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  1. He is the smart one then. Don't blame him at all!
  2. John Paul Jones doesn't seem to be in the limelight like Page/Plant, but he is definitely not unnoticed, not to me anyway. (whatever that is worth). I think he is fantastic! Who cares about the limelight anyway. It all seems like a huge pain in the ass. They are all stars to me. They are all so strong with talent, charisma, stage presence, and great musicianship. Everyone of them. I am a fan of each and everyone of them.
  3. I have been a Zeppelin fan, probably about 20 or so years. I wish I could have been there in the 70s though, cause I would have been there at their shows and the whole enchileda. I would have been there. Their music pulled me in and I have been a fan ever since. I just thank God for radio. I think they are all brilliant, creative, intelligent, incredible musicians. They are just so brilliant. I love the variety of their music. To me, none of the albums sound the same, and that is just so incredible. Robert's vocals though did get better and just overall I think they got more creative. But
  4. Happy Birthday Jimmy! I hope you have a great day and keep rockin!!!
  5. I think Zoso symbolizes something to do with magick. I read somewhere years ago that Jimmy said that "he wasn't into satanism, but that he was intrigued by magick". I don't know for sure what this symbol represents. It's just a feeling that I think it represents something to do with magick. And I really agree that this is a 70s hippy mystical thing. I love the 70s don't get me wrong. Great music came out of that time, but there was some weird dark mystical things that were popular in that era. I have read about another singer who mentioned something about Aleister Crowley who also was popular
  6. All I know is that I am glad I am one of the fans who love them. The people who hate them don't know what they are missing and that is a shame! I feel more sorry for them.
  7. I just got mine on Christmas. I love it. And the DVD, wow! they were really a great live band. Fantastic. Even though this is the highlights from the DVD that came out in 2003, so I have seen all these performances, but damn they were a fantastic live band. I really wish I was old enough to have seen them back then.
  8. Oh I don't know. If I had to give it to one, I would definitely say Page because he was the master, the leader, and producer of it all, and Page/Plant were the masterminds of most of the music and lyrics. But it is really hard to choose because overall I think it's a team effort. One could not have done anything without the other. They are all outstanding musicians and Robert being an awesome powerful singer that he is, I think they all brought something to the table. That is really hard to choose.
  9. I don't have it yet. LOL (what kind of fan am I LOL) It was on my Christmas list. I think my family was too worried about buying the original wrong one instead of the newer one. And they knew I owned the original. So they just left it up to me. They got me some gift cards and I will be using them to purchase it...why of course. I did buy the CD though with one of my gift cards just yesterday. I love the CD. I love love love it. They didn't have the DVD at the store, so I'll go online and buy it! I love the extra songs and the sound seems to be better, much better. However, I do own the or
  10. Awesome story. I love it. Wow to meet John Paul Jones. JPJ is awesome, wonderful musician. And some of the concert Led Zeppelin performances that I have seen I always wish he would have more moments to shine, for him to have some of the spotlight. He rips on that base. Wonderful Wonderful musician.
  11. (laughing) My whacky sarcastic sense of humor, which gets me in trouble from time to time. Thank you for not treating me like a moron! LOL
  12. I know. I wish there was. I want just a concert. Not the fantasies.
  13. This was my previous nonsense post that I tried to delete, but it would not let me. Wow! Sorry for this. (laughing) I was drunk when I wrote this. I came home from a Christmas party and was too wound up and was just killing time. I knew I wrote something, but I didn't really remember what I wrote. Everything about it is true, well that being Christian groups, but why I felt the need to display this information here I have no idea. Pay no attention to my nonsense. I am an ass!!! LOL
  14. Really, I think it is a bunch of crap. There are so many rumors about bands that is ridiculous. There were so many that were accused of having satanic messages in their music. I think it is ridiculous. People have too much time on their hands.
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