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  1. Classic online critics all of whom are unworthy of loosening the straps from Jimmy Page’s sandals. Man are people pathetic or what? I mean seriously pathetic. Led Zeppelin was not about being a precision band although every one of them could be when they wanted to. It was about raw sound. And what an amazing sound it was. Best rock group ever. Period. For someone to say that you’re making all of same mistakes as Jimmy Page is like a cartoonist from the Flintstones saying that Picasso can’t paint. It’s indicative of pure jealousy, short-sightedness, and an attempt to cope with their own self-loathing irrelevance and uselessness. I hate online critics. Some of the worst people in the world. They think Jimmy Page is “sloppy” because they heard from someone that Jimmy Page is sloppy and just want to pretend that they’re in the know. They’re not and never will be.
  2. I love how people are criticizing JIMMY F’ING PAGE. People who can’t touch his ability. Classic online critic nerds who probably only call Jimmy Page sloppy because they heard he was sloppy from someone and like to pretend they’re in the know. The truth is every one of you critics would give your soul to be Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin was RAW SOUND. This wasn’t a band about technical playing. Clearly Jimmy Page knew about precision as a highly-regarded session guitarist for years but that’s not what the band was about. Led Zeppelin wouldn’t have been the band it was if precision was the object. And it was unbelievable sound. The best rock band ever. Period. Fair to say that Jimmy wasn’t as good in his later years with Zep vs. his earlier years but c’mon. Jimmy Hendrix missed notes. Miles Davis missed notes. For an amateur to say that someone is making all the same mistakes as Jimmy Page is like a studio artist for The Flintstones saying that Picasso couldn’t paint.
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