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  1. I'd love to hear this remaster! The 14th is one of my favorite shows.
  2. So ready for Moonchild to release some new titles. I need some new jams.
  3. This is pretty broad, but I would love any soundboard from Austin, TX. Austin was a crazy city back then and I'd bet they put on a great show there.
  4. Was listening to this one yesterday. Such a fantastic show.
  5. I'm buying the "Deep Throat" set, but I'll probably buy the Moonchild sets to play in the car.
  6. Why is this title so much cheaper than other EVER titles? I want it either way. Hahaha.
  7. Just got "Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn" on CD. Will be spinning it for the next seven or so hours.
  8. Landover 2/10/75 Ft. Worth 3/3/75 Houston 3/4/75 Dallas 3/5/75 Vancouver 3/20/75 Okay, it's five shows. I know that Empress Valley has released all of these but for someone on a budget, they're not really affordable.
  9. There are four shows that I really wish Moonchild would release. I know most people frown upon "clone" labels, but sometimes it is the only way to go when you prefer physical media to digital media.
  10. You did a fantastic job with the remaster! Love it.
  11. Have the bootleg of this show. It's a great one. Just hoping that Angel Air found a cleaner copy. This one is going on the "buy" list.
  12. The Monkees ABSOLUTELY belong in the RRHOF. Their records are amazing, regardless of who played on them. As was posted earlier, there are many artists in the Hall that didn't play on their own records.
  13. I haven't A/B'd them yet, but I actually kinda dug the Moonchild release.
  14. I thought "Voodoo In The Garden" was pretty good. The others, I've avoided.
  15. I have yet to get a Moonchild title that I've been disappointed in.
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