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  1. The pic is just that. ONE pic. His legs are skinny. That s remarkable, I think. On the one I have from a mag which I bought in 1980 : I recall it as being from Monsters Of Rock when Rainbow headlined Donnington. Or is 1 year earlier when Led Zeppelin played Knebworth? I heard Cozy on Plants first soloalbum Picture at Eleven , doing 2 songs I think. Espescially SLOW DANCER was a Led Zeppelin kinda track. I was dissappointed they did not take Cozy. I think he was up to it? Cozy should have kicked Bonham in the butt and take him on karate lessons
  2. Exactly my experience. DIME was recommended but after starting the registration procedures I saw a lot of extra blocks on the road regarding the wish to download anything when you re a newbie. I think you can upgrade by paying them and resolve that problem? Anyway, Guitars101 is my favourite site although I sometimes visit Soundaboard, The Clock Went Backwards Downloading stuff from YouTube is not the way I think because at best it is in NP 4 format, not FLAC? Cheers from newbie from Rotterdam
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