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  1. Even though RAH definitely wasn't 70mm, 16mm can still look very good. I mean, look at the restored Beatles Let it Be Movie footage on 1+ and a much later example, Nirvana live at the Parmount in 1991. Both were 16mm and look stunning. While not 70mm quality, RAH can definitely be restored to a higher definition. Speaking of 70mm, did any band even use 70mm film to film any concerts? The only example I have ever heard was Pink Floyd on The Wall concerts in 1981 and that's just what Roger Waters says (Still refuses to release it though).
  2. I wouldn't mind a Led Zeppelin Bluray with higher quality RAH and unedited TSRTS videos. Plus since they hold more, they could put more of Earls Court and Knebworth, and maybe some unreleased stuff. I mean a colorized version of Denmark 1969 would be cool, especially since color photographs exist so no guessing needed. Bath 1970 is definitely something that could be put in and maybe some of that rumored 1969 footage (Texas Pop and Central Park), although rumored footage is something for a completely different thread.
  3. Although Odense, the day after Copenhagen is possible, so maybe that could be another performance of Four Sticks! Also, ‘72 soundboards are basically confirmed now hopefully unless this whole thing turns out to be wrong
  4. There goes all my hope for a Back to Clubs tour soundboard or Copenhagen ‘71. At least it gives us a system to tell if a soundboard exists.
  5. I heard some people say they played GTBT in ‘68. Don’t know if they knew for sure though...
  6. I mean, a video of it might exist depending on how much footage they have of them at the Texas International Pop Festival. I don’t think we know for sure how much of them was really filmed and I don’t really know if that will ever be released to us. We do have a few minutes of it but no Train unfortunately.
  7. I think the only thing I might think differently is Over the Hills and Far Away for 1973. I always thought Stoke was the best performance of it that year.
  8. I think JPJ was kinda ripped off on not getting credits on some songs. I always thought he should have been given credit for writing the mellotron part on the Rain Song.
  9. Is this the full release of the Osaka soundboard?
  10. I guess it makes sense that it’s fake, if the Toronto soundboard is truly split into 3 reels like it is commonly believed to be, than surely the first reel would include since I’ve been loving you because we already know it’s not on the second reel.
  11. I believe there was a discussion earlier that had shown evidence to prove all 5 nights were filmed and most likely multitracked, but the only video and good audio we have is from the 24th and 25th. The 18th, 17th, and 23th all only have pretty bad sounding audience recordings, despite being much better performances overall imo. Hopefully we get an official Earl’s Court release (other than the small bits on LZ DVD) because I really like Tangerine from the 18th, where all four members sing the chorus in a beautiful harmony.
  12. August 14, 1969 would be cool to hear since the Led Zeppelin website says Your Time Is Gonna Come was played in full cause JPJ borrowed the organ from the opening act. Would be cool to know if this is true.
  13. Well, I meant second last song as before Communication Breakdown and after How Many More Times so that’s why I said maybe it was an encore. Saying second to last song without considering it could be taken the other way was my mistake.
  14. But it wasn’t press clippings that said this, in fact the press clippings of the show don’t mention the song at all. The person who claimed it was the keyboardist of the opening act who claimed JPJ borrowed his organ for the song. He named YTIGC specifically and said it was the second last song(probably an encore) which is pretty far from You Shook Me, which was also played, but toward the beginning of the set. Although, it could be wrong since he could have mixed the songs up (i.e. Texas Pop Festival footage calling I Can’t Quit You Babe as You Shook Me). I understand your doubt since the press made these mistakes before, but the person who let JPJ borrow their keyboard probably would know for sure (At least I hope he knows since I really want this to be true).
  15. I kinda knew YTIGC was never played live in 1968 because of the lack of organ, but it’s always kinda fun to consider that some songs that we think were never played live, could have been played in concerts we don’t have recordings for. As unlikely as it is, it’s always exciting to think about the possibilities. For example, imagine if Houses of the Holy was played once in a random 1972 show that we have no recordings of. As unlikely as it is, it’s cool to imagine it being possible.
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