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  1. Sounds great. I would like a link too please. Thanks
  2. Hi Steve, Could I please have a link too? Thank you
  3. 3+ hours of lunacy. Wish I could have been there.
  4. I have the Liriodendron. Let me know if you still need a link.
  5. I have the nakedeye25 remaster called Throwing Down In Dallas. The info file says: This is a remastering of the EVSD title "Chasing The Dragon". This version has a clearer and fuller sound than the EVSD title.
  6. Agreed. All of the JRK Remasters are worth getting.
  7. I agree 100%. All of the Nite Owl's are a clear improvement over the previous versions I have (or had in some cases as I deleted several shows once it was clear the Nite Owl version was my go to). I like the Winston's too. And Graf Zeppelin, dadgad, JRK Remaster, Pseudonym...pretty much can't go wrong with any of those. I got a ton of shows from zoso.me (there are quite a few of Winston's on there) and also from the Mega Cloud Drive that someone had put up on Guitars101 awhile back (last year I think it was). There was a goldmine on there before that link disappeared.
  8. PM sent for 05/14/1973 New Orleans Dadgad Remaster
  9. Could I please have a link as well? Thank you
  10. If there is still a non-Dime link available I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  11. Yep, just found it on Guitars101.
  12. This does sound good. I would love to hear the whole show. Could I get a link please? Thank you
  13. Listened to this earlier today at the gym. Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.
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