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  1. I know nearly every Zeppelin song has a YouTube tutorial on how to play it on guitar, but sometimes those tutorials lack some depth. Once of my goals in the near future is to sign up for some online guitar lessons to try and get off this plateau I'm on, and I was wondering if anyone here has gone down that route and if any of the services have any decent LZ content?
  2. leveebroke

    The pub

    I like this much better than lame forum introduction threads 😆 I was just in Austin TX for Austin City Limits festival, and tried what is now my favorite beer of all time, Yellow Rose IPA. Anyone else try this?
  3. Hi everyone, In the market for a 'grail' guitar. I recently tested the Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Tele and thought it was absolutely amazing. Granted this was in a music store, and for not very long. I don't currently own a Telecaster, just a Gibson Explorer. I love Jimmy Page but never thought of myself as a signature guitar type of buyer. It's also quite pricey... for anyone that has held one, played one, or has one, is it worth it? Is it a good Tele specimen to own? edit: I should probably mention I would NOT put the mirrors on it, I think that's a little gimmicky.
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