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  1. I haven't A/B'd them yet, but I actually kinda dug the Moonchild release.
  2. I thought "Voodoo In The Garden" was pretty good. The others, I've avoided.
  3. I have yet to get a Moonchild title that I've been disappointed in.
  4. Would love to see everyone's suggestions. I'd love to be able to afford EVSD CDs, but some of the prices are insane.
  5. Thinking of picking this one up on my next Moonchild order. Is it worth the low price?
  6. Speaking for myself, I didn't buy them because I thought they were Winston remasters. I bought them because they were good sounding bootlegs at a really good price.
  7. I've picked up about twenty of their titles and haven't been disappointed yet. If I had any complaint, it would be about the use of the 3cd jewel cases that they use. Hate that they put a hole in the back cover and I don't know where I would buy replacement cases. I also only buy discs that I know are soundboard, so I haven't been let down by the audio yet.
  8. Yep, and I already have all three of those. I'd love to see them release the Houston show or some of the Landover shows.
  9. I really hope they'll start focusing on some of the better sounding shows from the '77 tour. I love the '75 tour but I am also loving the '77 tour.
  10. Just ordered the two Seattle shows. Can't wait for them to arrive. How do they sound?
  11. Which store in Killeen? Wasn't "Renaissance", was it?
  12. This is my first post, so be kind. Hahaha. As someone who is new to collecting Zeppelin bootlegs, I am grateful for labels like Moonchild. I am one of those guys who likes having physical copies of my music and considering how expensive releases from labels like Empress Valley tend to be, I'm happy to be able to afford physical copies of the music. Now if I could only snag some of those ten buck copies of the sets...
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