1971 version is Bonzo attacking the drums with Joney going nuts? And the song remains the same version in NYC 73’ is was tamer (killer love it) but the 1971 is Holy Jesus these guys R on fire! I did search this forum for this question it and I’m sorry if I missed it or if it’s been asked before.
  3. Ok that’s nice. Now it’s time for Jimmy page to make music.
  4. https://www.uncut.co.uk/blog/introducing-new-uncut-jimmy-page-world-exclusive-free-17-track-wilco-cd-112054
  5. Thank for the clarification that’s what I’ve read to that it was gonna be a streaming service with live music but taken from the comments that I’ve read here it does look like it’s gonna be a skateboard shoes and an umbrella but I wouldn’t mind having.
  6. Almost one year ago this September Led Zeppelin camp announced they are creating a new streaming service for their live concerts that have only been available on decent to Horrible bootleg now YouTube (thankful for that) well it’s one year later and I am asking why no update on this issue or any other projects that Jimmy Page has said would be coming out? I’ve almost come to the conclusion that all Zeppelin related material (live recordings, studio masters*,) will only be completely finished when Page has took the door to stairway to Heaven. * any new recordings like digital 5.1 or DTS , or a complete analog pressing vinyl.
  7. 77’ Cleveland “......The doctor was played by Larry Badgly”
  8. Aerosmith in the same relevance as Led Zeppelin? hell no ! I can only name like three or four songs at the most I like from Aerosmith compared to seven albums that changed the sound of Rock an Roll. Steve Tyler is a joke.
  9. hopefully if there is ever an official release of chronological live album from 69-79 this show definitely should be selected. Kinda to bad this 50th anniversary was a bust. Not interested in Zeppelin picture book or Zeppelin skateboards or vans Zeppelin shoes.
  10. Was just curious if anyone has bought this ? I think Zeppelin was at their peak from 69-71.
  11. Cryin' won't help you prayin' won't do you no goodNow cryin' won't help you prayin' won't do you no goodWhen the levee breaks mama you got to moveAll last night sat on the levee and moanedAll last night sat on the levee and moanedThinkin' 'bout me baby and my happy homeGoing to ChicagoGoing to Chicago
  12. Saw them twice and walking to Clark dale the song live is Amazing!!!
  13. The Rain song Ramble On (ending was cool Plant going off!) Kashmir Ten years gone Night flight friends when the levee breaks
  14. I know this is hypothetical question, but what if Jimmy, Robert and John Paul Jones, did a 1 Hour Zeppelin concert of all their acoustic songs? Would you go? I would.
  15. To me Led Zeppelin is a force that is waiting to be discovered by a whole new generation of music lovers. They brought in elements of darkness and light with a wisp of a beat. They could conjure thunderstorm in a stadium or your headphones with melody of power and love, and at the same time bring it back down to a soft little jingle. Led Zeppelin is the band that definitely define’s The meaning of Rock and Roll. That’s how Zeppelin changed music.
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