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  1. I haven't ordered from Air Raid since all of this horror started, but I'm placing an order today. Hope there aren't a ton of delays.
  2. Not available on Air Raid or DiscJapan yet. Only on Yahoo Auctions so far.
  3. Does anyone out there know where I can find some audio recordings of various radio spots? Would love to find some concert adverts, etc. Thanks!
  4. Placed my DiscJapan order on Friday and received it today. Paid for the faster shipping and I'm glad that I did.
  5. Those photos are awesome! Thank you for sharing.
  6. I'd have to throw "Texas Hurricane" into the ring. That Ft. Worth show is one of the best '77 shows I've ever heard, both in quality and performance.
  7. Thinking of placing an order from Disc Japan this week but I'm wondering what the shipping delay will be. Their orders usually arrive pretty fast.
  8. I'm loving this, man! Fantastic job.
  9. I keep going to the Air Raid site hoping to see some new Zep releases from Moonchild. Hope they'll release some more titles soon.
  10. Anyone think there will be third volume of "Evolution Is Timing" released?
  11. Yeah, I have it in digital, but I'm hunting it down on silvers. I know that EV did a really good release of the show with "Conspiracy Theory", but it looks like it's sold out on Air Raid.
  12. I really wish someone would reissue the San Diego '75 show. It is the only soundboard from the '75 soundboard series that I don't have.
  13. It was definitely worth the price I paid for it. The two volumes are very cool. Now, if I could just find some of those plastic inner sleeves. Not the biggest fan of the "envelope"-type sleeves that I'm using now.
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